Montagne Jeunesse Moisture Miracle & Volume Miracle Reviews

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Montagne Jeunesse

This brand is something I have used since I was young but I actually surprisingly hadn't tried out these two hair masques. Farleyco had very kindly sent me these for review and here it is!


Shower your hair with you care! First boost it with the moisture rich Shea utter and Vitamin E then seal it with protective serum for soft shiny and revitalized hair.

Who isn't looking for hair that is soft and feels healthy? Clearly that is something I always dream of! I had a few days off this weekend due to the holiday Monday and had a chance to test them out. 

This is a 2 step masque with the Moisture Miracle and the Shine Serum

Vitamin E & Shea Butter

The Constancy isn't super thick which I usually like but it isn't like using water as some of the "masques" I have tried felt like that.
I really liked the smell of this masque,it wasn't too strong but it was nice that I could smell it. Once I had washed my hair, applied the mask I left it sit for about 15 minutes. The package states 5-10 minutes but I always leave it on a little longer. Then I applied the shine serum, let my hair air dry til it was almost dry then I used my blow dryer on low heat and my hair was Crazy soft!!I didn't notice any crazy shine but my hair did look shiny and healthy. This is a masque I would for sure purchase and use again. 

Now for the Voluminizing Masque! I am forever on the hunt for something that will help voluminize my fine straight hair, and this is my next test...


Turn up the volume and give lifeless hair a lift!First give a big boost with Bilberry& Hawaiian Ginger Volume Miracle,followed with the Ultra Shine Serum to shape and shine.
Sounds nice hey?

This is also a 2 step masque with Volume Miracle & Shine Serum.

Bilberry & Hawaiian Ginger

This Masque is much more watery as you can see, if it was thick it would definitely not provide extra volume.Again I found the smell to be very nice and not too strong. This one was slightly different since you shampoo, rinse, only let sit for roughly 2 minutes then rinse, apply Shine Serum and I used my blow dryer to make sure I get the volume I am trying for. I have the flattest hair ever if it just air dries fully =/ . This left my hair feeling nice but sadly it did not provide me with extra volume =(   I probably would purchase this just because I am always using hair masques and this did make my hair feel nice. As well with both masques there is enough for 2 applications if you do not have really long thick hair, I wish I did but I don't =( So you are really getting your money's worth
Okay so one of my favorite things about these products is that they are Vegetarian society approved, cruelty free!!! They are also BUAV approved (with the Leaping Bunny logo) which is the only way for consumers to be 100% sure that the cosmetics they are using are cruelty-free.That puts my mind at ease.. I know I have quite a few products that aren't like this and I need to be switching to all cruelty free asap.
You can find any of these products if you are wanting more information on them at as well I have found some of these masques at my local Walmart under $2 a masque, Very very good prices!!

What was the last masque you have tried?

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  1. I just recently discovered they had hair masks and lipbalms! I hate when hair masks are watery x=

  2. Hi Taygan! Great reviews on the two hair masques. I'm usually use to thicker hair masques too - did you find that the first one is just as good as the Joico conditioner that you like or does it fall short of that one?
    It's tough to find a shampoo and conditioner that actually aids with volume. The last one I really liked was long ago discontinued (they seem to discontinue great products sometimes!) by a brand called Physique. I find only a couple of styling products by Got2B really help me with volume as long as I accompany it with a blow dryer.

  3. These are cool! Great Post! xo I've always wanted to try something like this but always forgot to look when I got to the store! ha ha

  4. The moisture mask sounds lovely! :)

  5. Those are very good prices!! :D lol do they still make those foot masks too? I remember using foot and hand masks too lol

  6. @Gaby- whatttt? Man on man girl you need to get out of Quebec and see stuff ;) hehe just kidding but they are so great when you just need a little something for low $ . I am using my lip balm right now, I like it but it's nothing super good =\ I loved the =x face, he's like a skull and cross bones =)

    @Karen- it definintly falls short of the Joico deep conditioner.. I just like to change it up once in a while and these are nice and affordable. I absolutely love got2b's voluminizing powder! It's amazing.

    @Themisstwist - you must remember one time they are good to have around once in a while and have face masks and lip balm and some other stuff too I think.

    @Vintagemakeup-It is! It's not a HG product but it's good!

    @Cerina-lol I think they do! I'll have to check Walmart next time I go :) then we can get our feet ready before Blink! Lol


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