My most insane amount of empties!

11:27 AM

Seriously these are over taking closet space because there are SO MANY empties! I have been on a buying band since I have a lot of other things I am more interesting in blowing my money at the moment and thought it was perfect opportunity to use up some products I have! 

I am not going to get crazy into detail because I don't have many readers on here and it might get boring to read a novel about empty products? LOL

Starting with my makeup related items its shocking I only have 4 things! And but of course it is mascara my favourite.  Nothing here blew me out of the water. I do Enjoy the Voluminous Power from L'oreal and will repurchase but the other 3 no way.


Every single one of the items I have repurchased and fell in love with again again and again. I will absolutely repurchase all of these items!


Here is where we get into some shitty products! I wish I was rich and used high end skin care products but clearly I don't. I use mostly drug store and the odd time some Body Shop when I am splurging. I am so so about the St. Ives scrub but it's cheap and convenient so I do find myself using it all the time.
I will repurchase the St. Ives scrub,Clean&Clear foaming makeup remover, Body Shop Seaweed line for sure. But I will Stay CLEAR of the simple eye makeup remover. Useless. Water works better then this. Did nothing for me whatsoever! I also hated the Yes to cucumbers & the Quo eye makeup remover wipes. Awful. Neither of them removed any of my mascara. 
The Murad exfoliating Cleanser was really nice, I did receive this in one of my monthly subscriptions so I won't be purchasing it.


Is anyone else like me, try everything that smells amazing for body wash but in the end it doesn't really linger on your skin so it doesn't really matter what you use.. I have had a million Bath & Body Works body washes I needed to use up and it took me quite a few months but glad I have used everything up so I can buy more lol.

Pink with a splash from Victoria Secret is my fav! I have bought a few of these throughout the years and am halfway through another bottle right now.I will repurchase and repurchase! I wish the scent lasted longer but it sure doesn't.

Other then that none of these products really blew me away.

Have you been hoarding empties like I have? Anyone else on a spending ban??

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  1. I love that face scrub. Wow that's a lot of products.

  2. I agree with you on everything hehe, I love all the hair products you mentioned! Great post thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow Tygan, that's really a ton of empties! Awesome! I love seeing this for some reason ahahah! I agree with you on the Simple eye makeup remover, never used something as worthless as this?! I wonder how is the Vaseline Spray & Go? I've seen some replicas from quite a few brands!

  4. Wow that's a lot of empties! I'm not hoarding any empties per say but I try to get through my current products before starting new ones in order to minimize the number of containers/bottles/tubes of products I have going (it's not working out that well LOL). I love finishing a product though because it gets it out of the way and gives me a reason to get another! :)
    I haven't tried that Simple eye makeup remover (and I won't after reading your input) but I was given a sample of their makeup remover cloths and those work great.
    I used Clean & Clear and St. Ives products for years - they get the job done for sure.
    I haven't tried the L'oreal Voluminous power mascara yet but I am currently using that green tube Cover Girl mascara that you pictured to the right of all four sister gave it to me and it's not's not great either but I guess since I use falsies all the time my expectations from a mascara have dramatically lowered LOL I use to love L'oreal Lash Out until they discontinued it so I'll give the L'oreal one a try next :)


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