it’s been a while…

10:58 PM

Hello my favourite strangers!!

I have been very absent for quite a few reasons, funny how life works like that.
I was going to revamp my blog, got some really awesome contacts and give things my best.
I landed a job I love and wanted for a while…Things were looking pretty awesome.
Then BAM. 
Straight up.
 I am going to still continue on, I am trying to get a grip on many things but I do love the blogging community. As well Instagram and Twitter….boy those have sadly lost everyone…. 
I am not going anywhere. I am trying to save my most important little Furbabies life, help myself, keep working hard and every other tornado thrown my way.
I hope I can post soon, I have some fun things coming up!!!

Please tell me how you guys have been!!



Zoella Beauty New Jelly & Gelato Review

12:01 AM

 Heellllloo new Zollea Beauty products!!

This is always an exciting thing for us beauty lovers when a brand we love and support have new products out! I have always been so impressed with Zoella's products and a fan of her work. She seems down to earth and I will admit I am envious of all her hard work and what she has accomplished at such a young age,
Enough with that! On to the goods!

As if this isn't fun, a Menu of the new line!

In Canda Zoella's products will be released at London Drugs around mid-August, I CANNOT wait to purchase the body spray and from other reviews, I have heard the body pudding is great!

I just love the packaging! Fresh, simple, fun and modern!

A cute note from Zoe :)

SHOWER SHAKE-Moisturizing body wash. 
First things first, the packaging I love!
The Shower Shake is a nice rich LOVELY smelling moisture rich body wash that I have been using daily!

I found this name a little interesting but cute. This was similar to the moisturizing body wash but not as creamy as you can see in the bottle. The smell is SO GOOD! It is again similar scent but a little more fruity I think and I LOVE that!

PINK BATH WAFERS- Moisturising Bath Fizzer

Moisturising Bath Fizzer, that looks like those DELICIOUS Wafers I used to eat as a kid! The packaging does at least. I will totally admit I still eat them LOL

Out of the package, it is even nicely designed!

The size I find pretty large! Beside my iPhone 6s ( I think it is fairly big)  just for a size comparison.

Okay confession time:

I haven't had a chance to try this one out! It had been a little bit too hot for a bath and I want to make sure I use this and enjoy it because again I am in LOVE with the smell!! So I will update this part soon! 
Sadly summer is slowly walking away from my city and it's quite sad!

AND Last but not least!

This is the cutest chair in the world!!! I need to think of a super cute photo to do with this! It's one of those little extra's to just add to the package. So cute! 

I haven't completely finished the products yet but they will be used up within the month but I would recommend them if you love anything that smells good, make sure next time you see these you give them a good smell! I will check out some of Zoella's other Jelly & Gelato items and let you guys know how they are. 

Farleyco Does have a good range of Zoella Products (keep in mind Jelly & Gelato is new and isn't out quite yet in Canada or just select places so far.) as well if you are ordering online as well as some other goodies!

Have you had a chance to try anything out yet? 
If not which one would you want to try?

You can also check out Farleyco at the following sites:


Disclaimer: These products were sent to me to review, this does not affect my honest opinion of each product.

Lash Up!

12:01 AM

Lash Up is a new to me Eyelash Extension Studio.

It is absolutely gorgeous inside! 

It’s a nice calm environment where you know you will leave feeling happy!

I had great service and a 40% discount price (just for July) so you cannot go wrong.

This photo is older but this is my natural lashes with mascara and curling them for 13 minutes straight as they sure like to be pencil straight! GRR

When you have nice lashes your eyes just smile more!

Okay let’s be real about a couple things, my skill of taking a shot of my eye- 0 out of 10! my bottom lashes, horrid! So ignore that!!
Seriously looks like I have false lashes on, like where I pull them off of they fall off through the day because I suck at putting them on LOL. So these babies are absolutely gorgeous!

Everything was so pretty and girly I just loved it! I even get half off my next fill!

I am super stoked about them since lashes and lipgloss are my loves.
They are mink lashes rather than synthetic so that is amazing too! I can’t even believe they feel like natural lashes and have curl! I will be interested to see how long they last compared to the hard crunchy ones!

I know this is a newer company in my area, so I don’t know where you can go but if you have one near you for sure check it out as well always do your research with eyelash extension since it is your eyes and bad things can happen.

What do you think??
Have you ever had eyelash extensions before? How did you like them?

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