6:36 AM

Sometimes I just feel like looking at pictures rather then talking, so here are some random pictures I found on weheartit.com and google.com

 haha I totally wish I made this picture! Hilarious!

 totally how I feel! ;)

call me weird but I would totally tattoo my head if my hair decided to leave my skull...knock on wood that doesn't happen!! But this girl is gorgeous!

That's all for now.....

HAPPY M O N D A Y !!!!!!!!!

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  1. Awesome pictures! That girl's shaved head/tattoo is the shit.

  2. That's a very cute umbrella in the second picture Taygan :)
    Haha - that's sooo original with the Monster drink can in the third picture! And being an energy, yeah it can be difficult to fall asleep! I wish I was that creative :)
    I always smile when I read about your crush on Tom DeLonge & Blink182 - it reminds me of myself when I was (a lot) younger! ;)

  3. Ok so I LOVE the "Monster" under the bed idea! So creative! And the girl with the tattooed head does look pretty awesome!


  4. great pics =D oh wow the girl with the head tattoo...its actually cool on her

  5. @Nora- I totally agree, it's amazing!

    @Karen- =) I LOVE that picture too, its so perfect lol. Tom is just so damn hot I can't ever get over that crush =D Did you like Tom or just another famous crush?

    @Habbot2- =D I think so too!!

    @Osxg33kgirl- I know, it suits her perfectly! and if she ever got sick of it she could just grow her hair out!


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