Motives Cosmetics Review

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Motives Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger 

I have been newly introduced to Motives Cosmetics this year and I am very pleased to be able to get the chance to do this review on a few products.I was very kindly sent:

*Eye Shadow in STAR STRUCK
*Shape & Sculpt Duo
*Eye Shadow in STUDIO 54
*Lustrafy Mascara in BLACKOUT

First of all we all can be such suckers for packaging and I must say this company takes the cake in packaging to me. Everything looks gorgeous and high end! I LOVE the frosted lids and black bottom on the shadows and powder, very modern.

Pressed Eye Shadow in STAR STRUCK. Retails for $12

"*Impeccable Color retention that does not run or crease so you always look your best
*Even,smooth and silky application for a glamorous glow
*Deflects the light away from fine lines,skin imperfections and hyper-pigmentation, creating a flawless look
*Mix and match to create a soft,natural or dramatic look
*Paraben,fragrance and oil free"

This soft shimmery shadow is just gorgeous,  has the right amount of shimmer and adds a little extra for a night out. 

Press Eye Shadow in STUDIO 54. Retails for $12

First thought was UNIQUE! This color is absolutely not like any I own or can even describe. No the picture does not capture the iridescent purple color that I cannot even begin to describe but it is really beautiful!

These shadows are soft,pigmented and just lovely by themselves or paired up with other colors. Their color selection is pretty unreal, with over 70 colors just in their pressed shadow collection you are sure to find something you like.

Shape & Sculpt Duo. Retails For $21.

"*Two in one highlighter and matte contour powder
*Luxirious formula that glides on smoothly to highlight and sculpt
*Designed for all skin types
*Non-irritant formula
*Paraben,oil and fragrance free

Double-sided compact that contains everything you need to highlight and contour like a pro. The dark side creates depth in areas as the hollows of your cheeks. Using the light side brings the eye forward,highlighting areas such as the bright of the nose and chin. Contouring can help accentuate and hide imperfect face structures,making you look your best everyday."
The formula glides on your skin so smoothly evening out some of the imperfections. The colors are perfect for contouring since I am not pro at it I don't look like I have some kind of muddy dirty face which sometimes some people can over do it especially if the color is a little off. This blends nicely and is a great product to add to my collection!

I saved the best for last!

Lustrafy Mascara in BLACKOUT. Retails For $16.95

*Non-Comedogenic and Hypoallerfenic
*Fortified with pathenol to lengthen and condition lashes
*Smudge free

If anyone reads my blog you would know how much I love mascara and would try a new one out everyday! If you can only wear one item of makeup I think mascara is a must.
This mascara was good for lengthening my lashes,no flakes and I liked the brush.
The only thing I wish it did add was more fullness to my skinny lashes but other then that it is a really nice mascara and worth trying out if you are a mascara junkie like myself.

I will take swatches I promise when I get some light! I tried today but it is so cloudy out =(

Another really cool thing about these products is you can take them out of the case and throw them into your own palette! They are held in by magnets and are super easy to remove. A really great extra for those who like to fill their own palettes.

Overall I am extremely pleased with Motives and will purchase from this company in the future, the quality is really nice and the selection is good.

You can browse or buy their products at

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  1. I love the look of the mascara brush, it looks pretty promising! I love big brushes like this!

  2. I was immediately drawn to the shape and size of that mascara brush :) It looks, as Gaby says, very promising :)

  3. Yay for trying out some neat products! I haven't heard of Motives cosmetics before but I love the sleek packaging as you pointed out. Studio 54 eyeshadow looks amazing! Purple shadow is one of my favourite colours :) I'm looking forward to seeing your swatches or a FOTD look!

  4. I love the look of that contouring/highlighter duo, so convenient! :)


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