Awesome Surprise =D=D=D

6:00 AM

I recently had a very sweet blogger friend Themisstwist tell me she was going to make me some earrings since I just got my ears repierced and when she told me she could make star ones I was super excited!! =D
She makes them herself! how awesome..Very talented! Last week when I checked my mail I was very excited to see the package and it showed up so quickly...

More then Earrings missy!!!

I was very surprise that you gave me all that, but you are very kind so it shouldn't surprise me.. Thank you so much =D You really shouldn't have!!!
Here's what I got:

*Hard Candy's Lash Ink-Very excited to try this!
*Hard Candy's Tinted Lip Balm-Bridal Blush-LOVE this!!
*Five watermelon gum-i'm such a gumoholic ;)
*A nice card!
*The earrings =D & a cute lil lizard

As I am sure everyone can tell I am such a huge star fan and love pretty much anything with stars on it so I was thrilled to receive these! You are talented I couldn't do this!

I haven't tried them out yet just because I am waiting for my ears to heal up then I will show you them in! 
Thank you so much again this was very kind! 
Your lil package is on the way!!

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  1. Cute stuff!
    That's so kind of her :)


  2. These are so cute! I love the earrings and what great little surprises!

  3. This was so kind of her :)
    Lucy xx

  4. awesome stuff! How sweet of her to make earrings for you! :) plus that Hard Candy stuff looks really cool also!! :-D

  5. Aww how cute! That was so nice of her. :)

  6. That was so nice of your friend! Really cute stuff. :)

  7. Great goodies! The earrings look really nice (:

  8. hehe I couldn't help myself! I get so excited when I'm getting somebody something... I am so glad that you liked everything! :-) I LOVED my package aswell... a really big thank you! :-D chase liked his aswell!... when I told him he was like... "awe that was really nice of her, hey mom? I'm glad I got something too" haha :-D

  9. I know hey! I was very lucky =D

    @Themisstwist- lol aww that is really cute! I don't know if it smells ok but it sounded really cute!!


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