When life happens…..

8:22 PM

Hey my favourite strangers!

I haven’t abandoned my blog. 
A very fun thing happened and I finally have the job I wanted for years…. many many hours, but that is important of course….
Then the sad and the bad :(

I have NO words how my life has been crumbling, my furbaby as he is my child isn’t well. 
So I am not…
Vet appointments, meds and a lot of tears, he is finally seeming to do ok, as for me well not so much. I need my time as we all do. He is my heart,

Please think good thoughts for my little guy…


Be back soon,

Current Loves!

12:00 AM

Quick Current Loves!

Olaplaex AS ALWASY!!!!! New hair update photos soon! All blonde thanks to this baby!

 In between the random snow falls still, it’s the season!

I CANNOT get enough of CAKE products!!! I just got some of their Dry shampoo.. I will have to fill you guys in! <3

 My Gopro Hero 5, I like to bring everywhere…. I have so many silly time-lapse videos I have created lately. I LOVE IT!

What is your faves right now??

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