Annabelle CC Colour Control Instant Perfecting Base Review

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Ingenious multi-tasking perfecting base that primes skin perfectly and evens out skin tone. CONTROLS skin colour by neutralizing redness,dull and uneven complexion. CORRECTS instantly by reducing appearance of pores,fine lines and leaves a flawless anti-shine finish. PRIMES skin for makeup and improves foundation wear. Oil-Free.Paraben-Free. Perfume-Free. Non Comedogenic. Hypo-allergenic and dermatologist tested.

Seriously? That sounds pretty much 100% of what I am looking for and was very happy to be given the chance to review this product. 

BB & CC creams are all over the market now and I have tried quite a few BB creams but this is my first CC cream that I have used. I was confused at what the difference was between them but an easy way to think of it is: BB cream is like tinted moisturizers it will give you some coverage,colour and some might even have skin care benefits in them. While a CC cream will help the appearance skin issues like redness,uneven skin tone, so they kind of correct the issue-hence the name!

THANK YOU Annabelle for giving us the pump packaging!! Absolutely love that. The packaging is simple and practical. This gets a major thumbs up in my books!

This CC Cream is in Natural Finish, for all skin tones which makes it really nice instead of playing the guessing game. I am very fair and when you pump this out you think okay wait there is a bit more colour then I expect if it is for all skin tones, but it blends very nicely.

My skin type is combination and very fair, freckles and probably too much unevenness. 
 I never ever ever use a primer on my face. (other then eye shadow primer-that's a must!) I never have liked the thick feeling of silicon type products on my skin. I know they might be really useful but I just don't like heavy things on my face. If you are anything like me and usually only use powder or BB cream sometimes then I think you would really enjoy Annabelle's CC cream. This is really light weight so it isn't masking your skin it is just helping cover some flaws. It did even out my skin tone and make it feel more alive.
I mostly just use this on it's own or with a powder over top to help keep the shine away.

You can see how sheer this is but you can always layer it if you need more coverage.

It blends so well without that heavy caky feeling of a primer you would normally get. I couldn't get a shot of my face with the lack of sun the past 2 weeks and the actual up close and person with my skin scares me lol.
I haven't worn any foundation in months I would say, and even then I probably have used foundation 10 times in my life so I am not the one to be able to tell you if this makes your foundation last way longer. BUT I did try this with BB cream and set with powder and my face stayed covered for most of the day (8 hours give or take)

*Evens out skin tone
*Hides most redness
*Feels like nothing is on your skin
*Has a pump!!!
*Great for anyone to use
*Can be used on it's own or with foundation

*If you have oily skin you need to set this with powder

I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who doesn't have flawless skin. I think it's a great option compared to most of the primer/bases that are out there. Annabelle is cruelty free and we all love that!!

Think you will give this a try?

Annabelle is a Canadian company that does not test on animals! That is one of the nicest things most people love to hear.A little nice, a little naughty and lots of style! They have been a part of Groupe Marcelle since 1999. To learn more about new products, info on the company as well all the social media and blog click HERE!

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