Personalized Monogram Ring

1:15 PM

I REALLY wanted to post this before the holidays but things were so busy and I was working extra hours so I just had no time. I had actually ordered some gifts for Christmas super late, shocker shocker and they still haven’t came in yet… Maybe some of you are like me and have done the same or maybe are having a late Christmas or just in the mood to give! 
I think these are super cute and a nice way to personalize a gift that could be ordinary if you aren’t careful. 

I instantly fell in love with this ring! Thinking of gift giving it to myself! ;) It isn’t too fancy for me but I find the design very pretty and I see my initials fitting well! :)

I was scrolling through Getnamenecklace in their ring section and this birthstone one is PERFECT for my mom! She lives a in another town then me but I could surprise her with this and she would be super happy! You can’t go wrong with birthstone rings.

I was really surprised as well that they’re pricing is very reasonable as well as there is a promo code going on right now so that’s the time to buy you guys! :D 

I have been looking around the site and there is actually quite a few different products to choose from, necklaces,rings,bracelets even cufflinks! There is a helpful guide on their site for anyone who is hinting towards their boyfriend/husbands to be buying something for someone they know, hint hint!

Let me know what you would pick out if you could pick one wish item from their site!

This post is brought to you by your friends at GetNameNecklace

Caseco Blu-Toque Review

12:01 AM

Caseco Boho Ribbed Slouchy Blu-toque 

Our most popular Boho Ribbed Slouchy Blu-toque is so cozy, you’ll wish for a wind chill. With the right amount of slouch, this is definitely the hottest beanie this season. Looks stunning whether dressed up or down, and goes with just about everything in your closet.

Bundle up with a Bluetooth Beanie

Get cozy this winter while staying connected! The Blu-Toque Beanie is the warmest, loudest Bluetooth headset you will find anywhere.

Carefree and Wire-free

Blu-Toque is universal—it works with any Bluetooth device.

Quality and Comfort

Knit from soft synthetic wool, Blu-Toque is lightweight, warm, and water resistant.”

I couldn’t have been more stoked to find this product online, let alone receive it! I HAD to do this review as a HUGE music lover as well as winter here lasts forever, I am always wearing a toque-how could this not be fate!?

I have a little, well huge confession…. I suffer from social anxiety pretty bad, we all may a little but I am pretty bad. When I go out to the mall or grocery shopping or something where I know I won’t be talking to people really I always have my headphones and iPod on me no matter what, it’s like my security blanket. So when I found this product my eyes lit up and I knew I NEEDED it!

A specific technique I have learned to help with anxiety out in public is to listen to music. So while I am out in a super crowded area I used my headphones, well did until this Blu-toque so I don’t get overwhelmed or have a panic attack. It’s like it was meant to be! Ha. I highly recommend this for anyone with anxiety or music lovers!

Now back to the fun part, there are so many styles I had a hard time choosing which to purchase, I actually am going to get a few other ones as I wear toques all the time, well soon to be Blu-toques only! :)

I purchased this online for $49.99USD but ended up using a promo code and getting $9.99 off! SO worth it!!! Even without the promo.

This would have been such a great Christmas gift for most people as well but there is always birthdays or just for fun gifts!

This unique set up is extremely easy to use as well I am using an iPod touch second generation so I was super pumped it worked with my older iPod as I have had problems with that in the past but not this time. The range is 10 M, Battery span is up to 6 hours which is perfect! Stand by time is up to 60 hours which is really helpful as you aren’t always needing to charge it when you aren’t using it.

The controls are on the left side of the speaker on the outside so it is easy to change songs,pause,control volume or answer a phone call.

I throw my iPod in my purse or pocket and I am good to go!

Inside the toque this is where the magic happens!
Unzip the little hidden zipper that you can’t feel what so ever inside the toque.

You will see the removable speaker that is where you charge this brilliant Toque.

Sync up with you bluetooth device and you are good to go! LOVE this! Cannot rave enough about this product.

You can see the easy to use controls on the side here, with the Caseco Logo which most people would think it was just a logo nothing more.

* Great quality
*Very warm and thick-So cold for most of the months around here.
*Looks really nice
*Such a variety I could buy like 10 different styles!
*Speakers are very good quality
*Easy to use
*Easy to set up
*Comfortable ( I was worried the speakers might bug my ears but they don’t)
*Long life span when charged
*Fits in any USB port to charge,super convenient
*Well priced
*No annoying head phone cords to deal with
*Goes with EVERYTHING I own, dress up or down, just all around great

* I don’t have enough Blu-Toques!

