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Current Winter Savers!

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Winter is here and I am quite sad about it. Never have I hated winter so much until this year for some reason….oh I think its because I always hated summer since I didn't have air conditioning in my car but now that I have a new car I say eff winter and bring on the summer!

I did receive these masks from to review 

I honestly have been using Montagne Jeunesse Masks for years and years and years.. Here are some new faves I have been enjoying.

*Dead Sea Mud Spa
Mud infused fabric

*Red Earth Clay Spa
Clay infused fabric

*Green Tea Peel Off
Detox & Pore Cleansing

Does anyone else have a difficult time trying to describe how these masks make your skin feel? I can't explain but they are my go to mask when my skin is in need of some tlc. With this cold weather it's very needed! With the variety they have there is something for everyone plus they are very affordable. You can purchase these mask from most drug stores and

Okay is it just me or does anyone else want to eat half the Bath and Body Works products? Twisted Peppermint is effing delicious and I don't care if I choose to smell like a pack of gum, I heart it!

*Twisted Peppermint Body Spray-B&BW

*Twisted Peppermint nourishing hand cream- B&BW

*Batiste Dry Shampoo travel size which came in super handy for my recent trip where I chose to not wash my hair daily. I LOVE the smell too, Blush is my fave <3

*Vanilla Bean Noel -B&BW SO GOOD! I looked last year for this product but they said they didn't have a body spray out yet but thankfully this year they did because I could eat it!

I was so on the fence about WEN hair products but I had to bite the bullet a while back and try it, I still have a bit left of their stuff and am kind of milking it because I don't want to blow more $$$.

*Wen Sweet Almond Mint Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment. This is one of my top 3 favourite hair masks I have ever used, it makes my hair feel like silk without weighing it down. It leaves it moisturized and feeling healthy. 

*Redken aerate 08- I LOVE this product!!!!! It is a light weight cream I used before I blow dry. Put maybe a quarter size just in my roots and it gives me the most body I have ever had in any product other then the Osis Dust it, but mix those two together and its great!

I doubt anyone will even read this post… I have been very MIA. Life has happened and I have been really out of the blogging world and into the photography world. I know it's just for fun because clearly I seem to fail at everything but I enjoy it. I am working on a new website at the moment but if your bored and feel like checking out anything here is my link =) Temporary Photography site!

ohh man is anyone else hating this winter?? this was my front door a few weeks ago =(

sick hey?

Hope everyone is doing well!!!!


My most insane amount of empties!

11:27 AM

Seriously these are over taking closet space because there are SO MANY empties! I have been on a buying band since I have a lot of other things I am more interesting in blowing my money at the moment and thought it was perfect opportunity to use up some products I have! 

I am not going to get crazy into detail because I don't have many readers on here and it might get boring to read a novel about empty products? LOL

Starting with my makeup related items its shocking I only have 4 things! And but of course it is mascara my favourite.  Nothing here blew me out of the water. I do Enjoy the Voluminous Power from L'oreal and will repurchase but the other 3 no way.


Every single one of the items I have repurchased and fell in love with again again and again. I will absolutely repurchase all of these items!


Here is where we get into some shitty products! I wish I was rich and used high end skin care products but clearly I don't. I use mostly drug store and the odd time some Body Shop when I am splurging. I am so so about the St. Ives scrub but it's cheap and convenient so I do find myself using it all the time.
I will repurchase the St. Ives scrub,Clean&Clear foaming makeup remover, Body Shop Seaweed line for sure. But I will Stay CLEAR of the simple eye makeup remover. Useless. Water works better then this. Did nothing for me whatsoever! I also hated the Yes to cucumbers & the Quo eye makeup remover wipes. Awful. Neither of them removed any of my mascara. 
The Murad exfoliating Cleanser was really nice, I did receive this in one of my monthly subscriptions so I won't be purchasing it.


Is anyone else like me, try everything that smells amazing for body wash but in the end it doesn't really linger on your skin so it doesn't really matter what you use.. I have had a million Bath & Body Works body washes I needed to use up and it took me quite a few months but glad I have used everything up so I can buy more lol.

Pink with a splash from Victoria Secret is my fav! I have bought a few of these throughout the years and am halfway through another bottle right now.I will repurchase and repurchase! I wish the scent lasted longer but it sure doesn't.

Other then that none of these products really blew me away.

Have you been hoarding empties like I have? Anyone else on a spending ban??


