Lumiere Cosmetics Review

6:22 AM

"Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics believe there is a beauty in all of us, and each of us adorns our own unique qualities.
Our mineral cosmetics are formulated to simply enhance the finest of our features and assist with those areas we like the least"

Lumiere Cosmetics are newer to me so I was very pleased to be able to do this review! I don't have a lot of experience with mineral makeup products so this was a new challenge I was super happy to do! After peaking around their website I was so intrigued and wanted to try almost everything they have. I received some samples of eye shadow,blush and foundation!

This was shipped so quickly, I was surprised to see it in my mail box so fast. Got to love quick shipping!!


Light skin with cool pink/blue undertones
I had actually emailed in a photo and they matched it to the best they could and wow it was seriously really accurate! I was really impressed. It is so hard for me to find my perfect color, it was a nice change to just have the perfect color without searching for it.

Even the names just sound nice and soft!
Okay I have used L'oreal mineral makeup before but honestly that isn't even comparable to Lumiere's foundation. This is such a natural light formula, the finish is gorgeous! I still use my concealer prior but this does the job perfectly for the rest of my skin. I think the coverage is really light but it seriously does wonders like a medium coverage foundation would.
This is really perfect to use when you are in a hurry instead of liquid foundation that I find to be a pain trying to blend sometimes. This leaves a nice matte finish rather then more greasy or dewy if you want to put it nicely!


Sublime is brownish bronze color with a matte finish for a dark sultry look.

Can I say GORGEOUS!? I absolutely LOVE a good brown shade of shadow. I recently used this for my shadow for my work's Christmas party and I fell in love with it. I even got a compliment on my eyes =D
I was a little scared to use a loose shadow (Can you believe I never really have?) but it was really quite easy once you played around with it a couple times. 

Intrigued is a combination of plummy gray loaded with diamond sparkles.

Diamond sparkles, sounds like something every girl can use! I think this would be my favorite gray I have ever used, very pretty.

Magnificent royal purple,edging on the blue side of the spectrum,and gorgeous contouring any other shades you may already have. 

WHOA! BEAUTIFUL!! This purple is stunning! I could look at it all day long, I really love this color. It is something I might not use as often but when I do I think "wow why didn't  I use this yesterday?" LOVE IT!


"AUTUMN" Blush
A perfect subtle blend of pink and rose tones.

I am really loving blush lately and not too be a broken record but a light pink is one of my favorites!

Creamy Nude pink with a soft brown undertone and slight gold shimmer.


Top half is without flash and bottom is with flash.
Please forgive the bad lighting, I have been trying to get some decent photos of this post for a week now and the lack of sun is not working with me at ALL. These swatches do nothing for the actual pigmentation of these colors! I will be updating this when I get some better light outside!

Over all I would recommend any of these products to anyone looking to try mineral makeup, or some good products because I really don't think you will be disappointed. The color selection is amazing, they have everything from makeup to hair care to different makeup tools. I need to try their glosses and gel liners next! I really am impressed!The customer service is exceptional as well their prices are affordable. I will defiantly be making a purchase from them in the near future.


Eco-Emi - Wish it was in Canada!!

1:00 AM

I found out about Eco-Emi from watching Nessajane021's (one of my fav Youtubers =D She's very nice and tweets back!) videos on her monthly subscription of natural,organic,green and cruelty free products. Sadly this is only available in the US but maybe if I do some searching I will find something similar in Canada?
I don't know if it's just me but I am over whelmed with all the different organic and natural, etc products out there I really never know what too choose. As well I am not as up for just testing out everything since they are usually more costly =/
So this monthly subscription seems really amazing to me and am always excited to see what she gets!
Here are the 2 months if you haven't seen them yet....
(For some reason I couldn't get the videos to pop up in the search in the videos from Youtube so I have to have a link =/  but check them out!)

What did you think? 


Marcelle&Annabell Haul

6:25 AM

I was so lucky when my blogging friend Gaby mentioned to me she was going to a warehouse sale in her area and would pick up a couple things if I was interested and just pay her back. HELL YEAH I was interested! I really haven't tried enough Annabelle or Marcelle products and was very excited she would pick some things out! I love her taste so I knew whatever she would pick out would suite me!
You can click HERE & HERE to see her past items she had picked up.
I REALLY wish I could go to one of these sales, they sound like a lot of fun and good prices!!

