February TopBox 2013

10:13 AM

February TOPBOX 2013

This month's Topbox was Lippy Girl. I had never heard of this brand but I mean come on who doesn't NEED more lip gloss? ;)
Okay I was having a SHIT day when I opened this up and honestly it didn't make my day any brighter.
Here's what I got...


 ummmmm where is the rest of my stuff? lol. I was seriously surprised to see 2 items in this month's tube thingy ( I don't know what to call it!) Usually I am raving about how much extra Topbox gives us and February is a crap month as is I was hoping maybe they would make me smile at least but nahh!

 lol whoa this is a terrible picture ops.

Okay I am kind of kidding. I do realize these are full size items and are more pricy since they are cruelty free. I was happy to be able to try these items since I haven't yet and you have to love cruelty free items. I haven't opened the lip glosses yet though because I have a million and need to use some up before I open these but they sound really nice!

You can check out Lippy Girl's Website HERE to see more of their products.

 What did you think of this months Topbox??

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  1. not a lot of products, but organic is always great! :)

    Steph // fun size beauty

    1. So true! I am excited to use these when I actually use up some of my million other lip products. Thank you for following my blog:):)

  2. Hmmm if it had been me, I would be so mad and I think I would have complained! I mean, 2 products of the same kind, for a total value of $25 - how much does this 'box' costs every month already? They could have at leats included a small bonus! Those lip products just look so plain, without color or anything special... meh!

  3. I think they're lovely and all but you should have gotten more for that price.


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