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I don't know about you guys but to me a good friend is hard to find and I only have a few that I think of as actually good friends. I am not a big Xmas fan.. It's great and all but the whole hype of blowing a bunch of money on people JUST because it's Christmas isn't wonderful to me, I rather buy them things because I want too not because its December 25th, know what I mean?
But I did have a few VERY VERY sweet friends play Santa for me this year =D I was shocked and surprised to receive very unexpected gifts but they are all very very kind people so really it isn't out of their character to do nice things for others. Very nice of you guys!! and you really shouldn't have!!!
I wanted to share what I received =D

I Seriously cannot believe you got me all of this ALEX!! You crazy girl! lol. Too nice of you!!!
I was shocked when I opened my mail box and saw a random package and it was from Alex =)
She sent me way too much!

*TOKIDOKI Prisma Gloss in Monkey Pirate. OMG cute fricken packaging!! The color is absolutely gorgeous!!
*URBAN DECAY 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencils in Rock Star  & Oil Slick.
I LOVE these! They go on so smoothly and the colors are really perfect...I had seen these online and always wanted to try them out so I am very grateful I have them =D =D
*BENEFIT Bad Gal Brown. LOVE trying mascara's and this wand is really different then most I have used,it's really nice!
I am going to post a little review with all of this and some swatches too.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH ALEX!! Very Very sweet of you!!

Just in case you are newer to blogland, Alex is a beauty blogger with a wicked blog, check out her blog =)

THANK YOU CERINA!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D You are so sweet I wish you still blogged!
I met Cerina through blogging and loved her blog! but she isn't blogging at the moment =/ boo!
I was super shocked to open my mail, I was thinking who is this for?? ME?What lol.
First off let me say perfect for someone who doesn't know me in person, Skulls,gum,lip gloss =D lol love it all so much!

*BATH & BODY WORKS Shower Gel- Vanilla Bean.I cannot believe I have never had this body wash before! I LOVE this scent, it's just the right amount of vanilla! =D
*RUDOLPH Marshmellow Winter lip Balm- how cute! And smells yummy!
*EXTRA Dessert Delights Gum. We don't have this around where I live at least and I LOVE this kinda gum, the flavor is exactly what it says it is, super good!!!
*Skull Case, I think I can use it for makeup if I ever go day maybe lol.
And some candies that of course I en-hailed immediately! 

Thank you so much Cerina !!!=D =D =D

I might sound like a broke record but honestly I am thankful to have met these two bloggers! They are so real and kind!!

Okay the last one is from my bestie Shari...Couldn't have lucked out meeting her, she is the best friend everyone wishes they had! Always thinking of others and a blast to hang out with!

 BLINK 182 BUNNY!!!!! Shari found this online at

 And he's AWESOME!!!!!!!!

 She also ordered us each a set of the stickers and pin, they were like $2 =D

I was SOOO STOKED when she showed up at my work with these =D 
Ridiculous Blink fans we are!

Did you receive an unexpected gift this year?

Blink 182


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 Veggie Burger and fries, my FAV!

 Boots in dryer, what's new?

 Heaven in a can heaven in a can! <3

 Pretty much the only Xmas movie I like, HOME ALONE =D

 Hilarious, watch it!

 Perfect shot!



Bunnies box, cute!

 Bf's Hot chocolate.. I think its sickening but I like the pic
 Old Tattoo but newly posted on INSTAGRAMMMM my new ADDICTION!

So thirsty must drink snow off mom's shoe!

Strawberry Margarita, I have been having lots of these lately for some reason

 Thanks Chicken for chewing up my new Skull Candy head phones!

 And I thought my civic was old! 

 Older pic but it is AWESOME! I got to drive this for a teeny tiny minute and it was pretty cool!

 Make a wish!

 Instagram! Follow these peeps!

 My bf's way of saying lets hang out more =D

 Sweet Pea body butter, LOVE these!!
 My XMAS Gift to me!

 Lip Gloss!
Anyone remember that awesome mug I found in August?? (prob not but I DO!) my Sis got me the mug for XMAS =D =D 

The tragic ending to the nice Xmas.... My niece cried and cried when a certain someones dog ate her bear!!! JERKFACE!;)

I think I have like 100 pictures from December, and sorry to anyone on Instagram that has seen these already but I am not too creative =D

How was everyone's December?


Random Buys

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You know I totally enjoy reading people's post about all the crap they buy =D So here is a couple random things I have bought throughout the past couple weeks.

