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This is a total random post but honestly I spend enough of my days day dreaming of what it would be like if I could just win the lotto. I am constantly wishing for that break one day! =D Aren't we all?
This week in Canada the lotto max is 40 MILLION DOLLARS!!!! Yes I sure did get a ticket today and am crossing my fingers to win just a little bit of that MASSIVE RIDICULOUSNESS! =D =D
Have you ever watched How the lotto changed my life on TLC? Watch that and you might have more hope on winning...
So if this topic bores you sorry, I just think it would be fun to hear what you might do if you won a few million?Other then help family&Friends.
What would be the first thing you did when you picked up your check?
Where would you go?
What would be the first purchase?
What would be a long term goal?

I would freakin faint I think, I wouldn't even believe it if the money was in my hands!! Unreal to me!

I would travel everywhere! I would LOVE to go to Italy first!

My first purchase would be a new car, I would LOVE to buy a new car, mine is pretty old and rusty =( . I would buy quite a few actually. I am a car kinda person but I think I would just pick up an Audi TT until I figured out what Bentley I wanted to buy first ;)

Black of course!

Long term goal after helping friends & Family, I would open my own cat shelter! This is something I have always wanted to do since I am a MASSIVE cat lover but I recently had a run in with a friend finding a box of abandon kittens and my local SPCA had turned me down when I called them, I called animal control, they said no, I text my local radio station and they told me to go to the facebook page and write on the wall, WTF? I don't even have facebook. I called the pet stores and they also did not take in kittens. I was balling at this point. I google some local cat rescues and there was no contact except email so I sent out 3 emails and no response for a couple days. I was so desperate I didn't know what to do... when I got off work that day I talked it over with my bf and he said we could take the kittens in until we figured out what to do with them, I went to the location and they were gone. I can only hope kind hearted people saved them but I will never know.
Sorry about the ramble but I was very upset, I do not want anyone to have to feel so helpless and have no where to turn, I get that you can save everything but I also do not believe in turning your back on helpless animals or people. 
SOOO long story short that is what I would love to do =D and with the millions I will win today I will do that ;) As well I know a couple of good blogger friends who might be on board with me for this =D ALEX & Nora, they were tweeting with me that day when I had this dilemma along with a couple other of my favorite online friends =D

The other thing I would really love to do as well is help renovate a place in a hospital that is a couple hours away from my city.. 2 years ago that hospital was somewhere I was at all the time ( my mom was in there) and the outpatients residence was absolutely old as hell. It smelled and had been built in the 70s so there was a lot of damage. I think part of healing is having a nice environment to be in everyday. Something clean and nice. That place wasn't. Yes I was thankful I was able to find an affordable place for me and my mom to stay but it was very depressing and blahh and slightly gross. I would love to renovate it and donate blankets and pillows (yes there is a lack of everything there) and everything anyone would ever need while they were there. 
I could go on and on with this topic so I will stop now but those are the 2 big things I would absolutely love to do in my life and I really hope one day I get the chance too!!

What would you like to do if you won a large amount from the lotto?

Okay this is my day dreaming for the day, well actually probably forever! 

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  1. It's funny that you posted about this bc I've been thinking lately how great that would be!! I feel like it was solve a lot of problems, I wouldnt have to worry about money or bills for the rest of my life. ughh!! I wish. First, I should probably play the lotto if I ever want to win. haha!

  2. :-) I would donate a bunch to a charity I don't know which one but I would totally do that. I wouldn't want to go completely overboard with buying things because I would want the money to last for my lifetime and chases lifetime so that when he has kids they would all be comfortable. I would help out my grams a bit. give some to lee's grandparents and his dad. I would also invest a bit. I would want a house first though. Then a vehicle. pay off our debt how little it is haha then do all the above :-)

  3. Too funny! I've always wondered if I was the only one who thought about that! If I did, I would love to travel and just be a lifelong student!


