Super Easy DIY Body Scrub

5:00 AM

I have been looking at a LOT of lately and finding TONS of DIY everything.. Well the make your own body scrub caught my eye. 
I'm always on a search for a good body scrub and I feel like I finally found one I love!
The ingredients can vary from different sugars,oils and fragrances but this is what I used..You can customize it to what you like best.

What you need:

*Pure Mint &Peppermint Extract 
*100% Pure Olive Oil
*Container for scrub

 Since this is my first time trying this I didn't find any cute jars since it is just for me, I don't need something fancy! I bought some small ziploc containers that I mix the scrub right in.Then once it's all mixed I can put the lid on and it will stay moist.
The amount is just kind of random, just depends how much you want to have. Since I am using a   236 ml bowl I filled it 3/4 full.

Next add the olive oil on top of the sugar, again the amount is just depending on how much sugar you use, you just need to saturate the sugar with oil

 Next add your scent! You don't need very much, just a little spill out of the bottle worked for me

Stir it up and it is done! 

This was a fairly strong scrub, definitely do not use it on your face  and if you have sensitive skin test out a little bit before you just use it.

This seriously made my hands feel so soft after!With a slight smell of peppermint =D I made my boyfriend try it as well and he thought it worked pretty good too!

Since I am using olive oil it is great for helping maintain the elasticity of skin,heal dry brittle nails and soften cuticles.

Have you ever tried a DIY Scrub?

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  1. I don't know why but I absolutely can't stand the taste or smell of olive oil, it makes me want to throw up! Weird he? For this reason, I prefer to use baby oil or even Vaseline. I have never tried adding fragrance to it, will have to!

  2. @Gaby- ahh that isn't good, hey I great idea with baby oil!! I am gonna try that :)

  3. Ooo you found the peppermint oil! Where did you end up finding it Taygan?
    Haha I read Gaby's comment and I'm not into the scent of olive oil either. I used olive oil as a hair mask once and I couldn't stand the smell - that's when I learned I didn't like the smell of it.
    I have made a DIY body scrub before as Gaby described - I use sugar and just saturate it with baby oil. I haven't tried it with vaseline though since I think vaseline might be too thick....but baby oil works perfect with sugar for that! Just watch out about your slippery bath tub after ;S


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