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Alright now I had to giggle and sigh at the same time as I came home from a recent trip and saw this Farleyco box in my kitchen, I tear it open and was like nooooo LOL. The good news is I will be headed out for weekend trips and will get good use out of it! Timing can be a funny thing.

First things first, I have tried Colab’s Dry shampoo before and INSTANTLY fell in love!!!! So seeing this Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo was like Christmas for my fine hair! I used it instantly and it is just as amazing as it sounded! I might do a quick little review with some pictures once my hair get’s redyed (the sun sure faded it on my trip!)  
This travel size is SO convenient to throw in your luggage bag as well the scent is great! There is no negatives with this product! 

I am a tad of a germaphobe, hand sanitizer in my purse, my car, my camera bag,my luggage I think I had 3 and also my back up stash so this is just great! What a slim compact on the go container!
I am absolutely in love with this product as it is alcohol free so your hands are not dried up and the smell isn’t anything! I put the foam pump one in my car and I would make my boyfriend use it because it was alcohol free and you know how dry guys hands are so it was perfect.
This will be extremely hard not to use up before my next little trip!

Shaving on vacation is beyond annoying but clearly most of us just say no to stubble! How fricken convenient is this?! I had given this a whirl before I showered and shaved just a day in between so I had a little but of stubble-how lady like *insert embarrassed face* It is a handy little mitt, kind of like using soft grade sand paper (sounds rough but it’s not I promise) as you buff into your skin if helps with the hair removal.
Sadly this did not work with my legs BUT I also have weird hair like that, Nair doesn’t even work for me so don’t think this may not work, I am going to have a friend try one of the buffing pads and see what she thinks.
 I wouldn’t advise using this on top of tattoos though I did notice my skin was a little dry after, I am sure it is harmless but I am one of those over cautious people with my body art!
Have you guys had any lucky with this? Such a great concept!!!

I have seen these in stores before but never had actually tried them and I was kind of embarrassingly excited for this LOL I always use a toothbrush cover but never a natural anti bacterial one! I will even use this at home! My cat Chicken likes to smell toothbrushes in his spare time after he gets a drink from the sink so this will be nice to not have cat nose on my tooth brush!! As well incredibly great for travel!

Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit Body Soap 
Smells GREAT and is not tested on animals so that is always a major plus!

As well as their Mending Kit, I remember as a kid I would think they were kind of funny seeing them in hotels and thinking oh my grandma would like this, well it isn’t so funny when your on holidays and your button falls off to your shorts! So this little package with some needles threat safety pin and button will be in my luggage from now on!

Is anyone traveling anytime in the near future? I would check some of these items out, they are definitely worth bringing with you!

For any more information I have linked the products for the online purchases as well as where you can find them in Canada.

You can also check out Farleyco at the following sites:


Disclaimer: These products were sent to me to review, this does not effect my honest opinion of each product.

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