New Goodies

1:53 PM

The BEST kind of mail!
I am very pleased to share these goodies I have received to use and a quick bit of what I think so far!

REAL TECHNIQUES | 4 Mini Miracle Complexion Sponges
So far I LOVE these, possibly even more than the full size ones. These fit everywhere you need and still can be used for your entire face. LOVE!

7th HEAVEN | Charcoal Masque 
Maybe I am a sucker for these but I Really enjoy them! They make my skin feel clean, refreshed and so soft! The prices for these masques are so reasonable everyone can afford. Plus the Cruelty Free is amazing.

FLEXITOL | Lip Balm 
This is an excellent product for winter! Everything is so dry I am using this daily and love it! Leaves lips nice and soft!

SO…? | Body Mist White Petals & Fresh Floral

White Petals- “ Begins with mental notes of bergamot, followed by a floral heart of freesia and water lily.” YUM! 

Fresh Floral- “ A beautiful blend of peach blossom and peony flowers creates a delightfully fresh & floral fragrance.” - Very Good!

I cannot decide which of the two I am loving more? Both are so good. I also love the packaging, simple, fresh and pretty!

I have great thoughts on all of these products so far! Any of these peak your guys interest or have tried any of these? Let me know! I am always curious of your thoughts.

You can find more awesome products from Farleyco online:


Disclaimer: These products were sent to me to review, this does not effect my honest opinion of each product.


Cougar Vergio Nylon Winter Boots Review

12:12 PM

Winter has officially made it’s way over to Canada and as the cold weather is here you NEED to dress warm for work or play. 
I stumbled upon these Vergio Nylon Winter Boots in black made by Cougar Shoes online and fell in love with the style INSTANTLY! I had never heard of this brand before but these are totally something that I would create if I was a designer.  I love everything about them. Once I read more about these boots I was even more convinced I NEEDED these on my feet!
 I always like the cute little slip on Uggs (well no name usually for me)  but I needed practical, stylish and warm!! My job is cold as I am outdoors at times but then inside editing in a warm office and I need to look professional so this was perfect.
It took me a week probably to decide for sure since I am not rich and I always buy kid sizes so I was worried with them starting at size 6 might be too big…. but I added them to my cart!

This makes me appreciate them even more. A family owned business, you can tell they are passionate about what they do and I LOVE that. 

I quite enjoy the packaging!

Brand new in the box!

These are not only super nice looking, completely my style but they are WATERPROOF! With a temperature rating up to -30’C, Vegan (that was super cool I thought), memory molded insole and anti-slip outsole. Sounds perfect right?

These are after my month of wearing them all day everyday! (sorry for the lighting it is so cold out!!)
I love the ribbed sweater collar! 

These are my go to!

 See! Anti slip =p

Since I am in and out all day at work I thought these would be perfect. I purchased a size 6 and patiently waited for these to arrive, looking at the shipping status daily, I won’t lie LOL.

They were pretty much everything I had hoped for. I work 9-11 hour days and my feet are dry after work still! These are very comfortable. I get compliments on these babies all the time! I am not miss stylist by any means so I was a little shocked to hear people say they liked them so much, well on me at least.
These keep my feet warm and dry, so I was a little worried about when I was indoors they might be too warm in the office, but to my surprise they a comfortable temperature. I wouldn’t even notice I was wearing boots that were great inside and outside in our Canadian winters.

I had to get these shots taken before all the snow and cold weather came, and yes it is full on now.

I think they go with everything! I needed something versatile and really just throw on a pair of skinny jeans and you kind of are set.
Today with how little time we have we need easy, comfortable and now I guess I am thinking fashionable, which is newer to me but I love these!

I am new to Cougar Shoes but I could pick about 15 pairs of different ones I want! I can’t wait until my next pair, but what ones!?

So to make a long story short:

SUPER nice looking
Anti-slip outsole
Great Customer Service
Family Owned and ran since 1948
Canadian! That’s just too cool

Just a little too big for my feet and calfs (so I wear 2 pairs of socks and fold them at the top of the boot) but thats MY short girl/small feet problem LOL I wish their was a size 5 or 5.5 so you could wear two pairs of socks. Not a deal breaker though!
I want more pairs!!!!!

I honestly have NOTHING bad to say. They are well made, comfy, versatile, do exactly what they are meant for, the customer service was amazing! I had to email and ask a question right after I placed my order and I had a very quick response. The order shipped in perfect timing before the snow…. it’s like they knew or something LOL.
I highly recommend these beauties, I will definitely let you guys know how any other Cougar Shoes are when I purchase them! They are my new favourite =)

Have you checked them out yet?
Which pair would you want the most?

it’s been a while…

10:58 PM

Hello my favourite strangers!!

I have been very absent for quite a few reasons, funny how life works like that.
I was going to revamp my blog, got some really awesome contacts and give things my best.
I landed a job I love and wanted for a while…Things were looking pretty awesome.
Then BAM. 
Straight up.
 I am going to still continue on, I am trying to get a grip on many things but I do love the blogging community. As well Instagram and Twitter….boy those have sadly lost everyone…. 
I am not going anywhere. I am trying to save my most important little Furbabies life, help myself, keep working hard and every other tornado thrown my way.
I hope I can post soon, I have some fun things coming up!!!

Please tell me how you guys have been!!


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