Eco-Emi - Wish it was in Canada!!

1:00 AM

I found out about Eco-Emi from watching Nessajane021's (one of my fav Youtubers =D She's very nice and tweets back!) videos on her monthly subscription of natural,organic,green and cruelty free products. Sadly this is only available in the US but maybe if I do some searching I will find something similar in Canada?
I don't know if it's just me but I am over whelmed with all the different organic and natural, etc products out there I really never know what too choose. As well I am not as up for just testing out everything since they are usually more costly =/
So this monthly subscription seems really amazing to me and am always excited to see what she gets!
Here are the 2 months if you haven't seen them yet....
(For some reason I couldn't get the videos to pop up in the search in the videos from Youtube so I have to have a link =/  but check them out!)

What did you think? 

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  1. This sounds so awesome!! Checking out their website now. Suck this isn't available where you're at :(

  2. I watched a few reviews on them but I didn't find them to be overly exciting unfortunately haha :-P

  3. This is the first time I've heard of the Eco-Emi boxes, but I think it's a great alternative to BirchBox which has been a great hit.
    I know what you mean about there being a lot of organic and natural products on the market...and how they're pricier. My two favourite natural branded skincare products are Burt's Bees and 100% Pure so far :)


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