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Seriously I was super stoked to review this product from Farleyco.ca since I have had black hair forever and it's incredibly boring!!!! My cousin is my hair stylist so she won't let me do at home hair bleaching but this is perfect!

"Splat Washables are a fun way to add some colour to your hair.  It's easy to apply, and washes out with shampoo.  Adding colour to your hair has never been easier with our unique applicator brush - simply brush on the fun!"

This is in HOT 4 PINK 

I LOVE the look of the packaging, it's just my kind of style, love the black pink and white, just looks "edgy" or something to me.

Not tested on animals of course amazing! So if all my hair falls out, oh well! ;) kidding. As well it is recyclable.

Straight to the point instructions as I like. Too much wording and I just get side tracked and bored.
BUT note number 3- DO NOT APPLY HAIR SPRAY BEFORE APPLICATION. ok. The box states apply hair spray before application LOL so thats kind of odd they are telling you to do it two different ways but maybe they just haven't updated the box or the instructions? I wouldn't personally put hair spray first.

Wand and bottle

Basically a giant mascara brush which I thought wouldn't work well…which for me it kinda didn't but maybe for pieces of colour it would.

PINK!!!!!! One of my fave colours <3

And now everything I own is pink LOL.

So the application was different then I thought, I combed my dry hair first so there were no tangles and just separated the bottom half from the top since I didn't know how much product I needed or if I would  end up doing my whole head.

I attempted the brush applicator that it came with but since I didn't want to do small streaks I wanted all over colour it didn't work for me. Then I tried my brush I use to dye my hair with and that worked well but in the end honestly it was just easier to use my hands.

I didn't really know what to expect but my hair was really wet and sticky, kind of crunchy so I might not have applied the colour evenly.Once you get everything where you want it you blow dry and blow dry for a while, I tried to use a brush to kind of help un clump my hair but it was just so wet it took me about 20 minutes to just dry the top half of my hair when normally I can do my whole head in under ten but thats okay it's so pretty I don't care.
I got some on my face it just wiped off easily with water, clearly my hands were covered but washing them with soap and water did the trick. After everything is dry you can't really brush through your hair a lot, it kind of turns chalky, so you want to have an easy style that day, nothing major, I would not use straight iron or curling iron because it will be messy. I did hairspray my head after to lock the colour in.


I FREAKING HEART IT!!!! It's beautiful colour even over my black hair. The more you touch and brush and such the less vibrant the colour will be but it worked well on my dark hair.

You can see some black with the pink but I actually like it!

SOOOOO would I recommend? Heck yes I would!
Would I use this product again? You Bet!
Was this easy to apply? Yes very, but also messy and some what time consuming.
This is an amazing option for someone who has dark hair and wants to add colour without using extensions. BUT it will wash out tomorrow =(  

Pretty as hell
Good Price
Washes Out
Doesn't Wreck your hair

A bit messy
Not as easy as hair chalk
Washes out
My hair feels kinda weird, maybe dirty or not as soft

I am going to sleep on it tonight (black pillow case) and update on what it looks like tomorrow, plus I work in a shop so we will see how awful it looks by the end of day 2 lol. Just out of curiosity. Remember though the more you touch the more you might rub out, thats the biggest downfall but I still will recommend and think I might buy the Electric Blue next to try.

I have seen this in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart or London Drugs, you can also purchase directly from the Farleyco.ca website as well if you need some colour in your life =)

What do you think??
Have you tried this??
Will you try this?

You can also check out Farleyco at the following sites:


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