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Okay if you don't like my rants please look away!! I don't want to offend anyone but I find rants super amusing and I kind of think I can be good at writing these sometimes. But truly this is all in good fun and I hope you get my humour =)

This is my number ONE biggest pet peeve I can think of other then chewing  no wait inhailing your meal like you haven't eaten in days like a complete slob, that's just nasty lol.
I started writing a book once about ASKholes and I kinda forgot about it and recently I have re read it and I cracked myself up. I don't know if I should share that post or just go with what I am saying now,we'll decide at the end!

Ok so for those of you that don't know what an ASKhole is here is the definition: Somebody who you think possibly has some kind of smarts up there but we don't know for sure. They ask you for advice repeatedly and never ever EVER even consider actually taking it.It's just a vicious cycle. Effing annoying if you ask me.

Senario number uno. Very common.very generic.We probably all have at least one in our lives.
You have a friend who is in a horrible relationship. He does the typical things a shitty boyfriend would do. Cheat,lie,lie and oh lie some more. He is verbally abusive and maybe even a little physically abusive. You constantly spend hours on the phone consoling her because she's your friend right? You need to think of a plan and help her get out of this situation. She lives in your city or another province or state but you need to help her so you send her money to get her own place. You search for women's shelters to get her out of his unsafe place. You talk and talk and cry and listen to her hurting.. So this probably goes on and on and on. Lots of phone calls and lots of crying.
You don't hear from her for a while and she never returns your calls. She wanted help didn't she? She did need my shoulder to cry on didn't she? 
I talk to her a month later and she's all lovey dovey with that asshole she's dating STILL.
round 2 happens then 3 then 4 then wow I can't even count the rest of them.
Years go by.
Same steps continue. Yep that is an Askhole.

I have quite a few ASKholes at my work and have some pretty funny stories that if anyone wants to hear these posts let me know! 

I am totally writing this all in good fun and if my friend even saw this (she has no clue about my blog) she would laugh and be like fuck yep im an ASKhole lol. I just like to try to be funny and make people laugh =)  It is my favorite thing to do!

Okay tell me your latest ASKhole rant!!! I'd love to hear it =)

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