SlimKicker Calorie Counter App Review

6:17 AM

I am absolutely glued to my iPhone and it rarely leaves my side. I was very happy to be able to do this review on an app called SLIMKICKER CALORIE COUNTER. I am so on and off of trying to be healthy, trying to exercise and trying to eat right but my procrastination as well as lack of motivation oh and maybe a bit of my forgetfulness holds me back just a bit. I don't need to lose weight but I really do believe in healthy eating as well as having an active life. So here is were apps come into play. I used to write down everything I ate and have tried many many times to keep a food diary but I mean come on who really carries a notebook with them 24/7? Not most of us, but my phone, yes usually always so this app is the perfect way for me to track what I am eating, what I am doing for exercising as well as provides challenges to keep you on your toes.

 My absolute FAVORITE part of this app is that seriously they have almost everything you think of in the food log. There is even my Body By Vi shakes in there which I was pleased to see with all the correct nutrition information =)  

  I was EXTREMELY unaware how much sugar I really was in taking on a daily basis with my Monster addiction and this seriously had an awaking effect on what I am putting into my body. It was super easy to just log what I ate and each category was broken down to give me a really good idea of what I was eating without having do to all the math myself. This is super convenient and  SLIMKICKER is totally free so there is no risk whatsoever. 

Another part I am really enjoying with SLIMKICKER is the challenges, I am not overly strict with myself to do things always by the way I should but these can be just minor things like Reliving Stress to replacing juice with tea or even doing squats daily. It's simple but helpful and that's what makes this little app so great!

The layout is very user friendly,makes sense(That might sound strange but I was confused with a few other calorie apps before!) very quick to input the data and see where you are at as well it's quite fun once you get used to using it!
 I highly recommend SLIMKICKER for anyone looking for an easier way then a's 2012 and technology is our best friend! 
You can interact with others within the app so find me- Montsergirl
You can download SLIMKICKER at the app store HERE.

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  1. This is the first time I'm visiting your blog happy and read your post. I really impressed this post. I love the way your product reviews the topics. Thanks!!!


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