Okay ever since I read Gaby's post about her body butter she had recently bought I was thinking OMG I WANT SOME TOO =D 
Oddly enough I don't actually think I have ever bought a full size body butter, I think I had been given a couple small ones throughout my life for a gift and thought when I saw this ahh what the hell I am buying it!
Well I lucked out, I had scratched a scratch and save thingy in the store and received 50% off my purchase So I got the Coconut body butter for $9 instead of $18
& the Holiday Cranberry Body Butter for $1! YES ONE FLIPPING DOLLAR!! lol That is the cheapest I think I have ever bought anything from there... There was a sale going on if you spent $35 you could get the cranberry body butter for a dollar and since I was buying a couple gifts there I spend $38 after the 40% off . I was pretty happy.
I am really quite in love with the coconut body butter, I love cranberry but I am not gonna lie I some how just smell alcohol or something with the cranberry one lol. It's okay but it just has something that links my mind to think of drinking! Damn I bought my mother the cranberry gift set =/ hopefully I am the only one who thinks that it smells a bit off!

Exotic ( I seriously swear it used to be called Exotica but some how the a has disappeared since my last bottle..does anyone know if I am crazy or what?)  This is my favorite burning oil ever! It's fruity and makes my house smell delicious! 

*MACADAMIA DEEP REPAIR MASK - this is my second lil pack and holy crap love it!!!
*GIOVANNI  Natural Mousse Air-turbo Charged
*MONTAGNE JEUNESSE ICE CRYSTAL Exfoliating and Cleansing Facial

I saved the best for last....

I was very hesitant for a LONG time to purchase a styling wand(is that what you even call it??) but I finally did when I found it on sale at for around $100. Yes that is expensive and not something I was overly happy to purchase but I believe it was around $160 so I thought what the heck.... and I LOVE IT!!!! I will do a review on this(unless no one is interested :,( lol ) and show you everything it comes with and why it's so cool...

I am actually really liking everything so far....what is the latest of random things you have purchased?

Monster Energy Drink Madness

Monster Tabs For Gear

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I have been trying to write this post for like 2 months, no lie but I just couldn't get it finished , and now that the tabs for gear is over I hope it isn't pointless.

Monster Energy is one of my obsessions clearly, and when I heard they had a promo going on where you send in your Monster tabs and get free gear that isn't available for sale, I was freakin excited because I knew I had a ton of Monster cans in my garage that I have been needing to take to the bottle depot. I was a couple months late in hearing about this but when I gathered all the tabs I had at home, I had enough for one or two of every item =D

 I had 141 cans kicking around in my garage...yes I need to clean that up!!! But my laziness actually came in handy and I had enough for what I wanted =D

  There's what I ordered


 Part if my order! For some lucky reason I got sent 4 toques and I only ordered 1, as well as 2 hoodies when I only ordered one =D I had a couple friends who were happy with the free things I gave them!

 This is the women's T-shirt. I LOVE it except it fits wide and short so it's a little bit but it's still pretty rad anyway!

 Don't mind the cat hair =)

 This hoody is FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXCEPT they only have it in men's sizing, no XS just S and larger so it's RIDICULOUSLY GIGANTIC on me and I would never ever wear it out of my house lol. I was so sad because it's really nice and I have yet to see anyone around here wearing it. So sadly it will be my hoody to wear at home if I am feeling fat? lol I don't even know if I will wear it it's so big =/ And too small for the bf so boo!

This is the men's T-shirt, its not nearly as nice as the women's but I thought I mays well order it and use it for pajamas or something? It actually shrunk quite a bit so it's not tooo big.

That's my tabs for gear =D =D =D

Did anyone else happen to do this?? What did you get??


December Empties!

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I CANNOT believe it is already December 20th! Needless to say I am very behind on reading blogs and writing posts.... it's just a little bit too busy for me right now but I promise I will catch up with all of your blogs.. AND if I don't talk to you guys before the weekend I hope you have a FREAKIN HAPPY XMAS! Enjoy time with friends,family and good food =D OR if you just are chillin out, enjoy! I sadly only get 1 extra day after xmas, the 26th off so it's nothing exciting.... Anyways on with the empties I have so far this month =D

*JOICO Color Endurance Shampoo- $25ish?Wow I have had this bad boy for honestly like 3 years! The only reason it was even fully used was because I MADE myself use it. 
Would I repurchase? haha negative!!