Here is what I got =D =D

 When I opened my mail that day I was seriously super excited! I don't know why but I really like when other people pick out things for me, it just might be something I might not have thought of trying before and clearly I have a slight obsession with trying new products & makeup!

 I am such a mascara junkie, I need to show a post of all my mascaras I have OPEN and randomly using, it's ridiculous!!! So these are very fun to test out!

*MARCELLE Volume Precision Mascara
*MARCELLE  Lash Extreme
*MARCELLE Power Volume Mascara (This one is my fav so far!)

I haven't gave them all a good go yet so I am not too sure on the other 2 just yet, I like to give them a good few uses before I really judge them.

More lip gloss? Yes please! This is also another ridiculous obsession for me, but I like glossy lips!

*ANNABELLE LipTint in Coral Crush (this is gorgeous & decently moisturizing!)
I tired to take a picture of these glosses but the cloudy weather this weekend really didn't show the true colors so I will update that when I can! I LOVE all of these, I use them daily. I think this lip gloss is my new fav, and I cannot find it around here =/

I had really never heard about this too much until Gaby mentioned it and I was sold on trying it! 

*MARCELLE Essentials Purity Soothing Cleansing Water

This is such a convenient, " A soothing & refreshing cleansing water that gently cleanses and tones the skin,while removing eye makeup. The no rinse formula micro emulsifies impurities without irritating the skin. Effective for long wearing and waterproof mascara."
Sounds perfect hey? I have been using it on my face only, and love it! I haven't tried it yet on my eyes but I will soon!

I am always always trying blushes and bronzers as well could own a million different brown eye shadows so this is perfect!

I love all of these! I tried to take some swatches but honestly I just don't think they are useful unless I can have some natural day light =( but I will try to get those to update this as well!

*MARCELLE Velvety Powder Blush in Just Blush

*MARCELLE Wet & Dry Eye Shadow Duo in Tiramisu

* MARCELLE  Bronzing Pressed Powder in Tropical Bronze

And that is my Marcelle & Annabelle Haul =D Thanks so much to you Gaby for picking these up for me!! We totally do not have cool warehouse sales or even a Marcelle around here =(
Have you had a chance to try any of these?


November Luxe Box!!

11:45 AM

My November Loose Button LUXE BOX!

 If you haven't had the chance to see the redesigned Luxe Box, they actually changed it October to this sleek new packaging which I really LOVE! They have added so much personal touch to the boxes now with the made for you sticker it just feels more like it is made specifically for you!

When I first opened the box I thought WHOA there is a lot in there this month =D
I personally was very excited to see these items in my November's box!

DERMALOGICA Skin Prep Scrub. Full Size price $32
A Skin polishing scrub with natural corn meal that leaves your skin looking smooth,granting your wish of a healthy complexion. Contains no artificial color & Works on all skin types.

First Impression: LOVE Dermalogica so I was very happy to be able to try this!

LISE WATIER Neiges Eau Du Parfum Spray. Full Size Price $67 & $87
It's Fresh,breezy & deliciously alluring. This award-winning fragrance perfectly captures the exquisite magic & purity of winter with a unique bouquet of white hyacinth,lily of the valley,Christmas rose,night-blooming jasmine,magnolia & orange blossom.

First Impression: I have been very addicted to perfume lately and find myself wanting to use many different kinds but this sounds better than it smells, maybe it will grown on me? I might end up seeing if a friend might use it.

 E.L.F Essential Brightening Eye Color. Full Size Price $1
Luxuriously smooth,corn silk formula provides eyes with a neutral base and an awaken brightness.The formula blends into skin for a long lasting,beautiful effect. Each quad is comprised of 4 coordinating shades that allow for both natural and dramatic looks. A mirror in compact included in this full size product.

First Impression: E.L.F in my Luxe Box? lol I don't know why but I just didn't think E.L.F was a deluxe kind of sample? The colors are very nice though and I don't have a ton of E.L.F in my collection.

