Cortex Four in One Styling Wand Review

10:16 AM

CORTEX Clipless 4 in 1 styling wand $149.95 

  • The 4 in One professional curling iron gives you a full and natural look that cannot be duplicated with any other brand and it is the most versatile curling iron on the market today. Styles ranging from tight ringlets and spirals to large curls and waves. The Cortex 4 in One Curling iron will be the only curling iron you need!
  • Four Ceramic/Tourmaline Interchangeable Heads with Ionic Technology to promote smoother, silkier hair.
  • Far-infrared technology distributes heat evenly, preventing damage.
  • Sleek, ergonomic, non-slip grip, designed for professional comfort.
  • Adjustable Digital Temperature Display with Programmable Auto Shut-off
  • Heats to 450F (230C)
  • 11′ Heat Resistant Textile Cord and Heat Resistant Styling Glove

Everything comes in a very convenient case for neat storage and great for travel. There is nothing more annoying to me then having messy cords and no proper case to carry them in.

 I absolutely love the option of different sizes for different types of curls. This wand comes with:
  • 2"
  • 1.5"
  • 1"
  • 0.5"
So far my favorite is the 2 & 1.5". They provide more of a beachy wave look.

 This is great when you are first learning to use the styling wand since it really is different then a curling iron and as well it gets CRAZY HOT!!!

 The size is average for a curling iron. I like the matte black with the blue LED display.

 Easy to read display as well simple + - buttons make it easy to adjust the temperature. This sucker gets up to 450'F!! I don't go passed 375... I did burn my hand on that once and holy crap it hurt!

 LOVE the swivel cord! I have an old Conair curling iron ( That I will be throwing out now) and the cord is so tangled up even thought it is a swivel it is a crappy swivel and this one is really nice.

Just a simple twist to remove each wand,change and twist back.

 This was with the 2" wand, i quickly tried it the second I opened it so it's not done as nicely as it can be.

 This was with the 1.5" Wand, I actually didn't even want to try it because I figured it would be too small but I was wrong, I LOVE this type of curl.

To do my whole head slowly it around 10-15 minutes just because I am not pro, but it is really quick and since the wand is so hot you really don't need the hair to be on it for too long.
The type of curl clipless wands give you are so different then the ones with the clamp. I will NEVER use one with a clamp again, I much prefer this type of curl/wave then the ones with regular curling irons. Also the time it takes to curl my whole head with a regular curling iron is too time consuming for me. The curls actually last all day as well. Flat irons do hold my curl but curling irons do not. This Cortex wand is amazing.

I did purchase this at for $150.00 plus a $50 off promo... Yes that is stupid expensive but I debated it for a while and I am super glad I did. I feel this is so much less damaging on my hair then regular drug store curling irons and the quality is amazing, feels very salon quality.
I did hear from another beauty blogger that you can purchase this on for around $50 which is a wicked deal!! I know I over paid but with a lifetime warranty I think it was worth it.
This is my new BFF =D

Which do you prefer, Curling irons,clipless wands or flatirons to curl your hair?

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  1. Your hair is sp pretty... i want a bff like that too lol
    I have to see if i can find some eu sites for it :P

  2. AHAHAHAH OMG For some reasons I read $14.95 instead od $149.95, and the more I read your review, I was like, WTF????? Now I just feel a little stupid ahah! I don't think I have seen an iron that comes with so many barrels but that's cool because it makes it very versatile! I'm still not 100% convinced by my clipless curling iron as I still prefer to curl my hair with my flat iron ahah!

  3. It's cool that it comes with so many sizes. :) I don't think I could spend that much on a curling iron though! Your hair looks lovely curled btw

  4. You didn't pay that did you ? Lol
    Your hair looked good!
    Though could of picked better ones lol

  5. ^^^^^^ woah, what?

    Anyway, your hair looks absolutely gorgeous! Looks like you changed color recently? It looks good! :)
    My face shape is way too round to pull off curls:( lol

  6. You look gorgeous, I love your hair! You should do more pictures with yourself in them! I love my curling wand but my hair isn't so pretty.

  7. Your hair looks amazing! <3

    I've been wanting to get this too!


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