*BATISTE Colored Dry Shampoo in Black-$5.99- This is my all time favorite ever! It is a must have always!!
 Will I repurchase.. I freakin hope I can find the black again!!

*L'OREAL VOLUMINOUS MILLION LASHES.$6.99 Damn Damn DAMN You L'oreal. Piss me off. Love their products but they are not cruelty free. Still on the watch for a replacement... until then, possibly repurchase IF it is on a good sale.

*THE BODY SHOP SEAWEED Clarifying Toner-$12 ( I think it was 12-15 possibly) I LOVE the smell of this!! I didn't notice anything super crazy about my skin using it but then again I never do. 
I would repurchase if there was a sale on it.

* HAPPY HIPPO Epsom Salt PearBerry (Xmas gift one year) I have had this for like 2 years as well, I always forget about it. It was Meh. Nothing exciting but it did smell nice. 
Repurchase, nah

*BATISTE Dry Shampoo in Blush-$9.99 (Yes this was more pricey then the black dry shampoo, I found them at different stores) Surprise Surprise Taygan loves Dry shampoo, there's a new one for you ;) 
Will I repurchase heck yes!

There is my empties for now, I need to go through some of my ridiculous amount of products and get using them up before I buy on going problem haha.

What was your latest empty?

Eye Shadow

Motives Cosmetics Review

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Motives Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger 

I have been newly introduced to Motives Cosmetics this year and I am very pleased to be able to get the chance to do this review on a few products.I was very kindly sent:

*Eye Shadow in STAR STRUCK
*Shape & Sculpt Duo
*Eye Shadow in STUDIO 54
*Lustrafy Mascara in BLACKOUT

First of all we all can be such suckers for packaging and I must say this company takes the cake in packaging to me. Everything looks gorgeous and high end! I LOVE the frosted lids and black bottom on the shadows and powder, very modern.

Pressed Eye Shadow in STAR STRUCK. Retails for $12

"*Impeccable Color retention that does not run or crease so you always look your best
*Even,smooth and silky application for a glamorous glow
*Deflects the light away from fine lines,skin imperfections and hyper-pigmentation, creating a flawless look
*Mix and match to create a soft,natural or dramatic look
*Paraben,fragrance and oil free"

This soft shimmery shadow is just gorgeous,  has the right amount of shimmer and adds a little extra for a night out. 

Press Eye Shadow in STUDIO 54. Retails for $12

First thought was UNIQUE! This color is absolutely not like any I own or can even describe. No the picture does not capture the iridescent purple color that I cannot even begin to describe but it is really beautiful!

These shadows are soft,pigmented and just lovely by themselves or paired up with other colors. Their color selection is pretty unreal, with over 70 colors just in their pressed shadow collection you are sure to find something you like.

Shape & Sculpt Duo. Retails For $21.

"*Two in one highlighter and matte contour powder
*Luxirious formula that glides on smoothly to highlight and sculpt
*Designed for all skin types
*Non-irritant formula
*Paraben,oil and fragrance free

Double-sided compact that contains everything you need to highlight and contour like a pro. The dark side creates depth in areas as the hollows of your cheeks. Using the light side brings the eye forward,highlighting areas such as the bright of the nose and chin. Contouring can help accentuate and hide imperfect face structures,making you look your best everyday."
The formula glides on your skin so smoothly evening out some of the imperfections. The colors are perfect for contouring since I am not pro at it I don't look like I have some kind of muddy dirty face which sometimes some people can over do it especially if the color is a little off. This blends nicely and is a great product to add to my collection!

I saved the best for last!

Lustrafy Mascara in BLACKOUT. Retails For $16.95

*Non-Comedogenic and Hypoallerfenic
*Fortified with pathenol to lengthen and condition lashes
*Smudge free

If anyone reads my blog you would know how much I love mascara and would try a new one out everyday! If you can only wear one item of makeup I think mascara is a must.
This mascara was good for lengthening my lashes,no flakes and I liked the brush.
The only thing I wish it did add was more fullness to my skinny lashes but other then that it is a really nice mascara and worth trying out if you are a mascara junkie like myself.

I will take swatches I promise when I get some light! I tried today but it is so cloudy out =(

Another really cool thing about these products is you can take them out of the case and throw them into your own palette! They are held in by magnets and are super easy to remove. A really great extra for those who like to fill their own palettes.

Overall I am extremely pleased with Motives and will purchase from this company in the future, the quality is really nice and the selection is good.

You can browse or buy their products at

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