10:42 AM

I am SOOO MIA lately!!! I think most of us have a lot of shenanigans going on throughout the summer and blogging gets put on the back burner. 

I will be back!! <3<3<3


Splat Hair Chalk Midnight Blue Review

1:30 AM


"Simply beautiful pastel colors,Splat Hair Chalk is a beautiful way to add pastel color highlights to your hair. The chalk slides on dry and instantly adds just the right touch of color."
I recently got the chance to review Splat Hair Chalk from FarleyCo and I was realllly excited to give this product a go. I have had black hair for a few years now and have looked into adding bright color to it but the whole bleaching process isn't for me and hate that there wasn't as easy option that I had found for temporary hair color.
 So easy to use.

 Nice compact product

 Such a gorgeous blue hey?


I will add future pictures in natural light, it;s been so rainy lately!!

 This was freakin awesome, I really had doubts that it would be so simple and actually last in my hair for a day let alone an hour. The colour was pretty pigmented so I didn't have to build up too much product on my black hair. I used two different hair sprays and had pretty much the same result with each. So what you do is take a section of hair spray with hairspray then use the compact and press against hair with your thumb and slide down the hair, repeat as much as you like! Then lightly spritz with hairspray to seal it in and you are good to go! You can style as you regularly would, I do recommend if you do any backcombing you do that first since you don't want to brush this product out.

Now this is chalk so it washes out easy. If you are stuck in the rain you might have a mess. I wouldn't suggest wearing white while you are applying this to your hair. Also if you are planning on leaning your head on things all day then maybe don't chalk up the hair that day.

I prefer to chalk my hair and put it up or half up just so I am not touching it all day since it will eventually come out if your constantly touching it.

When finished you are left with a little chalky mess, what I did was laid a towel down on my bathroom counter so there really was no clean up other then my dark blue hands lol. But nothing soap can't fix!

Beautiful colors
Works as promised
Good price for product, you'll get a lot of uses out of it
Easy peasy to use
Works on light or dark hair
Much cheaper then dying hair
Great for kids too

A little tiny bit messy
Hard to get the root of the hair but there is a little sponge you can use if you like
Not a huge fan of the shimmer in the chalk, I think they should be more matte but it's nothing crazy

Here is a video from Farelyco using Midnight Blue

I would recommend this product to everyone and anyone who is bored with their hair color but doesn't want to make the commitment of colour dyes or can't because of their job. I think this is such a fun product to just change your look up a bit. I'm so beyond sick of my look, style & hair cut and I am in need for change... I think this is one thing that will help me get one of those changed =)

You can pick these up for $8.99 at or the following retailers:
-Jean Coutu
-London Drugs
-Paragon Pharmacy
-Select Lawtons Drugs
-Select Peoples Drug Mart
-Select Rexall
-Select Save On
-Select Shoppers Drug Mart
-Select Value Drug Mart

Also you can check my review on Dusty Rose & Silver Moon hair Chalk HERE

Which colour do you like best??

You can also check out Farleyco at the following sites:



PROFACTOR Professional Cosmetic Headband Review

1:30 AM

ProFactor Professional Headband
"Profactor Professional Cosmetic Headbands are soft, washable cotton towelling headbands with velcro fasteners. One size fits all."

Why didn't I think of this! Simple but extremely useful product! I was kindly sent this product from Farleyco for review and thought okay a headband would be handy when using facial masks but I didn't realize how handy it would be. 

This headband is a nice white 92% cotton 8% Lycra/spandex and is a one size fits all. I honestly have a weird shaped head or something because no head band ever fits my skull properly! This is the first one that fits comfortably and properly...too bad it was just for around the house! The adjustable Velcro makes this really fit any head and stay securely on. 

I seriously always get hair masks, or should I say hasks in my hair when I use them lol. This band is thick and covers where ever you need. Make sure if you do pick one up you hand wash and air dry, I am not too sure if it would shrink and make the shape all weird if it was dried in the dyer.

You can find these helpful hairbands at

You can also check out Farleyco at the following sites:



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I have been missing for a while....
Been very drained,things have been busy but I will be back soon!



My Bank Account Hates Me!

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PINK Fresh&Clean Luminous Body Bronzer | OLAY Fresh Effects | PINK Fresh&Clean Body Spray | SALLY HANSEN Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue | MAYBELLINE Volum'Express Mascara

Shopping again!! I told myself I wouldn't purchase anything else for a while but I got suckered in by some of these products I have been really wanting to try!

