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After reading the title I am sure you can imagine what this post just might be about.....

Here are my main reasons Blogger pisses me off.

EVERY single time I am in the mood to do a couple posts or a post with way too many pictures Blogger uploads EVERY single freaking picture upside down or backwards,every way but the right way. It is beyond annoying! Why the heck doesn't Blogger have a freaking rotate option?? It's really not that high tech,like seriously you need to invest in that! The only way I know how to get my photo uploaded correctly when it is messing up like that is to rotate it in my folder on my computer and re upload it. Stupid.

Blogger ALWAYS changes the number of followers I have.Clearly at this point in the game I have barely anyone actually reading this so when I am logged in and previewing a post and the number is switching back and forth from 14 to 15 to 14 I know something isn't right. I highly doubt someone is following then unfollowing then following just to piss me off lol.

The Blogger app. Wow. If I knew how to program an app I would update that shit so it actually worked properly on my iPad or iPhone. Ridiculous! In my opinion it is really non useable. Anyone else?

Labels. I removed my blog and then put it back up but ever since then ALL my labels from my previous post do not work. I removed the search my blog widget from my blog since none of the damn old labels even work. What the hell???

OH I have a good one. When I actually had followers and my posts never showed up on anyone's reading list. That always made me angry but now I guess since no one knows I am alive it doesn't matter as much lol.

OK last one. Scheduled posts. Seriously. This pisses me off when I do have one set up to be scheduled for a certain time or day and it doesn't even post. I am frantically trying to use my phone at work to post my post and it's just not as easy as if the schedule post worked everytime!

Does anyone else have these problems? I am impatient so these really bug me some days...

Have you ever had any other issues from Blogger or am I just the only one who is hated by blogger?

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  1. Are you only using blogger on your iPhone/iPad? Try using a computer and see if it makes a difference?

  2. Oops! I reread the top bit again and realized you mentioned using a computer haha.
    PLUS, I accidentally clicked send before writing the rest of my comment.

    I've dealt with the photos messing up in the past, so I started using Photobucket. I upload my pictures there then link them to my posts.

  3. I have all those kind of troubles as well... All of the sudden my posts doesn't show up in peoples reading list... Pictures are just f-up. I put them in via HTML now. Visitors/followers/viewers changes all the freaking time. Widges doesn't work like they should... and OMFG the app is so lame.

    I am thinking about switching to wordpress

    have a great week

  4. LOL I have experienced some of these problems you pointed out. I think you did a great job at summarizing them though and I hope a techie that works with Blogger can do something about these issues.
    I use to have the same issues with Blogger uploading my picture(s) the wrong way (e.g. sideways, upside down) and I would rotate the file accordingly and try re-uploading it until it loaded correctly. It is a pain and not consistent. But now, my Blogger images is over the maximum capacity so I use "Photobucket" to upload all my photos and just link them into blogger - it hasn't given me any problems at all whatsoever since I have started doing that quite some time ago.
    Good point - my scheduled posts option doesn't work right now either and I have no idea why! it's good to know that it's not just me :)


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