  4. Omg u went thru so much for the kittens!!!! s2 I really hope they were taken in by kind heart people too, i dont wanna imaging anything negative because you know law of attraction=] we KNOW they were saved by lovely people and they now have a good shelter to live in and lots of food to eat!! =D

    When I win the lotto max, I would retire my parents first, call up my dad right after I deposit the cheque and know it's not a dream, tell him to quit his job RIGHT NOW!! I will retire him =D.. my mom is retired already hehe so they can go out and travel around the world, relax and do things they love doing =D They dont have to worry about lack of money and how to pay off my tuition loans =[. After that I would put our animal shelter in progress, finding a place, partners, workers that can help us get started with rescuing animals, we need to decrease the birth rate of these animals as well soo that there are less homeless animals. Once that is set, I would love to get a decent car not too nice thoo.. I would get my bf his dream car (I dont like driving, he drives me everywhere!! =D)... then find a 2-floor condo (dont know wat its called =P) But I like living in condos more than houses, would probably invest in a house tho =P. Then its VACATION TIME!! =D..I would treat my family, bf and his mom and dad, and my bestest friend to vacation! I wanted to go to italy too!!! i fell inlove with it after watching this chinese series that was filmed in italy!! omg I loveeed it.. its be yearssss alreadyy.. but I think this vacation destination would be somewhere my families and friends chooses, I don't wanna bore them you know? =P. Then finally when I'm back, I would invest my money so that it grows, that why i will always have money coming in =] take the money and donate to 3rd world country for adequate clean water/food and education and hopefully eradicating diseases such as malaria and TB but I knowwwwww 40 million wouldn't be enough for all these that's why we all need to work together to make it happen!!

    btw i didnt know u didnt have fb!! I wanted to add u too lol


  5. This is a really fun post! :-D

    Like you, I'd love to travel! I'm not sure why, but I'd love to go to Greece!

  6. Love this post!!! If i won, I would share with my immediate family. I would probably buy a house, and i would buy my dad a new car. :))
    thats really sweet of you to wanna donate some to the hospital! It's true that the environment you're in can really help you heal. When i was in the hospital I was in the pediatric floor for both surgeries and all the little decorations were just so cute lol. and we had a TV in the room and it was just a lot more comfortable. :)

    I would donate a portion to the hospital as well. :))

  7. I would buy travis barkers hair off him!

  8. @Kelly-I totally agree. People who don't think money is important clearly haven't had to eat from the food bank or go on welfare or have no electricity. It would solve a LOT and think of how many people you could help out even if it was buying them groceries for a year! Or a car or something, it would be SO AMAZING =) GO BUY A TICKET lol.

    @Themisstwist-That sounds like a very good idea! It would be easy to go overboard especially if you only won a mill or two but if you are smart you could do a lot with it!

    @Habbott2-lol nope I do it honestly like ten times a week! lol. Traveling as much as you wanted would be pretty cool =D

    @ThisisAlx- I know hey? I was balling my face off lol. but I will probably never know =/
    ooo I like how you started that out "When I win" =) Aw that is so sweet of you-what a wicked call that would be for your dad!
    Great ideas Alex =D I think you would really do some good if you won! I hope you do, my fingers are crossed!!
    Yes no FB for me anymore, maybe one day I will get back on it but honestly I rather not have all the old people I once knew know my life now. no thanks!

    @Vintagemakeup-Greece would be really nice too! Hopefully one day!!

    @Cerina- I knew you would agree with me on that one, I think the decorations are cute too. In the one ward my mom was in there was a wall of thank you cards from all of the patients who got transplants it was pretty amazing to read, I always looked at them when I was there!
    Oh man does a tv ever help I bet, I am glad you had an iPad! You NEED things to keep your mind from just staring at all the sadness around =(
    And very kind of you to help your immediate family =D

    @Heymynameismatt-hahah he would not sell it to you! ;) and Tom's hair is better! Buy his!


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