Lumiere Cosmetics Review

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"Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics believe there is a beauty in all of us, and each of us adorns our own unique qualities.
Our mineral cosmetics are formulated to simply enhance the finest of our features and assist with those areas we like the least"

Lumiere Cosmetics are newer to me so I was very pleased to be able to do this review! I don't have a lot of experience with mineral makeup products so this was a new challenge I was super happy to do! After peaking around their website I was so intrigued and wanted to try almost everything they have. I received some samples of eye shadow,blush and foundation!

This was shipped so quickly, I was surprised to see it in my mail box so fast. Got to love quick shipping!!


Light skin with cool pink/blue undertones
I had actually emailed in a photo and they matched it to the best they could and wow it was seriously really accurate! I was really impressed. It is so hard for me to find my perfect color, it was a nice change to just have the perfect color without searching for it.

Even the names just sound nice and soft!
Okay I have used L'oreal mineral makeup before but honestly that isn't even comparable to Lumiere's foundation. This is such a natural light formula, the finish is gorgeous! I still use my concealer prior but this does the job perfectly for the rest of my skin. I think the coverage is really light but it seriously does wonders like a medium coverage foundation would.
This is really perfect to use when you are in a hurry instead of liquid foundation that I find to be a pain trying to blend sometimes. This leaves a nice matte finish rather then more greasy or dewy if you want to put it nicely!


Sublime is brownish bronze color with a matte finish for a dark sultry look.

Can I say GORGEOUS!? I absolutely LOVE a good brown shade of shadow. I recently used this for my shadow for my work's Christmas party and I fell in love with it. I even got a compliment on my eyes =D
I was a little scared to use a loose shadow (Can you believe I never really have?) but it was really quite easy once you played around with it a couple times. 

Intrigued is a combination of plummy gray loaded with diamond sparkles.

Diamond sparkles, sounds like something every girl can use! I think this would be my favorite gray I have ever used, very pretty.

Magnificent royal purple,edging on the blue side of the spectrum,and gorgeous contouring any other shades you may already have. 

WHOA! BEAUTIFUL!! This purple is stunning! I could look at it all day long, I really love this color. It is something I might not use as often but when I do I think "wow why didn't  I use this yesterday?" LOVE IT!


"AUTUMN" Blush
A perfect subtle blend of pink and rose tones.

I am really loving blush lately and not too be a broken record but a light pink is one of my favorites!

Creamy Nude pink with a soft brown undertone and slight gold shimmer.


Top half is without flash and bottom is with flash.
Please forgive the bad lighting, I have been trying to get some decent photos of this post for a week now and the lack of sun is not working with me at ALL. These swatches do nothing for the actual pigmentation of these colors! I will be updating this when I get some better light outside!

Over all I would recommend any of these products to anyone looking to try mineral makeup, or some good products because I really don't think you will be disappointed. The color selection is amazing, they have everything from makeup to hair care to different makeup tools. I need to try their glosses and gel liners next! I really am impressed!The customer service is exceptional as well their prices are affordable. I will defiantly be making a purchase from them in the near future.

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  1. Eye shadows look very, very gorgeous! It's a shame they're so sheer, but I'm happy with a bit of sparkle anyway :)

  2. The eye shadows look SO pretty!!!

  3. I've still got to do my review on these! Bad lighting is getting to me -.-


  4. Oh yes I think I've heard of this brand before but I absolutely hate pigments as they always fall everywhere and are such a mess to work with! I have very few mineral makeup items in my stash and I'm happy with this because I'm soooo impatient, especially in the morning before school or work. The shadows look so sheer though ):

  5. All the shadow's seem really light... I do love the blushes though!

  6. I really like this company! I love the ones that I got.. I'm going to have a post soon.. I'm just doing a few makeup looks with the ones that I got :-) I forgot to take a picture when I did the look ahaha so I have to re-do it.. Great post!

  7. Hey chica! Long time no talk! Sorry bout that ://
    well guess what??! I got my first Birchbox today!! Soo amazing!!! I will send you a pic of what i got shortly! :)

    I HATE wearing foundation but i feel like i have to, because i have a bunch of old acne spots that seem to never go away no matter what type of oil/fading stuff i put on it. But The worst part about foundation is not matching. Sometimes I feel like I'm an oompa loompa haha. So I might have to look into this company! :D

  8. Hi Taygan! That's awesome that you got to try out some Lumiere cosmetics :) I think the very first mineral makeup I tried was Bare Escentuals.
    That's so nice of the company to match up your foundation colour after you sent them a picture!
    Ooo I love how vibrant the DIVINE Eye Pigment is! You know what you can try doing if you find that colour gorgeous but a bit too bold to wear on most days? Just dip a liner brush in some water and use the loose purple shadow as a liner instead of a full on all of the lid eyeshadow colour ;)
    Great review Hun x

  9. I really love the look of everything :)
    Especially the Sublime eye pigment and the blush in autumn (cause autumn and winter is my fav seasons) :)
    Take care sweetie

  10. @Vintagemakeup-They are really nice shadows! I think my swatches just really suck =(

    @Miranda- =D

    @Jhopes70- =)

    @LucyyLou- LOL that is my problem on sooo many things I want to post, it's so dark all the time and the sun isn't around ever. I am interested to see what you think of these!

    @Gaby- haha that was my thoughts at first as well, messy! but they are okay once you get the hang of it.

    @Habbott2- I feel bad because I swear it is just the swatches, they are really nicely pigmented in person!

    @Themisstwist- I can't wait to see the pics! I bet the colors look gorgeous on you.

    @Cerina- <3! Wahoo on the BB!
    hahaha I agree, I have difficulty matching my foundation sometimes too... that's why these are handy and they are decently priced too.

    @Karen- I was pretty excited to try these! Very nice for them to help pick out a color as I can be pretty bad at that sometimes.
    Divine is even better in person, I really love the color!
    Heyyy that is a great idea!! I think I will try that today=)

    @Shortlegsbeauty- yay I love Sublime too, Autumn is really pretty as well. =)


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