Classic Beauty Blog Award

1:33 PM

Classic Beauty Blog Award

I was pleasantly surprised when Kelly tagged me with this award, I haven't seen this one going around until I read it on her blog. Thank you so much Kelly =D
I am newer to Kelly's blog but  I have been really enjoying reading it and I think you should check it out!

This award is to honor those who have written some good posts about beauty products,inner beauty and showing their own beauty within their written words. 
So the rules are: Pass this award on to up to 10 different blogs you love and feel deserve this award,link them to the post and let them know you awarded them.

Okay this was beyond easy, I have a TON of amazing blogs I read always and there is of course more then 10 I would pass this onto, but the tag is 10 so here they are!
In no particular order:

=) =) =)

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  1. wow thats a cool award haven't heard of it before.. Thank you so much Taygan *cyberhugs*

  2. omgg thank you soo much for awardign me both awards!! =O I feel soooo honoureddd ^^ hehe... thank thank u!! I feel soo bad neglecting my blog for sooooooooo long nowwww.. but will come back with a 100+ subbies giveaway =] hopefully that will make up for my absence to you on twitter =P

    *p.s. 80% of my data on my phone are used =S and it's been 3 days only LOL I need to use wi-fi from now on in case I exceed my limits =S*


  3. Awe thank you for the award! Thats so sweet! <3 Now I have to think about this hard! haha so many blogs.. which ones to choose from? ha ha

  4. Congrats!! & thank you sooo much for nominating me!! :)

  5. Awww that's so sweet of you to pass on this Classic Beauty award blog onto me Taygan! Thank you so much for thinking of my blog and it really made my day to know that my blog is one of the blogs that you enjoy reading :) I really love your blog too Taygan - you've always done great reviews on products and I like your style.

  6. @osxg33kgirl-of course! I hadn't either but I knew I needed to send it your way for sure!

    @ThisisAlx- you are very welcome =D and of course that will! We are all patiently waiting for the next post..but only when you have time!
    lol ops I hope I didnt help eat up that data, it can go fast with all the tweeting! =0

    @Themisstwist- Of course lady! =D you are one of my first bestest blogger friends!=) it is hard to figure them out!

    @Vintagemakeup- =D you are welcome, you deserve the award, I love your blog!!

    @Karen- Heck yeah I love your blog, I read it every time I can get online to read blogs... you have the BEST hauls and shoes EVER lol. And thank you, that is very sweet =D Sometimes I worry that my style is a bit different that people might find it boring or blahh so thank you!


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