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I am a HUGE coffee drinker, no matter what I have a few cups a day and could have a million cups a day but I can't carry my coffee machine with me so I am stuck with just a few a day.
I am pretty casual...could you tell? lol so these shirts caught my eye.(and not because they aren't fancy but just because I like t-shirt shirts the best!) I had came across a company when I first started using Twitter,maybe like 8 months ago? Not really sure but it is called Javaboi Industries owner and creator is Eric, we had just randomly talked once in a while on twitter and I had checkout his web site as well as his Blog & YouTube and holy crap he is really funny! He really has personality and seems like his company will continue to grow and become very successful.
I have seen Kandee Johnson wearing these shirts and even did a photo shoot with Javaboi, How fun would that be?
Anyways long story short I finally decided I would purchase a couple shirts, they are really cute and the customer service is outstanding!So why the heck not?
Here's what I got =D

 I LOVE the packaging, it's really cute and very coffee like =)

I purchased 2 shirts, "Pink Hotness" & "Coffee N Pink"

Pink and Black are my favorite colors together, surprise surprise hey? So when I saw this I had to have it! It's really cute and I love the font on it!

I love little details on things and these shirts definitely have that done really well. The tag even has a logo on it! on the back of the shirt it has a little Javaboi patch, very cute!

I absolutely love the print on this shirt as well! This is brown and pink which also is really nice colors together and I don't really have a brown shirt that I like so this was a good pick.

There is the same nice details on this shirt as well. I think this makes the brand just a little bit more with the extra little things to it.

 There was also 2 little Javaboi pins included, where should I put these?

The shirts feel like a good quality.The fit is nice, I am glad I got a medium and not small though or I wouldn't be able to fit in it! How freakin small are these people who fit the small anyways?!Maybe I am bigger then I thought or something?

I tried to take a picture of me in the shirt but honestly me and camera's hate each other and every shot is a homely bag lady shot!

Would it kill me to smile? lol I just don't take nice pictures EVER! and please excuse the mess in the background!

Have you had a chance to check out the site or purchase anything from Javaboi Industries before?

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  1. Im not a huge coffee drinker but when Im at uni having a particularly awful and boring class I will have a huge cup of coffee :D
    I love Javaboys little logo :) so adorable :)

    You look just as pretty as you always do sweetie :) You should see me at the moment.. not a lovely sight ;)


  2. You look pretty in your new shirt :) I haven't tried anything, but I too love coffee hehe

  3. I try not to purchase these types of shirts anymore because I have way too many logo shirts and I'm not allowed to wear them at work anyway ahah! These are very cute and I think the design is very unique and interesting. I love pink and black too!

  4. Thanks for the support T! I love your writing skills and the pictures are extremely clear. Makes me happy to see that you enjoyed my products. You are an official Javaboi Girl!


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