 BENEFIT COSMETICS B. Right! Moisture Prep Toning Lotion. Full Price Item $29
The special step for extra radiant skin that smooths & revitalizes,allowing skin to fully optimize beneftits of your moisturizer. Contains vitamin E acetate,natural oat & meadow-sweet,botanical extracts known to purify & smooth while reducing fine lines. This specialized formula contains a blend of aloe leaf &  yeast extract known to clarify & Soothe the skin.

TEAOPIA (Bonus) Cactus Fig Tea Kit. Full Size Price $7
Naturally flavored blend of organic Sencha Green Tea,fig pieces,aloe vera,sandalwood and orange flowers. The combination provides an earthy yet sweet taste and aroma that is perfect any time of the day. Green tea has a plethora of health benefits that's sure to leave you glowing.

First Impression: I love tea so I was happy to have this in my box =D I haven't drank it yet but I think I will try it out today.

I  am not exactly sure how many boxes or if all of the boxes this month received this little bottle of Olay regenerist or what but there is a little card saying that I have been chosen for this opportunity to test this out and provide feedback to Olay on what I thought.
I am trying to find the perfect skin care products so I was very happy to receive this!

See results in an instant.Watch as advanced micro-fillers and light-diffusing particles smooth the look of fine lines right before your eyes. This wrinkle treatment's formula also hydrates to reduce the appearance of deep lines in just 14 days. For best results use twice a day everyday.

First Impression: Sounds really amazing... I don't actually have wrinkles but I am all about finding something that I can use a head of time, so we will see with this brings!

I have heard a few Twitter& Youtubers who weren't really happy with this month's box, I am. I like skin care products and perfume, and shadow and mascara and lip gloss lol so I guess I am usually pretty happy. I know it can't be perfect every month but it's really quite fun when you do get this little gift every month!
I am going to give both my sisters Loose Button for their Christmas gift' shopping needed and the gift that lasts a few months, sounds great to me!

Live in Canada and want to sign up? Click HERE.

Have you had the chance to try any of these?
Were you happy with your monthly subscription box?


No I will NOT put these down!

6:28 AM

I have been using these like crazy since the day I got them and I just thought I would share my new loves!!

*Annabelle LE GLOSS in Baby Doll
*Annabelle LE GLOSS in Missy Miss

*PINK Sweet & Flirty
PINK Pretty & Pure

I know these are really old perfumes but I don't have a Victoria Secret in my city and I recently went to a mall out town with a Victoria Secret and fell in LOVE with these scents!!They are light and sweet/fruity my fav!
The glosses are new to me as well, and I seriously use them like 8 times a day! They are such gorgeous colors but not too pigmented on your lips as well do stay on since they have a SLIGHT thicker feel to them.
What is the latest favorite you have?

Blink 182

Favorite Song Of the Month!

12:01 AM

It's funny because I didn't really have Blink ( I feel weird calling them Blink 182 ! ) in my life for years AND YEARS! 8 to be exact lol. And now it is all I talk about it seems like lol. but I am a fan so what can I say! <--- do those last words look familiar to anyone ? =) ?I love TRAVIS!

Ok I will shut it and here is the newest song I am loving off of their Neighborhoods Album

Wishing Well

Been gone a long time
I kinda lost my way, I can't find it
And I caught a short ride
To the grave and back this season
I can try to get by
But every time I start to panic
I'm a little bit shy
A bit strange and a little bit manic

La da da da, da da da da
La da da da, da da da da da[x2]

I went to a wishing well, I sank to the ocean floor
Cut up by sharper rocks, and washed up along the shore
I reached for a shooting star, it burned a hole through my hand
Made its way through my heart, had fun in the promised land

On the narrowing line, what a way to sort my troubles
In a very short time, gonna pop, better duck and cover
Can you figure me out? I got caught like a little kid stealing
Did I say it too loud? A bit hard or a little misleading
La da da da, da da da da
La da da da, da da da da da[x2]

I went to a wishing well, I sank to the ocean floor
Cut up by sharper rocks and washed up along the shore
I reached for a shooting star, it burned a hole through my hand
Made its way through my heart, had fun in the promised land

La da da da, da da da da
La da da da, da da da da da[x2]

