Hard Candy's Split Personality Eye Shadow Duo Review

6:00 AM

Hard Candy's Split Personality 
Eye Shadow Duo
in Confused

 Dual ended eye color wand contains easy to apply cream to powder shadow on both sides. Each shade matches your moods perfectly!

Confused-$7 at Walmart

Confused Gold Left and Confused Coco Right

The applicator end's aren't super ideal but maybe I will learn to master this tool? I didn't have a gold color like this so I was happy to have one.

I have been playing around with this just a little bit this week and I haven't quite mastered a look I find worthy to post on here so no eye picture yet =/

I was really curious about this product because I thought hey it's new and 2 shadows in one might be useful.

I think this is a bit tricky....


*Hard to apply, I don't think I could use this as a full on shadow, maybe just on top of a shadow or maybe under my bottom lashes, I'm not really too sure
*Super overly priced
*Not great on it's own
*Applicator is so flimsy it is slightly awkward
*Pigmentation is alright, not terrible not good


*Nice colors

I don't think I would recommend this product, it's not terrible but it really isn't anything I think I would ever repurchase or really use too often. Hard Candy has some major hits and misses. This just left my  mood confused!

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  1. haha Great post! Have you tried putting this on over top of a black kohl liner and blending? I sometimes do this for a smokey eye look its great for those in a rush days and want something fast and easy

  2. Hi Taygan! I remember seeing this on your Walmart Haul post and wondering about eyeshadow on a pencil sponge applicator. I guess the name of the eyeshadow product is fitting for how you feel about it :S I mean, the colours look fantastic - I think a nice bronze and gold colour are staples in every makeup girl's collection but it should be easy to apply. Hopefully you get the hang of the application so you don't feel it was too much of a waste of money.

  3. I agree, seems so pricey for what it's worth! I have never tried anything from hard Candy but nothing really took my fancy. I try not to buy more stuff than I need though! it's a shame it doesn't work for you as the colors look great.

  4. Colours are similar to the shimmers in the naked palette. Just not as good,

    Lucy x

  5. Great review! I'll definitely be skipping this. :)

  6. What a shame! The colors are BEAUTIFUL.


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