How to keep Unnatural Hair Colors Vibrant

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If anyone has been following me for a while on any social media you will know I am a huge fan of fun coloured hair, it has been quite the process along the way but I found it super fun going from my black box dye hair colour to my current reverse ombre pink to dark pink. 
I have a good band about 3/4 down in my hair that is permeant pink so I can only play with the purples, blues and pinks until it grows out but I am still having fun.

I wanted to share a couple tips of mine that I use to keep my colour lasting a little longer in between salon trips since it can be quite costly, especially when you are starting from the worst spot… box black dye!
These are terrible photos but I am not photogenic so here we go…


Just some of the colour’s I’ve had :)
First things first, everything always depends on hair type/diet/the dye itself/how much effort you are willing to put into it and of course since everything is a little different for everyone so there might be some differences for others but this what I find is easy and mostly common sense.
As well I use Color Intensity | Joico Semi Permanent as my brand as I absolutely love their color selection, price and that their product is actually made to fade into beautiful colors so when you are getting to the point you need your hair done it’s really only your roots that might not be looking so nice.


1- Wash as little as possible!
2- Wash with cold Water
3- No Clarifying Shampoo’s
4- Salon products
5- Use less heat styling
6- Vibrant color + too much sun = faded hair

1. No you will not become the smelly girl with dirty hair that no one wants to be around, but the less you wash the longer your color will last, I usually only use this method for the first couple weeks because I really enjoy my vibrant colors to go to the pastel without having to do anything in between since I heart my Joico products and the beautiful way they fade.
While dry shampoo is still a must in my books, I am able to use baby powder more once the color is lighter and I find it is a little better since alcohol in products isn’t good… I know I know everything has some in it that we or at least I use but it helps to switch it up a little.

2. YIKES! Cold water… honestly when it is -30’C here I am just cringing as I HATE being so cold and the cold water on your head doesn’t feel nice but it works! DO IT!!! :)

3. NO Clarifying shampoos!! Stay clear. While they are very good to use especially if you are one to use a lot of hair products, at least try to limit your use if you feel you NEED this. I honestly maybe use one once a month and that is after my color is more faded so it doesn’t effect too much or strip too much color out.

4. Salon products are needed… I am a HUGE drug store fan as I find so many great products that are my go to’s from there but with a couple things I will use my Salon brands. This can be whatever works best for you. I am currently using Joico’s Color Endure Voilet Sulfate Free Shampoo since it is helping keep my blonde from going brassy and if you do have purple hair and ran out of dye I have tried the little trick of putting this on your dry faded almost blonde hair and it actually does add a little purple back in if you let it sit for 10 minutes, clearly it isn’t ideal but a stylist mentioned it to me once so I gave it a try! 
So I say use a salon shampoo you like, if you have reverse ombre like myself or full on bleached hair and need the purple shampoo use the one that works best for you. I switch between this one and Redkin’s Color Extend Shampoo.
This is a HUGE part of having colored hair (did I mention mine is super fine and straight?) I use Olaplaex like it is lipgloss… I am a lipgloss addict btw! I am lucky enough to have a stylist who can help me out with giving me a Olaplex No.2 Treatment while I have bleach on my roots. It IS AMAZING!!! I will do a post on it soon. It isn’t magic but if you use it regularly yo will notice your color lasts longer, softer hair, less breakage and just all around more shine! This product helps rebuild what the bleach has broken to my understanding. Again I will write up a post, it’s so worth using!
If you are unable to afford the No.2 treatment since they are pricy in salons, you can purchase No.3 that you use at home. It is not a hair masque but it will help repair damage. I use it at least once a week and sleep with it in my hair, than shampoo and condition the next day and my gosh is my hair soft!!!  Using Olaplex, my favourite deep conditioner, and a hair masque once in a while ( i also sleep in) has helped so much with the damage to my hair from bleach as well as keeping the color in.

5. We all know heat styling is just bad. So try to use a little as possible even though I LOVE my curled more when it is faded and the colors are just blending together so sometimes I am bad and use my curling wand more often, can’t always be an angel right?  I try to blow dry my hair on cool to low heat. If you are lucky to be able to air dry that is perfect!

6- Summer sunny days, we love them but our hair hates it! I sadly live where the summer doesn’t seem to exist much so this doesn’t apply to me too much but if I am on holiday’s I sometimes come home with some super faded hair which is disappointing sometimes. I don’t know anything. about these products but I googled this and found a little bit of let’s say hair sunscreen here.

I like the different tones and colors, with having the permeant pink in there I only bleach my roots when I get my hair coloured so it’s not crazy damaging as it could be.

This was a fun one, weaved foils of blue with pink purple and blonde :)

What is your favourite way to keep your locks looking colourful?

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