September Randoms

11:21 AM

Random September Pictures

 Much needed new headphones

 Some Monster empty boxes... I was seeing how many I buy every month or so

 B-day flowers for my Mom

 The first Fiat I have driven! Well I whipped it around the parking lot at work,seriously feels like a go kart!!

 My awesome Monster Tank top =)

 Skull socks!


 Okay he looks like a beast!

haha I did not buy this, a guy at my work saw it for a few $ and bought it for my "fat cat" lol

My fav MASSIVE mug that I was temped to buy!

 Boots trying to sleep!

Awesome Blink things that maybe I will get one in my presale order of their new album!!

Hoss's loving my sisters Blink box!

My September wasn't all that exciting =/ What was your favorite thing about September?

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  1. These are actually fun to go through!

    You look cute in the pictures :)
    The earphones + tanktop + socks = amazing!

    Do you use instagram on your iPhone? If you do let me know, I love it!

  2. You look so cute next to the big mug! How can someone so tiny consume so much Monster... you're crazy!!!! Love the tank top!

  3. Those ear buds look soo cool! Love your socks too! lol No kidding about the Monster! haha crazy girl I'm surprised you haven't torn right through your stomach yet! haha :-P

  4. Love the Monster tank top and the massive mug!

  5. @NoraSchu-=D i'm glad you think so! This month was pretty boring for pictures but I am glad you liked it!
    I do! I LOVE IT!! I have done an July or August random pictures post using it and it's so fun!

    @Mercedes- lol I can consume a LOT! I guess I am not that small lol.
    yes yes I am crazy!;)

    @Themisstwist-I love them, they were on sale so I had to buy 2 pairs since I use them all day long at work, I needed a back up pair! LOL I hope I don't tear through my stomach! I think Monster is probably the worst thing I do to myself so hopefully it's not too bad? lol

    @Gaby-=D it is awesome! Wait til you guys see my Monster haul I am getting... and it was all FREE except shipping =D =D and the mug is so rad!

  6. KITTIESSSSSSS ^___^ omg is that a cat Snuggie? WIN.


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