Ridiculousness at it's finest!!

1:00 AM

Ridiculousness at it's finest. Yes that is something I am able to achive...

I thought this was kind of funny and you might think I am just a money waster but hey I like to spend a little bit of money on these things =D

Hope you find it a little funny...

Of course after I put all this away I found some more that I had in a different cupboard that I clearly don't use. I have tried all of these numerous times but obviously do not use them all on a regular basis and need to ditch some of them as they are old!
I love nice eye lashes and I try to find the perfect mascara...is there even one?

This picture was so insane to take, I can't even fit them all in a shot. And I have way more then this kicking around my car and purse and pretty much everywhere lol.

My Famous Stars and Straps addiction...have been wearing this brand for like 10 years and have many more shirts then this! But this was a lil instagram post me and a friend were doing.I think I kicked his ass in who had more Famous gear!

Go figure right? Don't judge me! ;) 

Okay those are pretty much all my craziness of crap I have, I just thought it might be kinda funny to post this.... now tell me whats your biggest collection of things you have??

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  1. That is a LOT of stuff! I used to be the same with mascaras I had loads! xxx

  2. do you know that if you kaeep a mascara more than 3 month you can have an allergy in your eyes , it happened to me so now i have always just one mascara non more .

  3. @Theothersideofcool- lol such a silly addiction to buy hey? but gotta find the best one!

    @BeautyCombat- Yes, it is terrible the germs they collect! Smart idea to just have one or two on the go for sure.

  4. Oh Wow monster... you are my hero. btw holy shit you have a lot of mascaras

    1. Haha, i think I am the most addicted girl in Canada with Monster =D
      Too many Mascaras!

  5. I have a huge collection of jewelry... think I have close to 200 earrings and then I have necklaces, bracelets and rings too... Its a bit insane really :D
    My makeup collection is a bit big too... I should really stop buying things but ITS SOO HARD!!!
    I started laughing at those MONSTER packages :D you are so adorable...

    1. Holy crap that would be a wicked collection!! =)
      I agree with you its so hard to not buy things you really want to try out!! but hey you only live once!

  6. I almost had a seizure thinking of all the monster you've drank....your blood is pretty much half monster half sugar now lol :P

    1. LOL jeeez yeah I guess so. But I do drink a ton of water so maybe it helps flush some of that crap out of my system?

  7. I don't have a mascara collection like that but do have a lipgloss collection that is way to big! Then probably eyeshadows, then purses, then shoes...hell to much but I just can't help myself! haha

  8. hahah so you are in the same boat as me =)
    It's fun to have collections of things I think!


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