I went to a wishing well, I sank to the ocean floor
Cut up by sharper rocks and washed up along the shore
I reached for a shooting star, it burned a hole through my hand
Made its way through my heart, had fun in the promised land

I went to a wishing well, I sank to the ocean floor
Cut up by sharper rocks and washed up along the shore
I reached for a shooting star, it burned a hole through my hand
Made its way through my heart, had fun in the promised land

What do you think of it?

awesome tattoos

Weheartit TATTOO STYLE .com

12:01 AM

Okay I don't know about you guys but I think people look pretty damn hott with nice tattoos and here are some tattoos I think look pretty awesome :) I am trying to get into a tattoo shop in the near future to get some things done since its been 3 freaking years since my last one :,( ;,( AND I NEED SOME NEW INK ON MY BODY!!

How could I not pick this one? He's holding the love of my life lol, total awesomeness:)

Love this quote, I need to remind myself that...need that tattoo!

Love her leg tattoos!!

Wick sleeve!!! I am trying to get a half sleeve going but the bf doesn't want that:(

<3 it!!!

<3 it!!!

So true, so good is going to start coming my way now?:)

Okay that is my tattoo day dreaming for today but there will be more in the near future...

What is your tattoo dreaming?


November Glymm!

12:01 AM

I was happy to check my mail box on Thursday and find my November Glymm in there =D

In case anyone reading this is new to Glymm it is a monthly subscription of 4-5 deluxe beauty samples shipped to your door for $10 a month! I love the random products I would never be able to purchase or think of purchasing so these are worth the $10!

LISE WATIER/Flash Lift Radiance Vail.  Full Price for 7 Vail's $27
Introducing your handbag's new bff. This new vitalizing serum comes in a convenient vial,which can be applied any time of the day. Formulated for every skin type this serum erases the signed of fatigue and smooths the appearances of wrinkles. Late night out? No big deal,just dab some on for an instant glow.

First Impression- It is really nice but I think it's too small to really see what it is able to do, I think using it for a while would really help with your skin!

RHUA/Luxury Shampoo & Conditioner.  Full Size Price $32&$34
Gwenth Paltrow's secret to beautiful lustrous hair is now available to you. Rahua is a natural,organic hair care system which contains the precious Rahua nut oil, fund deep in the Amazon Rain forest.Sold exclusively in top salons around the world, the gentle Rahua Molecules penetrate deeply leaving your hair luminous and healthy.

First Impression-I haven't used it yet but I am really excited to try it, it really sounds lovely!

ORLANE PARIS/Lightening Smoothing Cream. Full Size Price $ 80
Brighten up your mornings with Oriane's light smoothing Cream.This Hypoallergenic day cream is infused with rich vitamins and minerals to defend your skin against daily toxins. Your skin is left smooth,soft,radiant and well protected against irritations.

First Impression- I never would have thought to try this out but I am excited I get the chance for with that hefty price tag!

RGB/Designer Nail Laquer. Full Size Prize- $18
In style magazine names it "America's most wanted nail polish". RGB is LA's Hottest contemporary nail care brand, with modern edge. The chip resistant lacquer is formulated for long lasting ultra glossy results. RGB is a 3free lacquer,made in the USA and has recently collaborated with Celebrity Stylist Jenna Hipp and Urban Outfitters.

First Impression- Very pretty, I don't know if I would wear this color though =/ but it was nice to get the full size item!!

ANNABELLE/Smudge Paint. Full Size Price $10.95
Annabelle Cosmetics,Canada's leading eyeliner brand launched the innovative Smudge Paint eyeliner and shadow this season. The potted Gel cream can give you discrete eyeliner for day and fierce drama look at night. The built in brush allows you to glide on smoothly giving you a more custom look.

First Impression- Very excited to try this! I only have a black gel liner and have been using it a lot lately so it will be nice to switch it up with this gorgeous blue liner! I don't think I would use the brush it came with but I like the idea of the brush in the lid.

AND Jelly Bellys!

I seriously don't know what to do with these little jars but I have quite a few now and they are cute!

I have to say sorry for the lack of sunlight in the pictures, they are not my best but this winter thing isn't helping with day light =/ 
I just really hate taking crappy pictures! I don't know why it bothers me so much but it does.

Which item would you like to try out of this month's Glymm?

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