My Bank Account Hates Me!

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PINK Fresh&Clean Luminous Body Bronzer | OLAY Fresh Effects | PINK Fresh&Clean Body Spray | SALLY HANSEN Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue | MAYBELLINE Volum'Express Mascara

Shopping again!! I told myself I wouldn't purchase anything else for a while but I got suckered in by some of these products I have been really wanting to try!

 I don't have a Victoria Secret near by and I was just in a city a couple hours away and shouldn't have went in but I did! I seriously am in love with 90% of their body sprays and lotions, I could eat them they smell so damn delicious. I love the idea of a lotion bronzer that washes off in the shower. No worrying about the self tanner smell or applying it evenly, this is my quick fix for my casper like skin. The body spray scent doesn't last very long, but they didn't have any of the actual perfumes, did they discontinue them??

 Of course I want a Clarisonic more then I want chocolate but I can't justify spending what like $160-$200 on something that may or may not work amazing for me. Wish you could try it before you buy it! I have seen the commercials for this but didn't think too much into it until yesterday I was at Walmart and had a gift card so I though meh what the hell.Mays well give it a try for $14.

I have no idea why but I was shocked at how cutely small this is! For some reason I just thought it was bigger but its super small and will fit my fat face just perfect! Cant wait to try it. I put the nail polish beside since its just so tiny lol.

Okay this mascara is really making me itch to give it a try, I am a mascara obsessed girl and I think the tiny side will be amazing for bottom lashes, can't wait to try it today!!

Have you tried any of these yet??

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