January Glymm 2012

6:37 AM

I feel like I havent posted a Glymm box for a while.. I didn't post December's box because it was bright red lip gloss and hand lotion. Score. Not my fav at all!!!! 
Anyways here is a peak at January's box =D

Excuse the crappy winter weather pictures =/

KAIA NATURALS/ Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths. Full Size Price 30 Cloths/$17.99
One cloth,multiple functions! Juicy bamboo facial cloths that effectively and gently sweep away makeup,dirt and oil for clear,fresh skin! Soaked in vitamins and made with 99% natural ingredients,which make your skin feel soft, instead of stripped and tight. These urban facial cloths are the perfect solution for the girl on the go!

First Impression: Sounds perfect for anyone busy or Lazy like I am sometimes lol.

VASANTI COSMETICS/BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator. Full Size Price $34.00
Alright beauties it's time to dramatically improve your skin's texture to reveal softer,brighter and younger looking skin! This aloe-enriched cleanser brightens with powerful papaya enzymes to give radiance,exfoliates with dermatologist grade micro-crystals which help smooth and hydrate your gentle skin.

First Impression: I am very curious about this product, winter makes a ghost look tanned standing next too me, maybe this will help brighten me up? ;)

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS/Clear Brow Gel. Full Prize Size $21.00
From the upscale salons of Beverly Hills, we bring you the brow expert, Anastasia's clear brow gel. Awarded as Allure's editor's choice, this brow gel sets your perfect brow look and keeps brows in place all day. This best selling formula tames unruly brows without leaving them stiff,flaky or sticky.

First Impression: Never ever would have tried a brow gel, I just tested it out and super weird to put like clear mascara on your brows..it felt crunchy too me =/

BURTS BEES/Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion. Full Size $12.99
Burt's Bees new and improved body lotion is clinically proven to restore moisture and replenish dry skin. Canada's favorite natural beauty brand uses nature's best resources such as milk and honey to soothe,soften and hydrate dry skin,without making it feel greasy. The coconut and vitamin E deliver beneficial nutrients to the skin.
First Impression: Wahoo Burt's Bees but I am surprised this is in Glymm

CARGO COSMETICS/ Eye Pencil. Full Prized Size $16.00
Cargo eye pencils offer a cutting edge formulation! An incredibly high pigment pencil that delivers intense color combined with a smudge-resistant formula for immediate and long wearing results. Rich,deep color that glides on easily with just one application and minimal skipping.

First Impression: Yay I love Cargo! Black Eye liner yes please!

I was pretty pleased with this month box, I would have liked to swap the brow gel or a mascara but oh well maybe next month!

In Canada and want to sign up with Glymm? Click HERE =D

Did you receive a monthly beauty box? Were you happy with it?

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  1. Nice! I would KILL for the Anastasia brow gel and you must have nice brows because if I didn't use brow gel, mine would be EVERYWHERE and crazy looking! I've been disappointed with my boxes lately too though until I got my Birchbox last week- Finally a good one!


    1. Sounds like everyone likes it! No I really don't I just don't like the feeling of it on my eye brows =/
      I heard January's was a good month for Birch Box!

  2. Lol I can't even rmb when was my last time posting my glymms n luxe boxes LOL I'm soo baddd LOL


    1. LOL it's really hard to keep up! I really cant lately =/

  3. Brow gel? Wtf lol. Never knew that existed lol. Or half this stuff lol. What do I know? I'm a guy ha

    1. hahah What you don't use it? Maybe it's because you draw your eye brows on? ;) I haven't ever used it either, seems strange to me!

  4. Replies
    1. Me too, I was so surprised it was in this months box!

  5. Your posts weren't showing up for me so I had to un-follow & then re-follow your blog. Anyways, the brow gel looks nice! I'm so jealous, I've always wanted to try it!! :)

    1. =( I think that's why no one really reads my blog anymore.Boo! I don't know how to fix it either.
      I don't find the brow gel anything special but it is my first time using it so I am kinda undecided.

  6. Ohhh I want the brow gel and cargo eyeliner! Good stuff!


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