 I don't have a Victoria Secret near by and I was just in a city a couple hours away and shouldn't have went in but I did! I seriously am in love with 90% of their body sprays and lotions, I could eat them they smell so damn delicious. I love the idea of a lotion bronzer that washes off in the shower. No worrying about the self tanner smell or applying it evenly, this is my quick fix for my casper like skin. The body spray scent doesn't last very long, but they didn't have any of the actual perfumes, did they discontinue them??

 Of course I want a Clarisonic more then I want chocolate but I can't justify spending what like $160-$200 on something that may or may not work amazing for me. Wish you could try it before you buy it! I have seen the commercials for this but didn't think too much into it until yesterday I was at Walmart and had a gift card so I though meh what the hell.Mays well give it a try for $14.

I have no idea why but I was shocked at how cutely small this is! For some reason I just thought it was bigger but its super small and will fit my fat face just perfect! Cant wait to try it. I put the nail polish beside since its just so tiny lol.

Okay this mascara is really making me itch to give it a try, I am a mascara obsessed girl and I think the tiny side will be amazing for bottom lashes, can't wait to try it today!!

Have you tried any of these yet??


Annabelle CC Colour Control Instant Perfecting Base Review

1:30 AM

Ingenious multi-tasking perfecting base that primes skin perfectly and evens out skin tone. CONTROLS skin colour by neutralizing redness,dull and uneven complexion. CORRECTS instantly by reducing appearance of pores,fine lines and leaves a flawless anti-shine finish. PRIMES skin for makeup and improves foundation wear. Oil-Free.Paraben-Free. Perfume-Free. Non Comedogenic. Hypo-allergenic and dermatologist tested.

Seriously? That sounds pretty much 100% of what I am looking for and was very happy to be given the chance to review this product. 

BB & CC creams are all over the market now and I have tried quite a few BB creams but this is my first CC cream that I have used. I was confused at what the difference was between them but an easy way to think of it is: BB cream is like tinted moisturizers it will give you some coverage,colour and some might even have skin care benefits in them. While a CC cream will help the appearance skin issues like redness,uneven skin tone, so they kind of correct the issue-hence the name!

THANK YOU Annabelle for giving us the pump packaging!! Absolutely love that. The packaging is simple and practical. This gets a major thumbs up in my books!

This CC Cream is in Natural Finish, for all skin tones which makes it really nice instead of playing the guessing game. I am very fair and when you pump this out you think okay wait there is a bit more colour then I expect if it is for all skin tones, but it blends very nicely.

My skin type is combination and very fair, freckles and probably too much unevenness. 
 I never ever ever use a primer on my face. (other then eye shadow primer-that's a must!) I never have liked the thick feeling of silicon type products on my skin. I know they might be really useful but I just don't like heavy things on my face. If you are anything like me and usually only use powder or BB cream sometimes then I think you would really enjoy Annabelle's CC cream. This is really light weight so it isn't masking your skin it is just helping cover some flaws. It did even out my skin tone and make it feel more alive.
I mostly just use this on it's own or with a powder over top to help keep the shine away.

You can see how sheer this is but you can always layer it if you need more coverage.

It blends so well without that heavy caky feeling of a primer you would normally get. I couldn't get a shot of my face with the lack of sun the past 2 weeks and the actual up close and person with my skin scares me lol.
I haven't worn any foundation in months I would say, and even then I probably have used foundation 10 times in my life so I am not the one to be able to tell you if this makes your foundation last way longer. BUT I did try this with BB cream and set with powder and my face stayed covered for most of the day (8 hours give or take)

*Evens out skin tone
*Hides most redness
*Feels like nothing is on your skin
*Has a pump!!!
*Great for anyone to use
*Can be used on it's own or with foundation

*If you have oily skin you need to set this with powder

I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who doesn't have flawless skin. I think it's a great option compared to most of the primer/bases that are out there. Annabelle is cruelty free and we all love that!!

Think you will give this a try?

Annabelle is a Canadian company that does not test on animals! That is one of the nicest things most people love to hear.A little nice, a little naughty and lots of style! They have been a part of Groupe Marcelle since 1999. To learn more about new products, info on the company as well all the social media and blog click HERE!


May 2013 Empties!

