Agloves Review

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*10 Fingers and Perfect Accuracy
*All Agloves are made with real Silver
*Comfortable,soft and warm
*Reduces Smudges on your screen :)

It's 2011 and practically everyone is using touch screen technology. Whether it is cell phone, computer,GPS or tablet we are liking the touch screen gadgets. Winter time is a pain with the whole texting on my iPhone because I am always wearing mitts and having to remove them and put them back on, no it's not difficult but when you send a hundred+ texts a day it is really annoying to remove them all the time. I was very thrilled to get the chance to review these Agloves since I had heard about these types of gloves for the past few months and knew I needed to get a pair!

Agloves offer a few different types of gloves:

*Agloves Bamboo 
*Agloves Sport

I got to try out the Agloves Sport.
These gloves seriously impressed me! I had no idea what to expect with them since it is so strange you cannot use your iPhone with any type of regular gloves since it is heat touch sensitive.
I literally ripped open the package threw these gloves on and started texting and they work like a dream!
Everything was so accurate with each button I pressed I was really impressed with them!

There is just a small logo near the wrist of the glove, I actually wear them upside down if I don't want the logo showing. I like that the logo is fairly small so it's not a big deal.
The fit of the gloves are pretty right on, this is a small, they might be a tiny bit too long but it's nothing I would complain about.
I like the thinness of these, they are comfortable and not too thick not too thin. I have worn them out in -25'C but that was the coldest so far and my hands stayed decently warm.

I was thinking maybe there was something in the finger tips that make these work but honestly there is nothing, just soft material!

I have tested these on my iPhone,iPad,iPod, and my boyfriends LG touch screen and they work perfectly with everything!

I also wanted to mention their customer service! They reply to you very quickly to any questions you might have and are helpful! That is a bonus in my books!

These particular Agloves retail for 23.99. You can purchase Agloves at

This might be a good Christmas gift for the hard to buy for gadget lover?

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  1. I found some gloves like that, but only the index and thumb are touch sensitive. They were at Target for $10!

  2. OMG!! I've never heard of these, but they sound fantastic! I dont have a i-phone, I have a blackberry but even when Im wearing gloves its a lot harder to text bc of the buttons. I want to get an i-phone soon, i'll have to keep these gloves in mind.
    Good Review :)

  3. ooo nice I've seen some gloves like those on pinetrest! cool that you got to try them out! :-)

  4. Wow! That's really neat to know about these gloves Taygan. One reason I actually don't like wearing my gloves is because I can't text or change my song or check an email while I'm out and about on my iPhone. That's great to know that these gloves work like a charm :) I'll have t keep them in mind!

  5. @ct1980- lol you really do! They are perfect!!

    @Missashdg-Ah Target has everything! I wish there was Target in Canada!!

    @Vintagemakeup- =)

    @NoraSchu- They are super handy!

    @Kelly-ooo you need to quit your blackberry and get an iphone!!

    @Karen-I totally agree, its a pain to constantly remove them to do anything on your phone, and we all know we are always on our phones! These are perfect!


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