Monday, June 16, 2014

Frownies Review

"FROWNIES anti-aging Facial Patches assist to soften and smooth deep wrinkles or fine lines mechanically, without any harsh chemicals or needles. Designed to provide lasting results with continued use. FROWNIES' Forehead and Between the Eyes (FBE) Facial Patches addresses the physical cause of facial wrinkles between the eyes (sometimes called elevens) and horizontal forehead wrinkles. By holding the crease flat and relaxed while you sleep the body can relax muscle memory. The muscles of the face cannot move under the patch, keeping you from frowning or expressing while you sleep. This is Frownies 100 year old anti-wrinkle secret. The paper patch allows the skin to breath promoting skin restoration and repair."

Frownies was kind enough to let me review this product and man can I say I was very excited. Such a simple product, could it work so well like most reviews and videos I have watched? I sure hoped so!

Using frownies was a little confusing for me at first when you look at all the different strips and are trying to figure out what goes where. I have the patches for my forehead so it wasn't too difficult but I wanted to make sure they were being used correctly.

Seems easy enough right?

The beginning….
I have been meaning to work on the blog part of this review for a little while now and since this trial is kind of as you go I might have to post my final final pictures within the next few weeks but I was so excited to share this review because the product is so simple yet effective!

Seriously kinda freaks me out looking at my face this closely-and having it online. yuck LOL

You get a lot of patches for your money thats for sure.In my package I received my frownies patches,instructions and rose water hydrating spray which I really like by the way.

Once you figure out where these pieces need to go you gently massage the area for 10-15 seconds to relax the muscles then spray the patches you are using with the rose water (or just use regular water) and make sure the skin is tight then apply-go to bed or wait at least 3 hours for the most effective results. Within a month you will for sure see something happening or not. I have been using these for almost a month but I do not use them everyday since I am always worried my fake tan will come off with the patch so I wait a couple days into my tan then use the patches then stop when I apply the tanner and repeat!

Really not good at taking a shot with my eyes close,kinda blurry =/

Around 3-4 weeks results.
I do notice quite a bit fading away so I need to keep it up!

I will be adding pictures week by week but I just wanted to get this out and show you guys that there is a way of chemical free skin care that isn't hurting your skin or eating your bank account.

So far almost a month in I can see a slight difference in the way my forehead wrinkles are evening themselves out ( I need to stop making so many facial expressions all day long ;) lol)

The pros:

*Very simple to use
*Very reasonably priced
*So far working pretty good!
*Once applied you don't really notice


* I might feel a LITTLE silly wearing these to bed when my boyfriend see's me.. but thats really it.

Has anyone tried Frownies out? Any thoughts?? I am interested in buying the crows feet treatment  next I think. I don't know about you guys but I am a little terrified of being too aged looking when I am not even 30 yet so I want to prevent things now, and I seem to have friends who think that we are getting old so it is embedded in my head or something. Okay I am rambling right now but let me know what you think or what you use for your anti aging treatments!

More updates coming!

Monday, May 26, 2014

My ordinary favorites….

I dunno about you guys but switching jobs sure can put a damper on the spending part in life. I recently got a "promotion" but a massive pay cut which makes no sense so I might need to quit that job asap so I can pay my bills since my photography isn't bringing in much income these days =0

Enough blabbing right! Here is my random favourites I have that aren't new but some aren't old….. need to use up some major products in the next few months…..

*ANNABELLE Biggy Bronzer 
*SEDONA LACE Large Angled Contour Brush
*ECOTOOLS Skin Perfecting Brush
*MAYBELLINE Clean Express Makeup Removing Wipes
*NICOLE Drying Drops - Why the hell didn't anyone tell me about these before?!?!?!?!?!
* SALLY HANSON XTREME WEAR Nail Color in Pacific Blue
*My 2 favourite rose rings my sister got for me from her amazing city in British Columbia….so jealous.
*BATISTE XXL VOLUME-seriously like my third can and this stuff goes a long way. LOVE IT!

I heart all these products and use them almost daily oh wait! I forgot my ULTIMATE FAVORITE

My XTREME LASHES. Seriously feel like I can't live without them, makes life SO much easier not having to wear mascara! You can get ready in like 2 minutes other then drying your hair its just amazing to me. I originally got them as a gift for being the maid of honour in the recent wedding I was in but I did end up getting a fill and man I am so sad I won't be able to do that again unless I get another job asap. I want to do a review, but I feel like all my blog is reviews since I really am not interesting and don't have much in this brain to share lol so I don't wanna over load the couple of people who read this with just reviews ;)

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, What is your most recent favourites? old or new… and have you tried any of these before?

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