1:30 AM

TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray | Benefit Moisturizing Prep Toning Lotion | Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser | Clear Root Boost Shampoo | It's a 10 Miracle Leave In | Seaweed Clarifying Toner | Vaseline Total Radiance Cocoa Body Butter

*TRESemme Heat Tamer- Who hasn't purchased this yet? It lasted a really long time,maybe because of my fine hair? It's your typical heat protectant. Why everyone on YouTube gives it such hype is beyond me? I just don't find it to be so shockingly great..maybe it's just me?

Would I repurchase? Yes because it's fairly cheap but it's not my favourite by any means.

*Clear Volumizing Root Boost Shampoo. Okay I was fairly shocked at how much I liked this drugstore shampoo. I like to buy salon shampoo but this was great, it smells nice and didn't dry out my hair. It did not volumize but does any shampoo really volumize?

Would I repurchase? Yep!

*Benefit Moisturizing Prep Toning Lotion- This was from a monthly subscription box and it took me FOREVER to use it up. It was really different from any toner I have ever used.It was thick and moisturizing. It wasn't amazing to me despite all the good reviews I read but I was glad to try it out.

Would I repurchase? Negative.

*It's a 10 Miricle Leave in Product. <3 this product. How handy is it to have everything you need for your hair all in one bottle? It did help condition and volumize my hair, I would use this everyday if it wasn't for the price. I can't justify regularly spending almost $30 for a teeny tiny ass bottle of product that doesn't last that long. 

Would I repurchase? If I was rich I would always repurchase!!! 

*Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser. AMAZING! This stuff is my all time favorite cleanser! I received this in another monthly subscription box and am so impressed. My skin felt soft clean and refreshed! It removed my eye makeup as well so it was really awesome.

Would I repurchase? I guess I need to see the price...but again if I was rich HELL YES I would purchase.

*Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner- This stuff smells amazing to me, I really liked this toner! I am one of those people that doesn't notice much when I am using toner but if I had to pick any that I have tried I really liked this one. I felt it did help control oily skin slightly, nothing shocking but I did notice when I wouldn't use this my skin was more oily throughout the day.

Would I repurchase? Yes

*Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radiance Body Butter- This is my absolute favorite body butter I have ever tried actually. The smell is incredible! I could eat it. I have since purchased the regular cocoa radiance lotion and pretty much love it. This is fairly moisturizing, but the smell wins me over the most.

Would I repurchase? Oh yeah!

Have you tried any of these? What's your recent empties?


Annabelle Expandable Mascara Review

1:30 AM

Call me Miss Mascara. Love it, NEED it, have to have it!! Nothing beats beautiful lashes to me so I was VERY excited Annabelle let me give this a try! 

This mascara isn't your average everyday mascara. It's more complex and offers a 2 in 1, pretty cool huh?

Annabelle Expandable Mascara features a unique polymer brush that changes with the turn of a dial:Expand the brush for maximum volume,retract it for length + definition. Volumizing, lengthening, anti-clumping, separation + defining lashes,fast drying and east to remove with Eye Makeup Remover Lotion. All the volume and length you crave in one mascara!

Dial all the way up

Dial all the way down.

I don't know if it's my horrible eyes or what but at first I couldn't see the brush changing in front of me lol. But clearly you can see the difference in the brushes after turning the dial up and down.

Okay on to the fun stuff....

How good does it actually work.

This formula applies really nicely, I thought it looked more wet but it's pretty dry which helps prevent clumping and holds my curl in my lashes.

The Results:

The Dial turned all the way up
No Mascara|One Coat|Two Coats

The dial Turned all the way down
No Mascara|One Coat|Two Coats

It's not a dramatic difference but I do think the second set of pictures looks more natural. I am sure if you layer on the coats you will achieve more of the mascara look that I adore.

*Drys Quickly
*Holds Curl
*Adds Volume & Thickness
*Nice Packaging
*2 for 1 Product
*Brush isn't poky like some of the plastic type bristles out there
*No Clumps!
*No Flakes throughout the day-that is important!!

*Might be a bit too dry of a formula for me

I actually didn't have anything negative that stood out to me with this mascara, I think it does add a nice amount of volume and with the 2 options it is nice to get either look you are looking for. I personally wouldn't use the more natural look since I love lashes and mascara but I do think this is a unique option in a mascara!

Do you think my lashes stand out with this mascara?

Annabelle is a Canadian company that does not test on animals! That is one of the nicest things most people love to hear.A little nice, a little naughty and lots of style! They have been a part of Groupe Marcelle since 1999. To learn more about new products, info on the company as well all the social media and blog click HERE!

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