Winter Must Haves!

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Winter is here and as much as I remember during summer wishing for the colder weather I am thinking maybe I was crazy?!? It is here and I am not loving it like I thought I would. We barely even had Fall this year so maybe that's why I am not too happy with Summer then straight to Winter =/
I know there is a lot of repeat products on my blog, I don't have high end things and maybe that is boring but I am not rich just yet so unfortunately it's kinda all the same =/

I have dry itchy skin in winter as well I find my hair is dryer then normal. It gets up to -45'C here and that is DAMN cold.So here are a few of my Winter Essentials I always have around my house...

DEEEEEEEP CONNNNDDIIITOOONNNER!!!! EVERYONE needs some of this! My Joico K-Pak is cruelty free so this is a good product to use! My hair is colored and prone to breaking and this is one of my favorites that I got at Winners for $20 and it will last at least a year.

I had just recently purchased this Lubriderm Advanced Moisture since I am kind of desperate for something that will help with winter dry skin and it was on sale for $4.99. I know it isn't cruelty free but I am kind of out of options with this, so please any suggestions would be appreciated!

 This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE body scrub & body cream EVER!!!! The only bad thing is Bubs Soap Sudz is made by a lady outside of my city that goes to events a couple times a year so it really isn't excessable through out the year =(
I REALLY wish you guys could smell this!!! The scent "Happi" is really fruity and amazing, I can't even begin to gush over this smell I seriously want to eat it!!!All of her products are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free as well Paraben free.I told the lady who makes this she should make a perfume and I would buy it all!
I bought a couple of these this year so it will have to last for a while.
I think a good scrub is really important to keep skin feeling soft and I moisturizers will work better without dry scaly skin!
Must have GREAT Lip balms over the winter especially! I do not have dry lips but once in a while in the winter I have to use these even more then regular.
I have been using the Nivea Essential for years and have like 5 of them right now so they come in handy.
I also really like this Aquafina lip balm with jojoba oil,almond oil and vitamin e, keeps my lips soft and smooth =D

I have SO MANY pairs of mitts and toques for winter so these are for sure a MUST have in winter! =)

Ohhh I almost forgot, if you are lucky you need 2 tickets to take a warm winter vacation!! i haven't been that lucky yet but maybe sometime soon =D

These are my Winter Must haves, what are some of yours??

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  1. Girl don't worry about not having high end things!! Sometimes the drugstore things are the real jewels

  2. I know what you mean.. but really thats what I can get and if I find really good products I'll post about it.. if I find really bad products.. hell I'm gonna post about it anyways :-P I don't think that having high end products matters. There is alot of people out there who want specifically drug store. :-) I just bought myself some gloves.. but I need a different pair just in case it gets too cold outside. I'm using argan oil for my body because it is so hydrating on my dry skin

  3. It doesn't matter if you have high-end or low-end products. It's about what works and what you like. I love that I don't spend a lot on higher end products because if I did, then I wouldn't have as much as I do now. You have such a great blog--keep doing what you do! These are great winter must haves!

  4. If you like the K-Pak conditionner, you should try the Intense Hydrator too!

  5. we dont really have these products here except for nivea.. That is brand I keep coming back to. Yeah you have it way too cold brrrr. stay warm and drink lots of monsters and hot chocolate... well not mixed together lol

  6. K-pak and Lubriderm are lifesavers for me! For my lips, I love exfoliators and this lip balm that Avon has!

  7. Awww Taygan, you can't be serious! I NEVER buy high-end products and I don't think my readers find it boring - I personally don't follow or read blogs full of high-end products I can't afford.

    I'm not sure what cruelty-free body lotion I could recommend you as the ones I'm currently using have been sent to me by companies, but I do prefer body butters - my favorite has always been the ones by SPAresource (exclusive to Wal-Mart) but they never replied to my email and tweet when I asked them if they were cruelty-free, and that's never a good sign... On the chezp side, Avon is cruelty-free!

  8. Taygen I love this post! We think a lot alike I have pictures on my card to do this very post sometime soon. I knew we were great minds :)

  9. i love winter !!

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