More Crap I probably Didn't need

1:00 AM

Going into Shoppers Drug Mart when there are sales is just dangerous! I spent too much there as usual but I had to pick up a couple things for a friends birthday so I will blame part of that on her bday! ;)

I tried to limit what I picked up for myself since I really don't need any of this.....
Well Except the cosmo I NEEDED that =)

*Decembers Cosmo-I actually said who is the girl on the front, ops its Adele. 
You always need good magazines so this is valid right?
*Lubriderm Advanced Moisture-On sale for $4.99 
Dry winter itchy skin, Needed this right?
*Rimmel Vinyl Gloss-On Sale for $4.99
Okay yeah yeah I really didn't need another lip gloss to add to my ridiculous collection but it was on sale and the color is so pretty!
*L'oreal Voluminous Million Lashes in Carbon Black- On Sale for $6.99 with Bonus Eyeliner.
Yes this is EVIL but I still haven't found a replacement... I thought I did but it was a false alarm =/
*Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical- $9.99
I can't have greasy hair so I needed this too!

Here is a close up of this gloss, it is in "Take a Chance". Very pretty! As well I really liked the font they used for the that's not why I bought it but I did like it!

Okay so some of this stuff I bought I kind of needed but probably not all of it =/ I did get some tooth paste and coffee cream too but I don't think we need pictures of those lol.

What was the last thing you bought that you didn't need?

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  1. Batiste Dry shampoo is a must-have!

  2. I just bought that mascara too :) I had a 3 dollar coupon and it was on sale for 7. I couldn't pass it up hehe

  3. We all buy stuff we don't need all the time! You got good stuff though ;D

    I can't remember the last thing I bought that I didn't need.. wait! Definitely the Hard Candy stuff I got. I didn't "need" any of them.

  4. Yup.. I bought a few things from shopper's the other day.. but I've been good so I can't complain sometimes we just want things to have them! haha :-P I need to do a post of all the things I bought.. I"m so behind! :-(

  5. I really like the BAtiste Tropical, it is so far the only dry shampoo I have finished ( I have about 5 other kinds rotting away on my shelf)I'm not a fan of the Voluminous Million Lashes but that may be because I have decided MAC Studio Fix Lash is the best one I've ever tried (funny because I usually hate MAC mascara!

  6. Haha I adore the title of this post! I think I may name my next haul something similar if you don't mind? :-D

    You got some nice goodies tho!

  7. AHAHAH I had the same reaction when I saw Adèle on the cover! Obvisouly she has been Photoshopped but it's not overly done, but still, I didn't recognize her right away ahah!

    I know it's evil but I'm currently testing L'Oréal False Fiber Lashes (is it the right name?) and I'm not sure I like it (the original Voluminous worked better for me) but have you heard of it? Maybe you could try it?

    That Rimmel gloss looks sooooooo pretty!

  8. Nice goodies! I constantly buy stuff I don't need but oh well!! haha I love the color of the lipgloss! I like that mascara but not as much as the other voluminous.

  9. I'd love to see more about the lipgloss! I love Batiste but I had a reaction to that particular scent :'( the company sent me a hypoallergenic version though to make up for it!


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