Cover Girl Nature Luxe Silk Foundation Review

6:00 AM

Okay Okay!!I admit it I said I would NEVER buy a Cover Girl Nature Luxe product again after the total fail of their Mascara and me not getting along. BUT I swear I have a good excuse!
I was watching Saaammage's review on this foundation and it made me so curious! She has really good taste and I find I do tend to like a lot of things she likes so I thought maybe just MAYBE this might be better then I had originally thought.AND it was on sale for $9.99 plus I had a $2 off coupon so eh why not right?
I have never ever really found a foundation that I really liked, I actually don't wear it really ever.....

Redefine luxury with our lightweight feeling silk foundation. Enriched with hints of natural jojoba, rosehip & seal buckthorn extracts. 

Purchased at London Drugs $9.99 - $2 coupon
I think $7.99  is very reasonable since this will last me forever!

The packaging is alright, the same as all the other Nature Luxe products. I like the squeeze tube, a pump would be ideal of course but the price would go up.
I also like the slim packing, easier to store.
Of course glass container types always look nicer but again the price goes up and this can just fit easily in my makeup drawer.

I purchased this in 310-Flax. Second lightest shade =( . They do have a fair amount of shades to offer compared to some of the other foundations I have seen.

You can really smell the cucumber scent and I actually really like it. Not over powering and once applied you don't notice the smell.

Okay I think I take the picture too close because this just makes my hand look all wrinkly and old! lol. But this formula is seriously so light and it blends like a dream!

I find this a little bit more then a light foundation, more towards medium but you really don't notice you have it on. You don't need a ton, it blends so nicely! I don't notice a huge difference in lasting power compared to other drug store foundations I have tried, honestly I find that nothing stays on my face all day even with primer. I would say the lasting power is alright, nothing amazing, nothing terrible.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good drug store foundation, I think this does even out skin tones nicely and it can't be any worse then most of the crap on the shelves these days.

Don't forget to order your $2 coupon Here (for Canada.. There is a USA one too I believe but since I don't have an account I couldn't find it)

Have you had a chance to try this foundation?

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  1. I was hoping to like this but bought it and hated it =( oh well! I was curious about the mascara but not trying that now!

  2. I was sent this in the shade Maple some times ago if I'm right, and at the time I thought it would be too dark for me (it was in the winter and I'm paler then) but because it is so light coverage, it didn't even feel like I was wearing the wrong shade! I usually don't wear foundation at light but I was impressed with this one because I hate having the feeling of wearing a mask of foundation.

    Still, like for all of the other NatureLuxe products, I don't understand why they didn't go completely natural and stopped animal testing!

  3. I really wanted thisssssss tooo!!! in 325 i think called maple something LOL but then im loving concealer and powders only soo I stopped buying liquid foundationss but i love how its sooo light as in the bottle is soo light lol never tried the product itself but seems cool! dont know if i like the cucumber smell tho =P

  4. I love your dedication to saaaamage!!! lol Also, I love the pic of the foundation dripping with the grass background, so fancy!

  5. @Miranda-Ah that sucks =( I think the mascara is so natural looking its useless to even use let alone blow a bunch of cash on!

    @Gaby-I agree with you, I hate the mask feeling and this is pretty decent for not really feeling it.
    I don't know why they don't =( Maybe they will in the future? I hope so.

    @ThisisAlx-It is really light, and maybe it's good not to buy it until you are using foundation again..maybe the price will go down by then! The smell goes away quickly, I don't even notice it anymore so it's not to intense.

    @Mercedes-lol I love her she is a sweetheart! oh and I am glad you like my fancyness ;) haha


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