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12:01 AM

Okay I don't know about you guys but I think people look pretty damn hott with nice tattoos and here are some weheartit.com tattoos I think look pretty awesome :) I am trying to get into a tattoo shop in the near future to get some things done since its been 3 freaking years since my last one :,( ;,( AND I NEED SOME NEW INK ON MY BODY!!

How could I not pick this one? He's holding the love of my life lol, total awesomeness:)

Love this quote, I need to remind myself that...need that tattoo!

Love her leg tattoos!!

Wick sleeve!!! I am trying to get a half sleeve going but the bf doesn't want that:(

<3 it!!!

<3 it!!!

So true, so good is going to start coming my way now?:)

Okay that is my tattoo day dreaming for today but there will be more in the near future...

What is your tattoo dreaming?

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  1. Hey dear!
    I just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog! :) Thanks a lot! :) Have a nice day!

  2. Aaaahhh I need some new ink too, it's been too long since my last one! I've wanted angel wings on my back forever!

  3. These pictures are awesome :) I want some ink but my moms not a fan lol xx

  4. I don't have any tattoos. As much as they can look sexy and suit someone else, I don't think it suits my look if that makes sense? I have a couple of body piercings though and got those done oh, about ten years ago! It's pretty addictive - both tattoos and piercings! I remember wanting to get a few more body piercings right after getting my two done....I was thinking of an eyebrow one, a marilyn one, a lower lip one...so I can sort of relate to you ;) Have you thought of getting any body piercings or do you much prefer tattoos?


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