I also wanted to add I did order this the day before the big Black Friday sale and being a Canadian I didn’t totally clue into Black Friday and then I saw on their social media the next day there was a promo code so I was a little sad since it’s that time of year where we are all broke, I emailed Caseco asking is there anyway they could help me out, I think i ordered 2 hours before midnight (my luck haha )and within that day they emailed me back with the refund for the promo. I cannot thank them enough for the wonderful customer service, quick response and actually caring about their customers! That speaks volumes of this company.

What do you guys think, would this be useful for you?

Fall Lusts

12:01 AM

Over here, in the part of Canada I live in we really didn’t get much of a fall imo so I thought I would just post a few things from Pinterest that I lust for!

I am so sad it feels like we didn’t have fall, we have had nice weather shockingly but just not the pretty fall scenery, wahhh.

What is your favourite part of fall?

Splat Hair Chalk Blue Moon Review and Update

12:00 AM

I have been blogging for quite a few years now and my MOST popular post is my Splat Hair Chalk post
I wanted to get this post up, my camera is just having some issues at the moment so I am using my point and shoot camera so it’s not the most pretty photograph but it is for the just of it, not for the appeal of the artist shot.

"Simply beautiful pastel colors,Splat Hair Chalk is a beautiful way to add pastel color highlights to your hair. The chalk slides on dry and instantly adds just the right touch of color."
I recently got the chance to review Splat Hair Chalk from FarleyCo and I was realllly excited to give this product a go. I have had black hair for a few years now and have looked into adding bright color to it but the whole bleaching process isn't for me and hate that there wasn't as easy option that I had found for temporary hair color.

SO I have been letting my hair grow, the top is a very pretty purple and it flows into a pink ( I am still working on which my Olaplaex Post will hopefully be the answer to that). My hair is no longer black. 

I wanted to see how this slightly pastel blue would work on the purple&pink.

This is what my colour looks like just to give you an idea of how powerful this hair chalk is:

It’s more pink then this, man lighting is annoying! But the dark color to the light.

Here is before:

Pre Chalk


This works Fabulous! I had only ran it though my hair once, without hair spraying it in ( I just wanted to demo it for the photos)  I will add nicer ones later.

I just still can’t get over the greatness of this affordable fun colour- I need to buy a teal or green I think next for temporarily colourful fun hair!
 I know I have had a few jobs in my day that I was not allowed to have piercings tattoos or coloured hair which is just sad especially now that its 2015, but if you are stuck in that or you are younger and can’t dye your hair this is such a great alternative!

I will add more photos soon! I have used up all my Dusty Rose as you can see it in my other post with my black hair, so beautiful! Now I get to use up my second Silver Moon!

To read more into the process please click over here for my review.

I still fully love the product! I have even made my mother buy it! 

What do you guys think? What is your favourite colour of Splat Hair Chalk?-btw its under $4.00 on, holy man! 

You can also check out Farleyco at the following sites:


Personalized Monogram Necklace

10:01 PM

With the holidays coming up we are all stressing out and trying to save money and online shopping makes that SO MUCH easier, honestly I don’t plan on leaving my house to do any shopping this year, I am going all out online!

I recently have been wracking my brain to find my niece a Christmas gift as it was just her birthday and that was hard enough on its own! I ended up finding a little idea online and a gift card. So that’s been done, now I need something a little more special. She is my oldest niece so she is old enough for something nice and special from her coolest Auntie ;) I came across these really cool personalized monogram necklaces! How fun for any age really! I think she would really love it, I know I always loved anything with a T on it when I was younger since my full name will never be found on anything I bet.

I have been looking around the site and there is actually quite a few different products to choose from, necklaces,rings,bracelets even cufflinks! There is a helpful guide on their site for anyone who is hinting towards their boyfriend/husbands to be buying something for someone they know, hint hint!

This one would be on my wish list for sure!

Aw this one is so sweet, I would have a C of course for my cat Chicken.

The prices are really reasonable, I may even be able to get a second one for my mom, I could see her really liking that for a gift as well.


Too many choices! I am thinking between these two personalized monogram necklaces for my niece? Which one do you like better? I also see a nice Promo Code until November 26 so that’s helpful!
What do you think?

This post is brought to you by your friends at GetNameNecklace

Olaplex Hair Protector No.3 upcoming review!

11:24 AM

Please excuse the crappy photo…fighting with my camera again!

A Sneak peak of what I am testing out!!! I am SO excited! I live in a small place so this took a LONG while to get here, and when my stylist told me they FINALLY got it I was stoked! So I am just using the reconstruction part of it before my stylist gets to the bleaching like crazy!! Super stoked!!!!
I FRIGGIN hope I finally get the color I want!!

Will keep you guys updated with the progress if anyone is needing to know about this miracle product!
As well any of you guys tried out this yet? I have use it three times so far and WHOA…. leaving it at that for now.

Blogger Beefs!

11:51 AM

Hey Guys! :D

From Weheartit

I am just doing a tiny little rant here of a few things some of us bloggers, as well as anyone really involved in social media for their business or even for fun.

