PROFACTOR Professional Cosmetic Headband Review

1:30 AM

ProFactor Professional Headband
"Profactor Professional Cosmetic Headbands are soft, washable cotton towelling headbands with velcro fasteners. One size fits all."

Why didn't I think of this! Simple but extremely useful product! I was kindly sent this product from Farleyco for review and thought okay a headband would be handy when using facial masks but I didn't realize how handy it would be. 

This headband is a nice white 92% cotton 8% Lycra/spandex and is a one size fits all. I honestly have a weird shaped head or something because no head band ever fits my skull properly! This is the first one that fits comfortably and properly...too bad it was just for around the house! The adjustable Velcro makes this really fit any head and stay securely on. 

I seriously always get hair masks, or should I say hasks in my hair when I use them lol. This band is thick and covers where ever you need. Make sure if you do pick one up you hand wash and air dry, I am not too sure if it would shrink and make the shape all weird if it was dried in the dyer.

You can find these helpful hairbands at

You can also check out Farleyco at the following sites:


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  1. I love to wear these headbands when I am doing my makeup.

  2. So glad to have you back blogging but I am a terrible friend and forget to comment on your posts! I will be better about saying hello!

  3. Good idea with the headband! You know what I use when I use a face mask? Disposable shower caps....they keep all my hair away from the mask :)


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