Real Techniques Travel Essentials Brushes Review

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YEAH! That is really exciting to me. I had never used Real Techniques brushes but I see them all over YouTube and I jumped at the chance to review these brushes. I love Pixiwoo so I was damn excited to try these out. FarelyCo was kind enough to let me review the On location Travel Essentials.


Real Techniques brushes are ultra plush,synthetic taklon bristles are hand cut and 100% cruelty free and extended aluminum handles are light and easy to use. 

The quality immediately is noticed when you open this up. They are really sleek looking and I was very impressed that these weren't more of an expensive brush because they look and feel like they should be.

I LOVE this case. Easily turns into a stand with extra spots for more brushes. Super convenient! The brushes actually do stand up on their own on a flat surface but for some reason mine kept falling over when I tried to take the picture, maybe my counter isn't level :o

 Multi Task Brush : For effortless application of powder,blush and bronzer.

  Love This brush! These synthetic bristles are super super soft, I had read reviews online in the past and heard they are soft but they are pretty damn soft.. I even am liking these better then my Ecotools brushes which I didn't think I would!

Essential Foundation Brush: build flawless custom coverage with liquid foundation or concealer. 

I am not much of a foundation wearing kind of girl but I did give this a go and from a newbie for foundation brushes this was really nice. I did prefer using it for concealer even though it is a tiny bit big to me at first when I started using it as concealer but its great for under eye concealing!

Domed Shadow Brush: tapered design smoothly shades and defines eyes

sorry for all the weird lighting! I am having some issues with that lately =(

 I was also in love with this brush. I found this fit nicely in my crease and blended my shadows nicely. I will for sure be reaching for this brush often.

They look amazing! I love things that look nice and actually end up being as nice as they look.
No shedding- I HATE when brushes shed everywhere.
Great case for travel
Very reasonably priced

I don't have enough brushes! lol. Need to buy some more!

I would highly recommend these brushes to anyone just starting off in make up or even anyone with a huge brush collection. You can never have enough brushes and these will fit nicely into your collection! You can purchase these brushes at for $23.99,well worth it especially if forking out around $100 for Sedona Lace or Sigma isn't an option.

You can also check out Farleyco at the following sites if you are interested!


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  1. These brushes are AMAZING. Im totally in love with mine use them every single day xx

  2. Great review Taygan! That's great that you got a chance to review these Real Technique brushes. All the brushes i use now happen to be MAC brushes - I don't think they are the best brushes but I bought them quite some time ago before I knew any better and bought into the whole MAC hype on youtube/blogger. I'm happy you love these brushes. I heard a lot about them as well as the EcoTools Brushes that you love.

  3. While you are on vacation you can carry your make-up kit box too . For a good and relaxed and smoothly going life atleast have one trip for a year.

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  5. I love those brushes' Can we have a discount for that item. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. thanks for sharing helpful tips. i appreciate your sharing and on my next travel trip will carry these brushes with me.

  7. These brushes are AMAZING!!!thanks for sharing helpful tips. i appreciate your


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