Here are some BEEFS!

Numbero Uno.

You think you are above people because you have more followers.
What in the actual FUCK. I have started a new twitter account, more professional and more blog like oriented as my regular account might be a little crude with some of the jokes I say(all in good fun!) 
So I start this account, long time bloggers I have been in contact with over the years completely ignore me, companies completely ignore me…. A follow, followed by a message asking me to follow this and that and the other thing but yet no support from them to me. Hmmm thats wack
I know we get busy so Twitter or Instagram isn’t top priority by any means, but PLEASE don’t ask me to support you if you aren’t even going to bat an eye towards me or support me…… The whole thinking your internet famous went to your head, I feel bad for you! What do you do when you go offline?
We are all trying to make it here in some way, I say let’s hmm I dunno be kind and support each other? Help each other’s voices, photos, reviews, thoughts, blurbs, anything be seen by others.
Just my opinion though….

Numba TWO

Companies contacting me to review products… I always do my research do make sure things are legit.. sometimes they are more sketchy then you think and they are very good at covering up the lie of their promises. With this being said, giving your personal information to work with these companies can be dangerous as they now have your personal info and it was all a scam….no one ever contacts you back after multiple emails. *RED EMOJI FACE!*

Number THREE

Last one guys, Not being heard. This is kind of similar as number one. I am not a huge blogger, but I have worked with quite a few companies and have been EXTREMELY LUCKY for the ones I have been in contact with and or are working on things with them-I love them for this! 
When you work really hard on a post, it does take a lot of time, while it is fun and exciting to have the final post done and done and then you let the company know and they never ever even email,tweet or acknowledge you worked hours, days or even a week on something. Now I know people are busy but please if I did something you disapprove of let me know! I am pretty easy going and always like to improve :)

With my beefs, I am also thankful for the opportunities I have had, the companies I have worked with and the ones in the future I will be working with. 
Thank you all if you made it this far! A list of the reviews and companies are Right HERE!!

Now your turn! What are your beefs?

Jergens Moisturizer For Wet Skin Review

12:03 AM

"Lock in 2x the moisturization in ½ the time for luminous skin.*

Experience the tranquility of nature with the calming, botanical scent of green tea oil. JERGENS® Wet Skin™ Moisturizer contains a breakthrough new formula that blends with water when your skin is most receptive to moisture (right after bathing, when your pores are open).
*2X the moisturization in a single application clinical study; 1/2 the time vs. ordinary lotion.”

Apply before you dry…
What a concept right? I am not on the ball with moisturizing EVERY  time I get out of the shower, yes that’s just so awful of me ;) but let’s be real, i’m not alone here or I am literally the laziest human on the planet…let’s hope the first one is true. 

Clearly I was like yes please I NEED this after I saw the commercials as how convenient this would be, slap it on while your wet after you shower. Sounds easy enough right?
The second half is where I am not exactly fond of the concept, you pat your skin dry-that takes much more time then rubbing your skin dry quickly with a towel then slapping on some moisturizer unless I am doing it wrong LOL. 

Once you apply on your wet skin it’s kind of like your mixing the water in with the lotion so you think you are getting even more moisture in your skin…which maybe true but I really didn’t feel moisturized at all after I used this. I kind of felt like I was slathering the lotion and water around and then I pat it off my skin with the towel, I dunno I just didn’t find this fantastic.

Pat your skin to dry… I still didn’t feel completely dry, not sticky or any residue either which is good.  This Green Tea Oil scent is meh. I’m not into it that much, I would have preferred the coconut one more I think but they didn’t have any and I was so sold on the commercial I just had to get it. I believe it was around $7.00 CAD so fairly pricey to my cheap ass! 

SOOOO overall, I would never purchase this again, I wouldn’t overly recommend it, I don’t hate it but I certainly didn’t find much benefit or find the concept to be any better then towelling off then moisturizing. I think I was just sold on the gimmick of it more then anything. The ratings on their website are 5 star out of 5-not quite sure how….But this may work for you?

Have you guys tried this out at all? Would you repurchase??

The Secret to Eye Lashes For Days, The Quick Way

12:01 AM

Let’s face it, if you aren’t putting on much makeup or just not that kind of girl, I always say lashes are a girls best friend. Having beautiful long full looking eye lashes without extensions, falsies or too much effort is my favourite!

Here are the quick steps I take for my THIN STRAIGHT sucky lashes!

The MAGICAL tools needed in this!

-Sephora eyelash curler
-Any face powder, I am using Rimmel Stay Matte
-Waterproof mascara, I am using L’oreal Voluminous
-Regular Mascara, Powder Lash by Model Co which I HEART! (cruelty free products! I cannot wait to purchase more!)

