February Empties

12:15 AM

 This really looks like an empty haul or something but I think I was on the last little bit of a TON of things!
The best part of finishing up all this crap is that I get to buy new stuff =D
Here is what I used up this month....

 *Pure Divine $2 at dollar store.
Repurchase? Nahh, this packaging tricked me, I was thinking it was Venus, like the razors but it was just no name stuff. It was alright but I wouldn't repurchase.

*LUSH Snow Fairy- MY FAVORITE!!!
Repurchase?Yes I will one day, when it's on sale. It smells soo good but Lush is just a bit expensive for me to purchase often =/

*LUSH Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub
Repurchase? Nope, This was a gift from my mom and it really took too long to use up, I only finished it up before it expired and didn't like the smell tooo much.

*DERMALOGICA Daily Microfoliant
This is my absolute favorite facial scrub, it's really different because it is a powder that you rub into your face after wetting it. I didn't like the idea at first because it's kind of like using baking soda or something but holy crap does your face feel nice after!
Repurchase? If I wasn't a total cheap ass I would, but Dermalogica is so expensive and it's really only sold at certain spas or salons around here so it's not taunting me to buy like it would if it was at the drug store.

*BATH & BODY WORKS Sweet Pea Body Butter. Surprise surprise!
Love this stuff!
Repurchase? Yes sure will!

*BATH & BODY WORKS Sweet Pea Shower Gel
Repurchase? Probably not, only because I think it's crazy to pay $10 for this bottle, body wash is body wash to me, if it smells good I am sold, and there are a lot of cheaper ones that smell nice.

*JOICO Body Luxe Shampoo
I really do like Joico products, they are cheaper salon options and are usually on sale around here for the 1L bottles so you really can't go wrong.
Repurchase? Only if there isn't Redken on sale.

*GARNIER Skin Natural Fresh Makeup Removing Wipes
Okay so this is kinda cheating... I tried using these up but they kind of dried up since I bought them a million years ago.
Repurchase? Heck no, they don't remove anything from your skin let alone makeup.

*CALGON Epson Salts
Loved the smell of Eucoliptous and Mint but these aren't anything special if you can find a cheaper alternative.
Repurchase? If there isn't a cheaper option.

Thought I was finished?
NOOO I still have more, ridiculous I know!

*BATH & BODY WORKS Sweet Pea Body Butter

*BATH & BODY WORKS Cranberry Cider

*BATH & BODY WORKS Cinnamon Pumpkin

*BATH & BODY WORKS Merry Misletoe

*BATH & BODY WORKS Pineapple Orchid

I would repurchase all of these candles, I LOVE B&BW Candles, they smell amazing!!!

That's the end of my massive empties this month, I think I made a lot of room for my new things =D

What was on your empties list?

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  1. Massive empties wow!
    Love BBW candles too :)

  2. Wow thats a lot of stuff :O
    Haha I always think they same... yay I am allowed to buy something new =D
    I really wish we had a bath & body works.. I've heard sooo many great things about it

    Have a kick ass weekend ;)

  3. I'm going to run out of Snow Fairy soon, and then be devastated since I can't buy it for another 10 months :'(

  4. Wow, amazing! I looooooooove super big empties posts like this one LOL! I also thought the Pure Divine stuff was from venus or something - hate when they do that ahah but I guess for $2 it's OK. And wow, that's a BUNCH of candles LOL

  5. Wow Taygan! You finished up a ton of stuff which is great. I love finishing up products because it means I can get new stuff, just like you said :)
    I know how much you like Joico hair products...and I agree that they tend to be pretty good. But I guess you love Redken as well? I like Redken a lot too. Winners is my best bet for getting Joico and Redken shampoos/conditioners at a lower price. Have you checked your local Winners to get your Joico and Redken stuff?
    Yikes that Pure Divine Body Wash is a complete replica of the Venus stuff. I was fooled by the picture as well!
    I haven't had a chance to try any Dermalogica stuff but I heard great things about their daily microfoliant. It is pricey as you said...I'll have to give it a shot one of these days and suck up the price tag.
    I don't think I had much of an empties list in February....I think just an Estee Lauder Face Cleanser (a bit too drying for my liking) and a foot cream were the only products I managed to finish using ;)


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