New To Me, New To You?

1:02 AM

I am excited to test out a couple new products, from my Topbox, a mascara from Walmart AND I was SUPER lucky to try Frownies which I will have a full review coming up in the next month =)

I haven't had the chance to try Benefits Total Moisture Facial Cream before, I know it's probably old to you but my bank account doesn't allow me to test out higher end products very often…I did receive this in my February TopBox =D 

So Susan water based Pure Luminizer. I have been trying to find something similar to this for a while now so I am pretty stoked about trying it out! I really don't get much opportunity to wear anything but mascara since my life is dull and I work in a shop LOL. (Cruelty Free)

Excuse the dead grass, shockingly there is some starting to peak through the piles of snow =) 
Rimmel ScandalEyes retro Glam I saw the add for this and was like yep MUST TRY!!!!! It better be good!

Saved the BEST for last…..

Frownies  anti-aging skincare. I couldn't be more happy,embarrassed sad, but mostly happy to try this out. I am just under 30 but I do have some wrinkles creeping up on me and I am not okay with that!!!! I have watched a few trusted Youtubers that have quite enjoyed this product so I have high hopes =) 
I will have an in depth review to embarrass myself LOL showing my wrinkles ahhhhhhh…….
& they are cruelty free =)

So have you tried any of these products yet? How did or didn't you like them??

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