Jergens Moisturizer For Wet Skin Review

12:03 AM

"Lock in 2x the moisturization in ½ the time for luminous skin.*

Experience the tranquility of nature with the calming, botanical scent of green tea oil. JERGENS® Wet Skin™ Moisturizer contains a breakthrough new formula that blends with water when your skin is most receptive to moisture (right after bathing, when your pores are open).
*2X the moisturization in a single application clinical study; 1/2 the time vs. ordinary lotion.”

Apply before you dry…
What a concept right? I am not on the ball with moisturizing EVERY  time I get out of the shower, yes that’s just so awful of me ;) but let’s be real, i’m not alone here or I am literally the laziest human on the planet…let’s hope the first one is true. 

Clearly I was like yes please I NEED this after I saw the commercials as how convenient this would be, slap it on while your wet after you shower. Sounds easy enough right?
The second half is where I am not exactly fond of the concept, you pat your skin dry-that takes much more time then rubbing your skin dry quickly with a towel then slapping on some moisturizer unless I am doing it wrong LOL. 

Once you apply on your wet skin it’s kind of like your mixing the water in with the lotion so you think you are getting even more moisture in your skin…which maybe true but I really didn’t feel moisturized at all after I used this. I kind of felt like I was slathering the lotion and water around and then I pat it off my skin with the towel, I dunno I just didn’t find this fantastic.

Pat your skin to dry… I still didn’t feel completely dry, not sticky or any residue either which is good.  This Green Tea Oil scent is meh. I’m not into it that much, I would have preferred the coconut one more I think but they didn’t have any and I was so sold on the commercial I just had to get it. I believe it was around $7.00 CAD so fairly pricey to my cheap ass! 

SOOOO overall, I would never purchase this again, I wouldn’t overly recommend it, I don’t hate it but I certainly didn’t find much benefit or find the concept to be any better then towelling off then moisturizing. I think I was just sold on the gimmick of it more then anything. The ratings on their website are 5 star out of 5-not quite sure how….But this may work for you?

Have you guys tried this out at all? Would you repurchase??

The Secret to Eye Lashes For Days, The Quick Way

12:01 AM

Let’s face it, if you aren’t putting on much makeup or just not that kind of girl, I always say lashes are a girls best friend. Having beautiful long full looking eye lashes without extensions, falsies or too much effort is my favourite!

Here are the quick steps I take for my THIN STRAIGHT sucky lashes!

The MAGICAL tools needed in this!

-Sephora eyelash curler
-Any face powder, I am using Rimmel Stay Matte
-Waterproof mascara, I am using L’oreal Voluminous
-Regular Mascara, Powder Lash by Model Co which I HEART! (cruelty free products! I cannot wait to purchase more!)

1-First I put powder over my eye lids & lashes. This kind of acts as a primer for the lashes without actually having to use one (I will do one with a primer too next, its crazy what results you can get!), I have seen this for years, or other people using baby powder/eye shadow, but this is super quick.



I can barely stand seeing my lashes without mascara, but for the purpose of this post here it is! Literally barely there straight thin lashes. (I tried to whiten the bloodshot out of the eye since I never sleep but it didn’t work well LOL)

2-Curl those lashes! I only curl just from the roots of the lashes, and pump it a good 20ish times. Some people prefer the curled look with a few different bends in the lashes but I just can never make it look right.

3-Add the first layer of WATERPROOF mascara
This can be a big no thank you for some people but this will hold the curl when you have crazy straight lashes so the key is waterproof first!

sorry the lighting is off, I am using my little point and shoot camera at the moment
Ahh I can breath again, let’s get that last image out of our minds. One coat of the waterproof while the lashes are curled and look at the difference!

4-Add a coat of the regular mascara of your choice, let dry. Re-curl if needed- I always have to re-curl once more and DONE!

This is super easy and pretty quick!

Now have a little giggle at what it might have looked like without an eyelash curler, powder or the waterproof mascara to start….

I don’t think I could go out of the house with my lashes looking like this, and they only look half decent because I used the Model Co Power Lash which is really amazing stuff! 

Do you have a favourite lash trick? I would love to hear!

My MacBook is DRUNK!

7:56 AM

Good AM!

I have had quite the troubles with my macbook lately!!! Can anyone else relate to these issues?
I have even taken it in to be diagnosed but they state nothings wrong

Changing it’s background whenever it’s mood changes…jerk face!

SHUTTING OFF randomly when it’s tired, geese thanks wish I could do that!!

Oh and my FAVOURTE (very sarcastic there) the track pad is possessed!

Anyone else have any of these awful problems? I never download anything so it makes no sense. GRR! Makes blogging a little more tricky, but I am up for the challenge

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