October Randoms

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I really like these posts because it is just a quick picture post of my October...not going to lie sadly the more exciting thing was going to Jerry Seinfeld stand up which was AMAZING!!! I have wanted to see that guy since I was freakin 12!!!! MADE MY YEAR =D =D =D but the rest of the month was just ehhh.

I love this skull! I should have bought it =/

How did they get this man's head on my body?! WTF? ;)

Coolest band aid ever!
this was the most amazing tasting bday cake EVER!! It was a super late one my mom made me =D

I love all the colors =D
My nieces cool  birthday cupcakes =D

its cold so out come the long socks =/

This was one of the better Yves products
I added rice and cheese to it =)

Longboard VS Skateboard... Who Wins?
New picture Boots is checkin out
Monster from USA my amazing friend is bringing me back this week =D
I think these are damn cute =D
Old and I mean OLD like 5 year old lip gloss I found when I took my shifter area apart in my car!

Chicken trying to eat the paper in the Glymm box, jerkface
I saw this sticker on a car the other day and I cannot stress this enough, please sign your donor cards! It is EXTREMELY important.
Love my lil star Skate

Is this not creepy or whattt

my fav new mug =)
My wicked Bud Light speakers =D

 What was your favorite part of October?

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  1. I love all the pictures. and your cats are so freaking cute...
    Btw I've never seen a monster like that before :O

  2. THERE IS SOOOO much to comment on here!umm first of all happy birthday? when was that? hope you had fun? the cakes look OMG! hope you saved me some xD you have a cat called boots? thats the raddest name for a cat ever aha your socks look awesome xD umm err umm what else... *scrolling up* :L
    skateboard ftw! and is that new found glory situations playing? that song is awesome! also cool speakers. and i dont know this jerry dude.. but imma check him out! better be funny or else!
    thats it im done :) xx

  3. I love all of the pictures... that cake looked sooo yummy :)
    Love your cats too.. they are so adorable :)

    My favorite part of October.. hmm... I dunno... I think October has been a rather good month all in all to be honest :)
    Fav part.. hmm lets see... ooh now I know.. fav part of October was that we saw the Northern Lights for the first time this year.. it has been seen earlier this autumn too but me and my fiancé have been elsewhere then without the chance to see it but a few days ago we saw it :)
    I LOVE the Northern Lights :)

  4. WHat the freak...I wrote a LONG comment yesterday asking u a question lol and it's gone.. I'm 2 lazy to retype it...I'll tweet ya! xoxo

  5. The cupcake and the veggie chili look yummy! We don't have much stuff from Yves Cuisine around here, but I think I already told you that ahah but this stuff is effin pricey!

  6. thanks SO much for all your lovely comments on my blog!! I'm now following you :)

    OMG those tights are SO cute! and that cake looks immense!! This makes me miss halloween sooo much!!


    LoveFaye xoxo

  7. Cool tights! And cute cats!


  8. Hey girlie you know I love your blog. My rant wasn't about not knowing how to put on makeup it was about being dishonest just to make money off products. I love your blog because your excited about beauty stuff and you enjoy it, because you just do. Not for money,not for subbies, that was what I was trying to say in my post hehe.

    There are just a lot of You Tube and Beauty Bloggers that think because they can buy every new MAC item that comes out it makes them a Guru of all things. It's just makeup, it's suppose to be fun :)

  9. @Osxg33kgirl- =D I know they are adorable!!! I hadn't either but my bestest friend went to the states and she found me it!! It is super tiny! I haven't tried it yet but I will tomorrow.

    @Heymynameismatt- haha I like your comment =D bday was in August but my mom came to town and made me a bday cake a little late.Totally ate the whole thing and it was AMAZING lol.
    You are the first person ever to like the name Boots! Usually everyone loves Chicken but =D Finally Boots gets the lime light ;) My animal shelter actually named her so I can't take credit but she's adorable.
    I totally need a new skateboard that one is a million years old! Yes it is situations! Good eye! I am super into NFG ever since you told me about the newest album,thanks btw. OMG I am old if you do not know who Jerry Seinfeld is!!! You probably won't think he's funny but if you ever watch the sitcom Seinfeld it is better then his stand up, I have been watching it since I was so young it was soo cool to see him live!
    ok now I am finished replying lol

    @Shortylegsbeauty- Thank you thank you and thank you =D
    ahhh yeah northern lights are sooo amazing when you see them!!! I haven't seen them in a long time!

    @Mercedes- Boo to that! I hate that... I actually started copying my comments in case they don't post proper then I don't have to remember it all over again.

    @Gaby- The Yves isn't the best thing ever but it is a nice option to have once in a while.. that's too bad they don't have it at your Walmart =( I think every grocery store in my crappy city carries it..hopefully you guys will get something similar or more selection soon.

    @LoveFayexoxo- no need to thank me, you are fricken funny!! =D
    Halloween did fly by this year, faster then usual it seemed.Thanks for following!!

    @T- =D Thank you!!

    @MrsMakeup- haha okay cool... I was so tired I probably rambled but I do know what you are saying, there seems to be a lot of people who think they are a guru just because they made a video =/
    So I see where you are coming from!
    I am off to watch its always Sunny!! I always think of you when I watch it!


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