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6:00 AM

There is something about blogging that seems to be making me lucky lately!!
I was so shocked when I got an email from the lovely Saaammage - I absolutely love all of her videos!! Stating that I had won the Sproos headband giveaway  on her Blog! I couldn't believe it =D 
I had entered thinking hey these are nice headbands and that was pretty much it but I had won! I was so shocked =D

My packaged came within a week and here is what I got!

 I really like when the package is small enough to fit in my mail box so I get it the day it arrives instead of having to go to the post office the next day =/

Cute post card with nice pink tissue paper
When I was deciding what headband I liked the most I decided to pick something different that I couldn't just buy from around here. So I picked out the "Forget me Knot Headband
I absolutely LOVE the color & Style.
Adorn your perfect lil’ head with this bold yet elegant statement. Pull your hair back in style!

- Covered by Jacquard Satin Charmuse
- 2 inches wide
- Imported

 The material is such nice quality!
This headband as well is sooo comfortable, I was wondering if it would be since it is so wide but once it's on you hardly notice it.Some of the prices are a little bit high but I would recommend this product if you are looking for a high quality headband!

What is your favorite headband from Sproos?

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  1. Gorgeous, love the design! I hate headbands as most are sooooo uncomfortable but this one looks high qaulity. Congrats on winning!

  2. That headband is so cute! Love it :)

  3. Your so pretty! Love the headband too, you are a lucky girl lately. I gotta do a post on my mac lipglass I won.

    I want to do a giveaway if I can ever get more than 100 followers :)

  4. Congrats on winning!! Wow what a pretty headband! I love love that color & it looks amazing on you!!:)

  5. Congrats! That headband looks really good on you! :-) I just started wearing headbands but the skinny ones.. I don't think that I would be able to pull off the big ones!

  6. @Miranda- =D Thanks! I think so too.

    @Gaby-I know they can be really painful but this one is crazy comfortable!

    @Vintagemakeup- =D It's very cute!!

    @Mrsmakeup-haha you are too kind! I am crazy lucky it is insane!!! ooo I want to see the lipglass, they are nice!! you will get there I know it!!

    @Tenacea- =D Yay thank you! Isn't the color beautiful? I love it!

    @Themisstwist- =D why thanks! I usually wear the skinny ones, but the thick one seems to be very comfy compared to the skinny ones.

  7. Lucky!! Never heard of these but it looks adorable on you and I LOVE headbands!!! I need one in my life, however I know it'll end up in my daughter's life somehow lol


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