Caseco Blu-Toque Review

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Caseco Boho Ribbed Slouchy Blu-toque 

Our most popular Boho Ribbed Slouchy Blu-toque is so cozy, you’ll wish for a wind chill. With the right amount of slouch, this is definitely the hottest beanie this season. Looks stunning whether dressed up or down, and goes with just about everything in your closet.

Bundle up with a Bluetooth Beanie

Get cozy this winter while staying connected! The Blu-Toque Beanie is the warmest, loudest Bluetooth headset you will find anywhere.

Carefree and Wire-free

Blu-Toque is universal—it works with any Bluetooth device.

Quality and Comfort

Knit from soft synthetic wool, Blu-Toque is lightweight, warm, and water resistant.”

I couldn’t have been more stoked to find this product online, let alone receive it! I HAD to do this review as a HUGE music lover as well as winter here lasts forever, I am always wearing a toque-how could this not be fate!?

I have a little, well huge confession…. I suffer from social anxiety pretty bad, we all may a little but I am pretty bad. When I go out to the mall or grocery shopping or something where I know I won’t be talking to people really I always have my headphones and iPod on me no matter what, it’s like my security blanket. So when I found this product my eyes lit up and I knew I NEEDED it!

A specific technique I have learned to help with anxiety out in public is to listen to music. So while I am out in a super crowded area I used my headphones, well did until this Blu-toque so I don’t get overwhelmed or have a panic attack. It’s like it was meant to be! Ha. I highly recommend this for anyone with anxiety or music lovers!

Now back to the fun part, there are so many styles I had a hard time choosing which to purchase, I actually am going to get a few other ones as I wear toques all the time, well soon to be Blu-toques only! :)

I purchased this online for $49.99USD but ended up using a promo code and getting $9.99 off! SO worth it!!! Even without the promo.

This would have been such a great Christmas gift for most people as well but there is always birthdays or just for fun gifts!

This unique set up is extremely easy to use as well I am using an iPod touch second generation so I was super pumped it worked with my older iPod as I have had problems with that in the past but not this time. The range is 10 M, Battery span is up to 6 hours which is perfect! Stand by time is up to 60 hours which is really helpful as you aren’t always needing to charge it when you aren’t using it.

The controls are on the left side of the speaker on the outside so it is easy to change songs,pause,control volume or answer a phone call.

I throw my iPod in my purse or pocket and I am good to go!

Inside the toque this is where the magic happens!
Unzip the little hidden zipper that you can’t feel what so ever inside the toque.

You will see the removable speaker that is where you charge this brilliant Toque.

Sync up with you bluetooth device and you are good to go! LOVE this! Cannot rave enough about this product.

You can see the easy to use controls on the side here, with the Caseco Logo which most people would think it was just a logo nothing more.

* Great quality
*Very warm and thick-So cold for most of the months around here.
*Looks really nice
*Such a variety I could buy like 10 different styles!
*Speakers are very good quality
*Easy to use
*Easy to set up
*Comfortable ( I was worried the speakers might bug my ears but they don’t)
*Long life span when charged
*Fits in any USB port to charge,super convenient
*Well priced
*No annoying head phone cords to deal with
*Goes with EVERYTHING I own, dress up or down, just all around great

* I don’t have enough Blu-Toques!

I also wanted to add I did order this the day before the big Black Friday sale and being a Canadian I didn’t totally clue into Black Friday and then I saw on their social media the next day there was a promo code so I was a little sad since it’s that time of year where we are all broke, I emailed Caseco asking is there anyway they could help me out, I think i ordered 2 hours before midnight (my luck haha )and within that day they emailed me back with the refund for the promo. I cannot thank them enough for the wonderful customer service, quick response and actually caring about their customers! That speaks volumes of this company.

What do you guys think, would this be useful for you?

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