SaturDay ShopPing!

12:04 PM

What are Saturdays best for? Hanging out?Sleeping?Shopping?

All of the above but I decided I would go shopping this Saturday and picked up a few things and here's what I got!

I was in need of some new jeans that weren't three inches too long dragging everywhere and i found some! We recently just got a Boathouse in my city and I really am loving that store. It's kinda like a wanna be "skate shop" I used to always hate stores like this and always liked the real skate shops buttttt my city sucks for them so Boathouse is pretty good. 
*Harlow Fiona Flare Fit-$49.99-This was a little more $$ then I usually spend on jeans but they are super comfy!
*Harlow Riley Flare Fit-$39.99
*Volcom Black & Pink Hoody- this is INSANE btw lol I haven't bought a hoody for this price in YEARS!!! $69.99 yikes..but I really liked it!
*Atticus Shirt-$9.99,regularly $24.99 - From D-tox
*BW Shoes-$15.99 regularly $44.99 from Shoe Warehouse

I am a pretty casual dresser, and had been stuck in officey clothes for the passed 2 years so it was nice to buy some regular clothes for a change.

Next we went to Shoppers to kill some time before our last stop....

I am such a sucker for sales and find it so much more justifiable to purchase some things when they are like 50% off

*Crest 3D White Tooth Paste-$3.99, regularly $5.99
*Scope White-$2.99 Regularly $5.99
*Noxzema Cleanser in a travel size-$2.99
*Cover Girl Nature Luxe Mascara Mousse in Very Black-$9.99-Pricey!! but I wanted to try it out since it is new..not impressed so far =/
*Rimmel The Max Volume Flash in Extreme Black-$4.99-regularly $7.99

Okay now for the fun part!!!
We popped into Dark Day Tattoo & Piercing and decided hey lets get something pierced...

I had my ears pierced when I was little but one of them got ripped out and i had to get my ear lope stitched up and never got them repierced...

There it is! It actually kind of hurt, I think it was from it being pierced on the scar. 
It was weird to have them done now because when I was like 5 they used a dirty ass gun to pierce it and they put studs in-I guess maybe because I was 5?  
My friend got one on her ear, upper ear on the inside, I don't even know what it was called =/ but it looks really good!

That was my Saturday....what did you do?

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  1. oh yay ears pierced! I also bought the crest 3D toothpaste didn't see anything dramatic! haha :-( I need some new face cleanser too! next friday I'm going shopping woot woot! haha I love finding good pants I use to buy mine at the clothing store in our co-op but now they're closed down! :-( they had moto jeans and those seriously fit like no other jeans! I haven't bought any new jeans in a long time because its so hard for me to find jeans! :-( Great post btw! :-)

  2. Oooh I really need some new jeans too, I have only two pairs left LOL!

    I have used up a bottle of this Scope White but it did absolutely nothing for me, but then again maybe I drink too much coffee and tea? I'm curious about that CG Mousse mascara but I don't want to be it since I have so many to use up first.

    And you really make me want to get something pierced too!

  3. @Themisstwist-Those are fricken nice jeans! I have tried them on before but never find a length short enough lol.This is my second tube of 3D so I hope it does something =/ yay where are you going shopping? Wouldn't it be fun it all our blogger friends could get together for shopping? lol that would be a blast!

    @Gaby-haha I have the same problem, I cannot go a day without coffee or tea! So far the CG mascara I am not impressed =( I will do a review this week, hopefully I will get some decent pictures to show...They are so addictive hey? go get a new piercing!! =)

  4. I liked the clothing. :)
    You're beautiful!

  5. Dude I totally need new jeans! I feel like i wear the same pair all the time haha.
    YAY for piercings!! Haha that looks like a cool piercing shop too.. it's all like rockabilly zombie hah :)

  6. @Yumna-good =) and I don't think so lol but thank you =D

    @Cerina-hah that's exactly how I was feeling so I am glad I found a couple new pairs =) lol it was pretty cool, the owner has been piercing for 14 years! and he was like 35 tops! He was really awesome =)


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