Mini Mini Haul from Rexall Drugs

6:00 AM

I have a mini haul... I wish it was a bigger one but it's really not =/

*Self Magazine
*Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition 
*Prestige Lash Matrix Mascara
*NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in French Fries
*Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Guava
*O.P.I in Black Shatter

What was in your latest mini haul?
Have you tried any of these?

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  1. We don't have that store here and I've never heard about it! How strange that Quebec doesn't have the same stores as the rest of Canada z=

    I have never bought SELF magazine but it does interesting everytime I walk pass by it! I'm already subscribed to Cosmo and Glamour and it adds up quite quickly because they are US magazines so I don't want to buy more magazines - not to mention I don't even have the time to read my magazines, I have a huuuuge bunch of unread ones in my room!

    I don't think I have ever heard of Prestige before, is it a new brand? Is it on the cheap or expensive side?

    I have that NYX Jumbo Pencil but I rarely use it because it creases like crazy on me without a primer. I must admit I have used it only one time though, and I will try it again today to go to school (:

    I don't know why but Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers don't really interest me as they seem too shimmery and sheer. But hey, it's Burt's Bees so it can't be bad, can it?

    I must be the only person that is not into this crackle/shatter nail polish trend at all! I think it's just so ugly and it looks like chip nail polish. I must admit I have never tried such nail polish for myself though but even when I was given the opportunity, I refused. I've started seeing foil effect nail polishes though and those look amazing!

    Sorry for such a long comment LOL!

  2. I wish we had nyx.. from what i've seen its good =D
    Awesome haul

  3. Please review the mascara! Been wanting to try prestige for ages.

  4. I am starting to get annoyed that your post are not popping up for me. Great haul!

  5. I agree with baby my NYX jumbo creased on me too!! Good thing it's in milk so I use it as a highlighted instead :).. Mmm rexall, I dint know if I have any near me or not but I should check it out lol. My recent mini haul was my Lancome bifacil eye makeup remover with a 7 piece bonus gift:).. They still have the promo on :)


  6. I love your pictures! You're a great photographer! Love black shatter! Mine shattered in the bottle because I must of not screwed the cap on tight enough!

    Follow back!? ;)

  7. @Gaby-Really?It is one of my favorite drug stores! It is really strange you guys do have different stores,maybe the name is different there?
    I seriously love Self magazines! This month they have a wicked meal plan, tons of freebies to sign up for and great work outs! But I totally understand with too many magazines, now that I read so many blogs I don't read as many magazines.
    I really like Prestige(No animal testing =) ) It's not new, it is more expensive, but just like 8-10$ so I guess average. I love their eye liners.
    I have been trying to get NYX's Milk forever!!! but they didn't have it so I thought I would try French Fries and I could see how it might crease, but its soo pretty!
    Ah and the Burts Bee's was a disappointment! I am glad I got it on sale
    LOL it does look a little bit like chipped nail polish and I can see it not looking very polished but I am liking it, I just think it has an edgy look or something!I agree those look really nice!! haha I like long comments so it's all good!

    @Osxg33kgirl- Aw you guys don't have it!? I have only tried 2 things from that company but I really like it!!

    @VintageMakeup-I will for sure review it! I am thinking it is different then the past few I have tried..

    @Mrsmakeup-Aww Blogger hates me!! I wonder if no one has it pop up?

    @ThisisAlx-I really like Rexall, they have so much selection!ahh I want that milk!lol I will try again next time I head out of town to find it! I wanna try that Lancome eye makeup remover!!Bonus gifts are awesome =D

    @BrittanyElanie-Aw thanks =)
    Ahh that sucks! It is pretty pricey polish to have it waste =(
    I am just heading to your blog to check it out!

  8. That's a pretty good haul Taygan!
    My older sister gets Self magazines and then when she's done reading them she passes them all onto me - I don't get a chance to read many magazines and I always seem to be behind in reading them! Idunno how my magazine stacks keep accumulating so fast LOL
    You know, I still haven't bought or tried any of the shatter nail polishes - but they look awesome in the pictures I've seen! The black one you got will look great over any colour ;)
    Burt's Bees original mint lip balm is now my favourite lip balm! Have you tried their lip balm or only their shimmer sticks?
    I haven't tried any Prestige mascaras but their waterproof eyeliners are my favourite waterproof pencil eyeliners out of all the brands I have tried :)

  9. @Karen- =) It's great if someone you know can give you the magazine once they are finished with it and if you don't get to it it wasn't a big waste of money, they pile up so fast! I am the same I have so many I need to catch up on.
    I hesitated for a while too but it's so different I had too, I think it was worth the splurge.
    I haven't tried the mint one but I bet its wonderful! They have such great products.
    And same here with the eyeliner! It's the only one that remotely goes on my water line. I am starting to really like their products.


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