FREAKIN FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:08 AM

Yes FREAKING FINALLY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!  Friday the 13th too! But I like to take "superstitions" and make them good luck. So Lotto ticket buying today!!!!!! =D
I am VERY VERY happy it is almost the weekend, this week has been super busy and super long... need the rest this weekend!
I might head down to a city a couple hours away and check out some tattoo shops but that is all I think I plan on doing.... What are you guys up too this weekend??

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  1. TGIF!
    Love friday the 13, I feel like watching horror movies :)

  2. WOO HOO! TGIF!!
    have a great weekend. I am celebrating my dad's birthday tonight with the family and going to enjoy a margarita or 2! and then hopefully the rest of the weekend is just a laid back type of weekend!

  3. OH MY GOSH thank goodness for the weekend!! Damn, there was soooooo many car accidents yesterday! I guess thats just the toll of Friday the 13th (or people speeding and driving like maniacs cause they wanna get home quick haha) I'm going to study this weekend and get a tank set up for the turtle i am going to but in a couple of months! :D

  4. Lol i hope you won =D... you so deserve it. I always get it excited when its friday the 13th

  5. Hey gorgeous :)
    Amazing blog, loves it!!
    I am new to blogger so if you follow me I will follow you back =D

    Much Love

  6. Yay for weekends! :) I didn't even realize it was Friday the 13th until I looked at my calendar on the Friday.
    Are you thinking of getting a tattoo? I don't have any tattoos and was always more of a piercing girl....I have two body piercings but man oh man they are addictive once you start!

  7. @ptitemeve- I agree! It was a good night to just watch horror movies.

    @Miranda- =D That sounds like a really good weekend! Hopefully you had that margarita!

    Cerina- VERY VERY thankful for the weekend and every weekend!!!! =( SAME HERE! There was a girl who brought her car to my work and she had hit a guy walking

    @Oon friday and her car was so wrecked, he was badly hurt, SO SAD and insane. I guess it was a very bad day for some ppl =(
    ooo a turtle!! You will have to send me some pictures! I LOVE THEM!

    Osxg33kgirl- I didnt even check my ticket yet but hopefully I did ;) I know I am crazy but I swear I will win!! Did you have a good friday the 13th?

    @Anastasia- Hey lady! i will check out your blog now!=)

    @Karen- ohhh I know! They are the best part of my week for sure!
    Yes I am trying to find a new shop, I guess I will go to Calgary and get some more done soon I hope =D i agree with you as well, piercings are addictive and tattoos if you are interested in that for sure.


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