1-First I put powder over my eye lids & lashes. This kind of acts as a primer for the lashes without actually having to use one (I will do one with a primer too next, its crazy what results you can get!), I have seen this for years, or other people using baby powder/eye shadow, but this is super quick.



I can barely stand seeing my lashes without mascara, but for the purpose of this post here it is! Literally barely there straight thin lashes. (I tried to whiten the bloodshot out of the eye since I never sleep but it didn’t work well LOL)

2-Curl those lashes! I only curl just from the roots of the lashes, and pump it a good 20ish times. Some people prefer the curled look with a few different bends in the lashes but I just can never make it look right.

3-Add the first layer of WATERPROOF mascara
This can be a big no thank you for some people but this will hold the curl when you have crazy straight lashes so the key is waterproof first!

sorry the lighting is off, I am using my little point and shoot camera at the moment
Ahh I can breath again, let’s get that last image out of our minds. One coat of the waterproof while the lashes are curled and look at the difference!

4-Add a coat of the regular mascara of your choice, let dry. Re-curl if needed- I always have to re-curl once more and DONE!

This is super easy and pretty quick!

Now have a little giggle at what it might have looked like without an eyelash curler, powder or the waterproof mascara to start….

I don’t think I could go out of the house with my lashes looking like this, and they only look half decent because I used the Model Co Power Lash which is really amazing stuff! 

Do you have a favourite lash trick? I would love to hear!

My MacBook is DRUNK!

7:56 AM

Good AM!

I have had quite the troubles with my macbook lately!!! Can anyone else relate to these issues?
I have even taken it in to be diagnosed but they state nothings wrong

Changing it’s background whenever it’s mood changes…jerk face!

SHUTTING OFF randomly when it’s tired, geese thanks wish I could do that!!

Oh and my FAVOURTE (very sarcastic there) the track pad is possessed!

Anyone else have any of these awful problems? I never download anything so it makes no sense. GRR! Makes blogging a little more tricky, but I am up for the challenge


7:07 PM

Hey guys! If anyone out there is still there!!!
I have been super busy but plan to get back on track stat! Here is a little something I worked on this weekend and had a lot of fun setting up my old school gaming room, can’t wait to set up my photo’s to see if it feels more complete.

 Ikea to the rescue!

I was wondering does anyone have a Facebook page they need extra attention too? Let me know! Lets exchange links…

What have you been up too??

Flexitol Blistop Review

12:00 AM

"Blistop Blister Prevention (32.5ml) - a new blister prevention spray that creates a transparent film to protect the area of the skin exposed to rubbing.
The spray, when dried, acts like a second skin and is thin enough to allow air to pass through. It is invisible so you can wear your shoes with confidence.  Blistop comes in a handy, convenient palm-sized spray can - small enough to fit into your handbag.  Plus the solution dries almost instantly, so you can simply spray and go. Comes in a 32.5ml CFC-free can, up to 50 applications.”
Sadly I have had to get a second job on top of my photography-so forgive my lack of posting guys! 
I actually meant to mention this product ages ago since I fell in love with it immediately! I had to work a 8-5 job then go straight to my 5:30-midnight job 5 days a week and one day on the weekend so you can imagine my feet were KILLING ME!!!! I whipped out this trusty little product and to my surprise my blisters stopped! Once the ones I had went away this was like protection in tiny bottle, my feet armour! I used it daily and it would work well into the late hours of my shifts. 

They say you do get 50 applications per can, I do believe that as I got a lot of uses out of this and need to pick up some more since the odd time I am wearing shoes that hate my feet- Oh wait! I currently have one of those jobs as well! So I am in need stat! 
This handy little product can be found at:
Select Guardian
Select IDA
Select Loblaws
Select Pharma Plus
Select Pharmasave
Select Rexall
Select Walmart

Works exactly as it says
Dries quickly
Nice spray can, not any kind of cream
Very minor scent if any

Only con I can think of is I am not in love with the packaging but really that doesn’t matter if the product works!

If you are a girl with shoes that hurt your feet-I am sure you can relate, definitely give this a try! Let me know what you think :)

You can also check out Farleyco at the following sites:


Disclaimer: These products were sent to me to review, this does not effect my honest opinion of each product.

Tv Show Obsession

4:32 PM

I know it's summer time so I am trying to lay off the tv shows but sometimes, well let's just say most of the time I don't sleep very well. Here are some shows I have been loving that I think you should check out. Now they might be a little girlie but hey I am a girl so that's what you get :p


Always always been SUCH a fan! This show just got better with time!!!!


Ahh this show is so sad but so addicting! I just love it, makes you cry and laugh but it's a really good show!


Okay might be one of my complete favorites!!! Seriously worth checking out!!!



This is comical and strange, just my type! 

Okay your turn, let me know what shows you may have been binging on!!

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