Walmart/Shoppers Drug Mart Mini Haul

6:00 AM

I made my Boyfriend come out with me this weekend to grab a couple things, I am going to attempt to make a peppermint body scrub, if I can ever find peppermint extract! I got a little side tracked and picked up a couple things while on my hunt.

*September's issue of Cosmopolitan-$5
*Lemon Ginger Caffeine Free Herbal Tea (Recommended by Cerina)-$4
*Hard Candy-Split Personality Eye Shadow Duo- $6
*Neon Food Coloring-$3 (I will use a drop or two in my scrub!)

Then I decided I would try to see if Shoppers Drug Mart would have anything since I read online you can find peppermint extract at Walmart but no luck so I thought maybe Shoppers might have something like that in the food section? Maybe that was just dumb lol but I thought I would look anyway. Well I sure didn't find it =(  BUT they did have Monster 4 packs on sale for $6.99!! They vary from $8.99-11.99 so I bought 3 packs! I would have bought more but the bf said 3 was enough lol.

And that was my haul =)

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  1. Hi Taygan! Okay I think you've convinced to try out that Monster drink ;) I do like Red Bull so it'll be neat to see the difference.
    Stash tea is great - I have some of their peppermint tea actually. And I think I have seen peppermint extract at Natural Whole Food Stores - I think that's your best luck if you have one of those kind of stores nearby. I love a good peppermint scrub or peppermint scented shampoo in the shower because the scent helps wake me up ;) Let us know if you find the peppermint extract and how your DIY peppermint scrub turns out!

  2. AAAAAAAHHH MONSTER! I used to be sooooo addicted to that shit when I worked in a corner store, I would drink soooo many in one day to keep going and then be able to go out to a club when my shift is done... good times (:

    That herbal tea looks yummy! I LOVE tea (: Didn't even know who Dianna Agron was, but I thought she was so damn sexy so I googled her... Glee??? I hate that ahah

  3. That always happens. Whenever I go to a store I never buy what I'm supposed to buy lol. Monster are good...I used to drink a lot of those in college.

  4. all I can say is :O to the last picture lol

  5. oooohh cosmo for $5 thats awesome! whenever I get cosmo its like 6 or 7 bucks?! haha oh well.. that tea sounds really good! I think I might have to try that out! We don't have the hard candy eyeshadow duo here yet! :-( new things by hard candy where I live are always gone right away! :-( haha greedy bastards! can't wait for me to buy some before they go and buy it all! haha Great post and what a good deal on monster!

  6. @Karen- Lol I hope you do like them but maybe not as much as I do.. I can't imagine they are good for you at all lol ahh yes that would have been where I would find it! I found a tiny bottle at Sobey's but I might try a natural food store next thank you! I agree, it wakes me up and smells so good =D

    @Gaby- Lol really? What kind did you like?? Do you still drink any of them? haha that sounds like me too when I was younger ;)
    haha I don't like lee either!! I am glad I am not alone.. I really like the other cover shots she did, she looks really pretty in them!

    @Everydaymakeup- Lol it's so bad when you do that every time hey? Yay another Monster fan =D

    @Osxg33kgirl- Lol I wish I could send you some!! but I don't think that is allowed =/ I always feel bad mentioning it and you can't say hey i'm having one too! =(

    @Themisstwist-You know what it might have been $ said $4.99 on it but since the dollar is higher in Canada I think they are supposed to charge cheaper with books and magazines but I think it depends where you go =/
    It actually tastes kind of gross lol but Ginger is good for you so I will try to drink it!!
    Ahh and the Duo did not turn out to be good at all =( I have the same problem with my Walmart, half the time there is nothing then there is too much of the stuff you have!


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