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I'm on a strict NON buying beauty products until I can use up my stock pile...well unless it's something super amazing then ya just gotta right :D But I NEED to save for photography gear, if you are bored take a little look and see if there is anything you like, Xmas is coming up and art is always a great gift: Creative Images
Okay here we go....

Here is a little pile of my latest empties...and my quick opinion.

*Bath & Body Works-Black raspberry vanilla body lotion
Would I repurchase?
OOOOOOOMAAAAAHHHGAWDDD I heart this sent soo much that hell yeah I would repurchase if they still carry it?? It's not moisturizing but daaaymn it smells GOOD!!!

*The Body Shop-Seaweed Mattyifying Day Cream
Would I repurchase?
OH Yah! I enjoy this for my combo skin, love the smell and it a fairly light moisturizer so I quite like it for oily skin.

*Sally Hansen-Brisk Blue
Would I repurchase?
Have like 3 times now haha. It does chip fairly easy but it's cheap and fast drying.. I don't have time to wait so long for my polish to dry..or I just am impatient more like it lol

First things first lets laugh at this shot LOL I am supposed to be a photographer and this is what I come up with bahahahaha, forgive me I haven't slept much lately.

*Bubs Body Happi- body lotion
Would I repurchase?
Hands down this is the best smelling thing in the entire universe. It is a local company around my area, if it is even still going, I remember talking to her and asking her if she would make a perfume and she looked at me like I was nuts. But its super fruity and soon good I wanna eat it.

*GlamGlow- Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask
Would I repurchase?
Eff YAH! This is def the best facial mask I have ever used in my life!!! It's just ridiculously expensive but I heart it and will repurchase one day!!! oh and this was a sample so I supposed I will purchase would be more accurate.

*Annabelle EXpandABLE mascara
Would I repurchase?
I would! I enjoyed the dry like formula as well as the brush, it isn't my HG by any means but I def would use it with another mascara :)

*John Frieda- Fine to Full Blow Out Spray
Would I purchase?
NO didn't do anything for me with my fine hair. =(

*Avon's Skin So Soft -Hand polish
Would I repurchase?
I have to giggle about this because I have been hoarding this container and sparingly using it for like 5 years no lie. Its pathetic but its MY FAVOURITE your hands feel AMAZING after and I can't find it anywhere on the Avon site so if anyone can pleeeeeease tell me!  I would repurchase in a heart beat

*Bath and Body Works- Spearmint 2x Moisture & Summer Vanillas
Would I repurchase?
Yes and already have, I kind of only really use these lately, I probably have about ten in my stash at the moment along with the rest of my lipgloss... yeah I do have an addiction!!! 

*St Ives Apricot Scrub
Would I repurchase?
Always do... I know it wrecks your skin and blahh blahh blahh but my face really isn't all that nice anyways so whats the harm ;) lol

Okay guys if I have a reader out there, what is your latest empties and have you tried any of these?Any faves?

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