Fall Lusts

12:01 AM

Over here, in the part of Canada I live in we really didn’t get much of a fall imo so I thought I would just post a few things from Pinterest that I lust for!

I am so sad it feels like we didn’t have fall, we have had nice weather shockingly but just not the pretty fall scenery, wahhh.

What is your favourite part of fall?

Splat Hair Chalk Blue Moon Review and Update

12:00 AM

I have been blogging for quite a few years now and my MOST popular post is my Splat Hair Chalk post
I wanted to get this post up, my camera is just having some issues at the moment so I am using my point and shoot camera so it’s not the most pretty photograph but it is for the just of it, not for the appeal of the artist shot.

"Simply beautiful pastel colors,Splat Hair Chalk is a beautiful way to add pastel color highlights to your hair. The chalk slides on dry and instantly adds just the right touch of color."
I recently got the chance to review Splat Hair Chalk from FarleyCo and I was realllly excited to give this product a go. I have had black hair for a few years now and have looked into adding bright color to it but the whole bleaching process isn't for me and hate that there wasn't as easy option that I had found for temporary hair color.

SO I have been letting my hair grow, the top is a very pretty purple and it flows into a pink ( I am still working on which my Olaplaex Post will hopefully be the answer to that). My hair is no longer black. 

I wanted to see how this slightly pastel blue would work on the purple&pink.

This is what my colour looks like just to give you an idea of how powerful this hair chalk is:

It’s more pink then this, man lighting is annoying! But the dark color to the light.

Here is before:

Pre Chalk


This works Fabulous! I had only ran it though my hair once, without hair spraying it in ( I just wanted to demo it for the photos)  I will add nicer ones later.

I just still can’t get over the greatness of this affordable fun colour- I need to buy a teal or green I think next for temporarily colourful fun hair!
 I know I have had a few jobs in my day that I was not allowed to have piercings tattoos or coloured hair which is just sad especially now that its 2015, but if you are stuck in that or you are younger and can’t dye your hair this is such a great alternative!

I will add more photos soon! I have used up all my Dusty Rose as you can see it in my other post with my black hair, so beautiful! Now I get to use up my second Silver Moon!

To read more into the process please click over here for my review.

I still fully love the product! I have even made my mother buy it! 

What do you guys think? What is your favourite colour of Splat Hair Chalk?-btw its under $4.00 on Farleyco.ca, holy man! 

You can also check out Farleyco at the following sites:


Personalized Monogram Necklace

10:01 PM

With the holidays coming up we are all stressing out and trying to save money and online shopping makes that SO MUCH easier, honestly I don’t plan on leaving my house to do any shopping this year, I am going all out online!

I recently have been wracking my brain to find my niece a Christmas gift as it was just her birthday and that was hard enough on its own! I ended up finding a little idea online and a gift card. So that’s been done, now I need something a little more special. She is my oldest niece so she is old enough for something nice and special from her coolest Auntie ;) I came across these really cool personalized monogram necklaces! How fun for any age really! I think she would really love it, I know I always loved anything with a T on it when I was younger since my full name will never be found on anything I bet.

I have been looking around the site and there is actually quite a few different products to choose from, necklaces,rings,bracelets even cufflinks! There is a helpful guide on their site for anyone who is hinting towards their boyfriend/husbands to be buying something for someone they know, hint hint!

This one would be on my wish list for sure!

Aw this one is so sweet, I would have a C of course for my cat Chicken.

The prices are really reasonable, I may even be able to get a second one for my mom, I could see her really liking that for a gift as well.


Too many choices! I am thinking between these two personalized monogram necklaces for my niece? Which one do you like better? I also see a nice Promo Code until November 26 so that’s helpful!
What do you think?

This post is brought to you by your friends at GetNameNecklace

Olaplex Hair Protector No.3 upcoming review!

11:24 AM

Please excuse the crappy photo…fighting with my camera again!

A Sneak peak of what I am testing out!!! I am SO excited! I live in a small place so this took a LONG while to get here, and when my stylist told me they FINALLY got it I was stoked! So I am just using the reconstruction part of it before my stylist gets to the bleaching like crazy!! Super stoked!!!!
I FRIGGIN hope I finally get the color I want!!

Will keep you guys updated with the progress if anyone is needing to know about this miracle product!
As well any of you guys tried out this yet? I have use it three times so far and WHOA…. leaving it at that for now.

Blogger Beefs!

11:51 AM

Hey Guys! :D

From Weheartit

I am just doing a tiny little rant here of a few things some of us bloggers, as well as anyone really involved in social media for their business or even for fun.

Here are some BEEFS!

Numbero Uno.

You think you are above people because you have more followers.
What in the actual FUCK. I have started a new twitter account, more professional and more blog like oriented as my regular account might be a little crude with some of the jokes I say(all in good fun!) 
So I start this account, long time bloggers I have been in contact with over the years completely ignore me, companies completely ignore me…. A follow, followed by a message asking me to follow this and that and the other thing but yet no support from them to me. Hmmm thats wack
I know we get busy so Twitter or Instagram isn’t top priority by any means, but PLEASE don’t ask me to support you if you aren’t even going to bat an eye towards me or support me…… The whole thinking your internet famous went to your head, I feel bad for you! What do you do when you go offline?
We are all trying to make it here in some way, I say let’s hmm I dunno be kind and support each other? Help each other’s voices, photos, reviews, thoughts, blurbs, anything be seen by others.
Just my opinion though….

Numba TWO

Companies contacting me to review products… I always do my research do make sure things are legit.. sometimes they are more sketchy then you think and they are very good at covering up the lie of their promises. With this being said, giving your personal information to work with these companies can be dangerous as they now have your personal info and it was all a scam….no one ever contacts you back after multiple emails. *RED EMOJI FACE!*

Number THREE

Last one guys, Not being heard. This is kind of similar as number one. I am not a huge blogger, but I have worked with quite a few companies and have been EXTREMELY LUCKY for the ones I have been in contact with and or are working on things with them-I love them for this! 
When you work really hard on a post, it does take a lot of time, while it is fun and exciting to have the final post done and done and then you let the company know and they never ever even email,tweet or acknowledge you worked hours, days or even a week on something. Now I know people are busy but please if I did something you disapprove of let me know! I am pretty easy going and always like to improve :)

With my beefs, I am also thankful for the opportunities I have had, the companies I have worked with and the ones in the future I will be working with. 
Thank you all if you made it this far! A list of the reviews and companies are Right HERE!!

Now your turn! What are your beefs?

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