Random Pictures & Quotes

6:00 AM

Some images are from Google, I am not too sure why they go all blurry =(

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  1. cute pictures!
    they go blurry because the pixels are stretched that usually happens when the picture is originally small then tried to make big :-)

  2. Love it, some things really do make you think x x

  3. Hi Taygan! I was going to echo what MissTwist said well about the pictures being blurry. A lot of google images are small sized and if you try to make it large, there aren't enough pixels to do so, that's why it gets blurrier as you make it bigger.
    Oh boy, the "you should have tried harder" one certainly applies to me right now as I'm procrastinating for my test next weekend :S I wouldn't be needing to read so much if I had got some of this done last month but you know, I always come up with excuses like I had to move, I was away etc LOL
    Ooo super Mario cupcakes! Do you like the nintendo characters too? :)

  4. Love the quotes! Your page is so great I don't know how I keep missing your new post boo on blogger heh

  5. @Themisstwist- As long as i'm not the only one with the ugly stretched pictures lol.

    @Osxg22kgirl- =D Good that is always a good reaction!

    @Lalalucy1000- =D I agree

    @Karen-lol I agree, I need to try harder to keep up with things but eh. that's quite difficult some days! You had a busy summer so I don't blame you for being not quite ahead of the game =/
    I used to be so obsessed with anything Nintendo actually, I have almost every gaming system and every Mario game lol. My sister actually has a really rad Mario half sleeve! so those cupcakes are awesome =D

    @Mrsmakeup- =D Thanks! I don't know what the deal is with that =( That's why I rarely go by the stupid dashboard, I don't want to miss out on my fav blogs! You have lot of reading to do lol

  6. That's neat Taygan - you remind me of Gaby a bit (our fellow Canadian blogger) who also loves Nintendo characters :) Gosh it's been ages since I've played Nintendo. The last time I played nintendo was probably more than 10 years ago when I got my new Nintendo 64 at the time and thought it was amazing haha Oh boy, times have changed and I bet the graphics are amazing now compared to before

  7. @Karen-Yeah I think her and I would get along good with the video games, beer and makeup lol.
    haha that is awesome that was the last you have played!! N64!that's cute =) Have you not ever tried Wii??
    and yes the graphics have gone a long way... I honestly prefer the 2d then 3d lol, i am not so wicked at the 3d games now a days.


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